Kia mohave restyled

restyled Kia Mojave

Let Mohave as a result of the restyling has changed not only externally but also internally. Now, under the hood, he has a diesel unit working on emissions that corresponds to the ecological class Euro-6. In addition, the updated all-wheel drive внедорожника Let Mohave There are more options available. Koreans have a presentation so far. updated Let Mohavedesigned for the native Korean car market. Versions intended for other countries have not yet been presented, but they are also silent about the timing of their presentation. South Korean car enthusiasts will be able to buy an updated SUV in a couple of weeks. If put next дорестайлинговый Let Mohave and an updated, significant difference, such that it immediately caught the eye, will not be revealed. Tightening the eyepieces, you can see the updated grille, another nameplate, other bumpers, chrome on the side mirrors, new foglights.


Дорестайлинговый Let Mohave

Models рестайлингового Let Mohave for the Korean car market they have a three-liter diesel engine under the hood, which has positively passed the tests for Euro-6. There are suggestions that after such an upgrade, the engine has increased in power, but the Koreans have not yet made any official reports on this subject. Prejing version of the engine was 260-strong.

In the updated version of the SUV, additional options became available: this is, in particular, a 360-degree system of review and control of the transition from one lane to another. Owners updated Let Mohave programs are available to control some of the functions of the car. For example, now you can start the car engine directly from your smartphone, find out where you left it or where your wife has parked it. Through the smartphone, you can start the climate control with certain parameters so that when the driver opens the door, inside it is cozy and comfortable. We will not list all the additional options, there are a lot of them.

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Most likely, Koreans will begin to supply restyled Kia Mojave and to us. Especially since they are not going to withdraw their predecessor from our car market yet, although we have no particularly significant demand for this Korean SUV. Today's dorestaylingovy Let Mohave we can be purchased with a three-liter 250-horsepower engine and an eight-band automatic transmission. Цена Let Mohave starts from 2,270 thousand wooden.

Recently, Kia presented the concept of a new off-road flagship - Telluride. It is possible that he will soon replace Let Mohave in its segment.