New renault logan 2014 in russia: photos and video

Renault always pleases its customers only with high-quality and modern innovations. Since the 98th year, the company has taken as a basis to develop economy-class cars that can not be compared in quality and availability with other cars in this category.

New car Renault Logan 2014

Before you buy a car Renault Logan you need to understand in detail the characteristics of this model. The quality of the Renault models changed with each passing year, improved details appeared and modern technologies were applied.

What now is the new Renault Logan 2014?

Renault Logan can be described as an economical, modern and reliable car that is ready for daily use. This brand belongs to category B cars, according to modern technologies, the unit takes a leading position among other cars of this category.

Renault developers know what is needed for a modern driver, so they took care of the release of the highest quality car in 2014. Here only high-tech solutions were used that could impress even an experienced specialist in this matter.

New Renault Logan style was created on the basis of special "blown" forms. On the front of the car was installed the original grille with special large headlights, which made the Renault look more harmonious and elegant. On the car were set expressive wheel arches with shaped lines of force.

New Logan 2014

The size of the car was increased by 11 cm in length compared with its predecessors, resulting in a wheelbase for installing discs was 2.7 meters. The new Renault Logan 2014 has a high lumen (like a sedan), a reinforced suspension and an 8-valve engine, such a system ensures the smoothness of the car and it can move easily even on the most difficult roads.

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What did the body?

Set new body Renault Logan car owners will be able to appreciate. It has a protective system in a plastic body kit and a strong bottom protection. The body can be equipped with side moldings, "foglights" and exclusive wheels. On the car body, you can attach an additional rack for transporting skis or a bicycle.

Renault Logan was created on the basis of the completing models of a class A car, after which he became the best in his native class. Components of the Renault may be different, side airbags, rear parking sensors, climate control and cruise control, speed limiter are installed.

New Renault Logan 2014Photos of the new Renault Logan 2014

Power unit

For technical specifications, the car has no equal in its class. According to the engine capabilities, new Renault Logan in Russia it can be both diesel and gasoline, the difference is in fuel consumption. If there is a gasoline engine, the combined cycle consumption will be 7.3 liters per 100 km of road, but for a diesel engine the figure will be only 4.5 liters per 100 km of road.

The engine in the car made it very economical, making fuel consumption as low as possible, which can be compared by standard with the Euro-5. The car owner of the gasoline engine will feel the car of the non-business class, and the new engine allows you to pour gasoline AI-92.

New Renault Logan 2014

Regardless of what type of fuel you choose, the engine has a powerful compressor, boost and variable valve timing technology. This allows the engine to develop power up to 90 horsepower and have a crankshaft with high revs. Optionally, you can install factory gas equipment.

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In models of a foreign manufacturer Logan 2014, an ultra-modern and improved engine is installed. The car is not picky to low temperatures, regardless of the weather has no problems with the "start" of the car. All parts are made durable and easily replaceable, which makes auto repair inexpensive.

With the new car, you will get easy handling, safe travel and durable equipment. No wonder this car is recognized as one of the most desirable for buyers. To make sure in the technical characteristics and to appreciate this car, you can hold a special test drive from an authorized dealer of the company.

Renault Logan 2014 фото

What's new in the cabin?

Renault Logan 2014 visually has a small appearance compared with the dimensions of the cabin. Salon Renault Logan consists of a roomy trunk, a wide and comfortable cabin, and a long view window, which will be appreciated by the driver and his family. The car can comfortably accommodate five people. Depending on the unit configuration selected, the dashboard and trim may vary.

In the cabin installed:

  • modified steering wheel;
  • folding seat;
  • new door handles;
  • comfortable side pockets on the doors.

If you calculate the volume of the cabin in liters, then it will be the figure of 510. Having received maximum comfort in the cabin, the developers took care of installing sound insulation. Now the engine compartment was trimmed with additional material, so that we do not hear the engine work.

Renault Logan 2014 Salon

The new Logan cars were equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, which has a radio, CD player, MP3 player, USB port and a Bluetoth module. Thanks to “Bluetooth”, now you don’t need to hold a mobile phone in your hands, you can communicate with the interlocutor using the speakerphone and turn on streaming audio if you want.

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A navigation system with a 7-inch touch screen and 2D-3D image translation mode was installed in the car. By installing the parking sensor, you will make a comfortable and safe car stop. Car owners offer to install additional high landing in the cabin, a comfortable mat for the driver and a hanger with fastening on the car seat.

The price of a new Renault Logan It remains the lowest in the category of this car, which makes it one of the leading brands in the price / quality ratio. The new Renault Logan is among the most affordable cars, he knows how nice and comfortable it is to transport the driver and passengers in the cabin.

To take a closer look at the new Renault Logan and look into the inner world of the car, look further new Renault Logan 2014 video: