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Покупка компактного аэрозоля-огнетушителя, может, и освободит вас от штрафа, но вряд ли поможет в реальной ситуации, когда загорится автомобиль или потребуется помощь другим участникам дорожного движения в тушении возгорания. В целях собственной безопасности выбирайте только лучший car fire extinguisher. Чтобы сделать это, следует изучить особенности видов и рассмотреть достойные варианты, представленные на российском рынке.

choice of fire extinguisher in the car

Fire extinguisher in the car will help to cope with a fire

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The selection begins with determining the type of fire extinguisher. Some of the species that have been used for a long time are outdated, but continue to be exploited. Others appeared relatively recently, but managed to give a good account of themselves.

How to choose a device in the car, based on its type, you will learn further. Experts recommend buying one of four types.

  1. Powder. They are labeled OP. They have an attractive low price, long service life. Choosing it for the car interior, you need to understand that it is superior to a slightly carbon dioxide counterpart. Although it is difficult to clean the powder from the upholstery after use, it does not damage the materials themselves. At the same time, OPs are not recommended for extinguishing the engine compartment. The action of a powder fire extinguisher for a car is similar to sand. Its particles fall into the lubricant, can penetrate into the cavity of the engine. At the same time, the temperature in the combustion zone does not fall, and therefore the risk of re-ignition remains.
  2. Carbon dioxide. Labeled their op amps. Able to sharply bring down the flame, as it forms a carbon cooling cloud in the area of ​​ignition. The mixture evaporates, leaving no residue in the engine compartment. Therefore, it is recommended to use it there or when extinguishing a fire outside the car. And for internal use of the OS - a non-optimal option. Being in a closed car, you can not spray, you must necessarily handle the interior through a door or window. During spraying there is a risk of getting a thermal burn or a blow with static electricity. It has a greater mass, since it is made of cast cylinders.

    freon extinguishers for cars

    Each type of fire extinguisher is marked with a log abbreviation.

  3. Chladone. Marked OX. It has a similar principle of action with carbon dioxide type, but carbon is replaced by hydrocarbon charges. They weigh less OU, have greater performance, do not burn and do not beat current. Can be used to extinguish the cabin and engine compartment. The only disadvantage is the high cost compared to the OS and OP. But the service life is much longer. And also considered dangerous to the human body and the environment. It is not recommended to inhale an OX fumes.
  4. Air emulsion. Marked by OVE. Quenching occurs by feeding a special water-based emulsion to the place of ignition. The composition is safe for human health, car materials and the environment. When the emulsion dries, almost no trace remains. It is not a conductor of electricity, because short circuits when extinguishing the cabin does not provoke. Does not cause thermal burns, does not allow re-ignition. The disadvantages include only the high cost, which is offset by high performance.

Pay attention to the labeling. In order to ensure effective vehicle extinguishing, the fire extinguisher must comply with categories A, B, C and E. That is, they are designed to extinguish solid objects, gaseous substances, liquids and electrical equipment.

Many car owners choose devices marked with BCE, but such units are not universal. The best, albeit more expensive, is to opt for the ABCE marking.

powder extinguishers in action

Effective fire extinguishing extinguisher

Top manufacturers

If you are interested in which fire extinguishers are better for a car, then in this case there is no need to chase after imported foreign devices. There is a wide choice among domestic manufacturers who produce some of the best fire extinguishers.

And also in the domestic market are devices from neighboring friendly states and more distant foreign countries.

In many ways, you should rely on the manufacturer and the best type of fire extinguisher for you. Do not forget that the larger the size of your vehicle, the greater must be the volume of the fire extinguisher itself. According to current regulations, for a passenger car the minimum volume is 2 liters.

Now let's see which manufacturers can be considered the best and why their products can be trusted.

  1. Rusintek. The company operating in Moscow, there are more than 5 years. They mainly produce fire safety devices, including car fire extinguishers. In their assortment are available units from 2 to 50 liters, which allows you to pick up a car fire extinguisher for both a passenger car and a large truck, bus or gasoline tank truck.
  2. SITPB. This is the abbreviated name of the company System and technology of fire safety, which is based in St. Petersburg. There is an enterprise about 15 years and is one of the leading manufacturer of fire-fighting devices in Russia. They offer certified products that meet the most stringent requirements. This allows the company to be one of the leaders not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries.
  3. Bene note. Another company from St. Petersburg, which is one of the first to start producing freon extinguishers. Their OH-1 is in great demand. The device has been tested and received certificates of conformity. Nota Bene fire extinguishers are characterized by high efficiency, compact size and affordable prices. Basically, they offer universal units, which allows them to be used in cars for extinguishing fires and various types of fires.
  4. APTT. Company from the city of Yaroslavl. It offers low-cost but high-quality fire extinguishers. Specializes in carbon dioxide and powder types of fire-fighting devices for cars. Demand is for models OU-1, OU-2, OU-3 and OU-5, as well as powder OP-2, OP-3, OP-4 and OP-5.

    powder fire extinguishers for cars

    Powder type fire extinguisher spraying

  5. Pozhtehavtomatika. Moscow enterprise, which is considered one of the oldest among Russian manufacturers of automotive fire extinguishers. Exists since 1997. The products have high quality, quality certificates and complies with strict norms and standards. At the same time, the range is the widest, which allows you to choose the optimal device, depending on the type of vehicle and the available budget. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .
  6. Onyx. A company from Tatarstan that offers advanced solutions in the field of automotive fire safety. The products are relatively inexpensive, but presented the latest developments in the field of fire control.
  7. Tack. A good Moscow manufacturer with decent products at attractive prices. In terms of price and quality, it is one of the leaders in the segment.
  8. Fire Fighting M. This is already a company from neighboring countries. Located in Kazakhstan, but its products are in great demand in Russia. The advantage of the company is the release of fire extinguishers based on modern technologies combined with attractive prices. If you want a low-cost but effective high-quality fire extinguisher, pay your attention to this brand.
  9. Aegis. Another Kazakhstan company that provides many types of services in the field of fire safety. In terms of car fire extinguishers, the main focus is on carbon dioxide and powder models. Not the most modern solutions, but made with high quality and reliable. Such a fire extinguisher will not fail at a crucial moment.
  10. Pozhtekhnika. Belarusian company that offers a wide range of fire extinguishing devices. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, because domestic car owners often choose exactly Belarusian fire extinguishers.
car fire extinguisher

Powder fire extinguisher for car

EIA as a leader in efficiency

If you look objectively at all fire extinguishers available on the market, then only OVE look the most preferable. They have a lot of advantages with minimal drawbacks.

Water-emulsion fire extinguishers include the advantages of water and air-foam fire-fighting devices, but do not have their disadvantages. Their use is possible immediately after the start of fire, even in closed vehicle conditions. It is not necessary to use means to protect the eyes or respiratory organs. Plus spraying the emulsion does not reduce the visibility, protects against re-ignition. Devices can be used at temperatures up to −40 degrees Celsius.

The solution used is very stable, and with proper production, the device can last 10 years without refueling and repeated surveys.

The main advantages of EIA include:

  • high efficiency of substances of class A and B;
  • the possibility of combating electrical equipment fires (Class E fires);
  • efficient cooling;
  • no damage to surfaces on which the emulsion is sprayed;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • long operational term;
  • the ability to make up to 40 recharges of one cylinder;
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • versatility.

According to the tests it was proved that one OVE-5 is able to cope with fires, which require about 20 OVP-5, that is, air-foam fire extinguishers.

If we talk about the shortcomings, it is only one. This is a high price. But try to make a choice in favor of quality, reliability and efficiency.


OVE are relatively new devices in the automotive fire protection market. But their leaders have already formed. The selection of firms is small, but these are two companies that are best known and have earned popularity with the quality and efficiency of their fire extinguishers based on emulsion.

severe car fire

A fire extinguisher is needed in an extreme situation.

  1. Kingsway Ind. The company is located in the USA, California. The company has been engaged in fire extinguishing devices for more than 20 years. Not so long ago began to produce OVE. For motorists are offered the most compact models TriMax3. There are versions of Mini, Pelican and Pack. All have the same volume of 10 liters, but different storage cases.
  2. Angus Fire. A British company that is widely represented all over the world with its products. The most popular for cars are T6G, T9G and F9G. Their volume is from 6 to 9 liters.

How to choose a fire extinguishing device specifically in your case depends on several factors, including the type of car, the available budget and different personal preferences.

We strongly recommend buying a fire extinguisher only on the basis of the need in an extreme situation to be able to use it and cope with a fire. Therefore, they must be of high quality, effective and have sufficient volume.

Write in the comments what type of fire extinguishing device you use in your car and on what basis it was chosen. It will be interesting to discuss this issue.