The chinese are again taking to our car market pickup foton

Китайцы снова выводят на наш авторынок пикап Photos Tuneland

The brand "Photon" is well known in our country primarily for its commercial trucks. For the first time, the Chinese brought us their пикап Photos Tuneland four years ago. At the then Moscow Motor Show 2012, it was presented to the mass public. However, its buyer then chinese truck not found. Despite the fact that 2012 was the record year in terms of the number of cars sold in our country. I was not impressed by somehow extremely picky Russians Photos Tuneland. What will happen now in the second coming of Photon?

Four years ago, all delivered batch of pickups Photos Tuneland, and it was not big at all, only a few dozen cars, still managed to sell off, albeit with a squeak. And today, what the hell is not joking, when the prices of competitors are sky-high and the wind whistles in the pockets of most Russians, what if the Chinese finally get lucky?

Foton Tunland based on the frame and is all-wheel drive. It stretched for 5 m 31 cm in length, its width is 1 m 88 cm, and it rises 1 m 86 cm above the ground. The center distance with such dimensions is 3 m 10.5 cm. The clearance from the bridge to the ground is at least twenty centimeters. Especially with the Russian realities under the hood Photos Tuneland "sewed" 163-horsepower diesel with turbocharging, paired with a five-speed manual transmission.

Китайцы снова выводят на наш авторынок пикап Photos Tuneland

Buyers can choose from only two complete sets of Chinese pickup. The first is the base (Base), the second is comfortable (Comfort). The initial komplet includes electrically driven heated side mirrors, fog optics, two airbags, ABS + EBD, condo, rear parking sensors, mp3 audio system. For all this "splendor" the buyer will have to pay from 1220 kilorubles.

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The price tag of a comfortable set increases the pickup-covered leather interior, automatically lowered and locked driver's glass, the third speaker to the music center (there are two in the base). With all this pickup Photos Tuneland Comfort can be taken for 1 million 350 thousand rubles.

In the dealerships you can already start ordering this truck. But the cars will come only closer to the summer.

Китайцы снова выводят на наш авторынок пикап Photos Tuneland

At the moment of crisis, the cheapest pickup on the Russian car market is a product of the local car industry, UAZ Pickup. They ask him for 840 thousand rubles in the maximum configuration. This amount can reduce special offers and promotions that are regularly announced. That's just after the UAZ on the price tag becomes the Chinese Photos Tuneland. Other representatives of trucks are much more expensive. For example, Toyota Hilux starts with 1 million 800 thousand rubles, Mitsubishi L200 - from 1480 thousand, and Volkswagen Amarok - from 1 677 thousand wooden.

Foton is not going to be limited to a pickup truck, he plans to bring to us a fully passenger model of the Foton Sauvana SUV. The Russians have already seen it at last year’s motor show in Moscow.