Full test drive of the fifth generation audi a6 c8 (audi a6

Полный тест-драйв новой Ауди А6 С8 (Audi A6 C8) пятого поколения

At the end of the winter of 2018, a new Audi A6 with an updated C8 body was introduced, giving it a more modern and aggressive look. For the first time, the car, as well as new products from other companies, was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, where they could see it in all its glory. Obviously, Audi is trying to maintain its position in the global market, which is confirmed by this fresh model. The main purpose of its creation was competition, because at the moment the strongest opponents are BMW and Mercedes, which are confidently taking the lead. Accordingly, the creators tried to invest in the updated Audi A6 to the maximum in order to surprise the whole world and show the power of the German concern.

General impressions of the test drive

Owning an Audi A7, this car will seem quite native to him, since the architecture of the cabin is completely copied from it. In motion, the updated version of the Audi A6, gives the driver a lot of pleasure. The most powerful motor when you press the gas pedal allows you to instantly take off and fly forward. You can say the same about control - the light rotation of the steering wheel and the aerodynamic properties give an indescribable sensation in the aggregate. It feels like the car is floating on the highway, despite the unevenness of the asphalt pavement.

Improved suspension has surpassed all expectations. This is the rare case of combining both sports and comfortable properties. She is so easy to manage that I just want to drive on serpentines. The new A6 perfectly responds to the turn of the steering wheel, and fits perfectly even into the sharpest turn. The best part is that it makes it noiselessly and gently. Simply put, this is a sports suspension limousine. You can not ignore the gearbox. She is always cocked and ready to switch at any time. And it is so soft and clear that you do not even notice the shift gears.

At first impressions Audi A6 strongly resembles A8. The only difference that separates them is the size. The older model in the lineup is undoubtedly larger and more spacious, although there is still not enough space in it. They are very similar in terms of comfort and technical equipment. After all, now the new Audi A6 2018 model year has in its list of features a completely new function - the autopilot. If previously it was installed only on the Audi A8, then now the innovation can be seen on the novelty. True, the European government has not yet approved its legitimate use, so instead of the activation button, the designers have inserted into the salon the usual polished "cap" of beautiful finishing material.

Car appearance

The new Audi A6 is completely modified and has found the body of the C8. It is not a copy of the already existing newer models, however, a lot of things were borrowed from them - the front malignant appearance, angular edges, thresholds with doors and other exterior solutions. The new design is very similar to the A7 and A8, although the case was developed completely from scratch. A6 has always been a kind of compromise between these units, and now it has shone in a new way and practically does not differ from them.

So, consider the frontal part of the car. Immediately distinct matrix optics, which can not be confused with incandescent lamps. Two parallelogram-shaped headlights capture a small portion of the front wings and taper towards the center of the grille. This configuration makes them look like a pair of evil eyes, looking into which you can see and feel the power of the new Audi A6. However, without the grille, this effect would be difficult to achieve, so it stretched from the hood to the bottom of the bumper, in which, by the way, there are air intakes on the sides.

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Car appearance Ауди А6 С8

If you pay attention to the back of the car Audi A6 C8, you can see a completely different design, which has not yet met in this lineup. That is, it is a completely new development, however, like the whole machine, which required a lot of effort to create. But after looking, you can see a few things that unite all the audi - this is a narrow trunk lid and constantly bulging massive bumper. Taillights, like the front, work exclusively on LEDs, which allow to save energy and give a powerful luminous flux. Their dynamic capabilities contribute to bright color transfusions, and the chrome strip divides the dimensions across into two parts. That is, this is not in any of the older models - the rear section of the car is a completely new design development.

Review Audi A6 S8

Now it's worth talking about the side of the car. Here you can see the similarities with the older ones in the line, although the dimensions of the Audi A6 are somewhat smaller. Virtually the entire body is made of aluminum, which significantly reduces its weight, and the large angle of inclination of the windshield and streamlined body improves aerodynamic properties. Side mirrors, arc-blown roof and stiffener at the bottom of all four doors fit perfectly into the exterior and emphasize the contour of the thresholds.

Exterior Audi A6 C8

That is, it can be said with confidence that in the exterior of the Audi A6 C8 most of the elements of a sporting character prevail. But to call this car "racing" - it is impossible. For example, the wheel arches, though they look good, blow with representative style, and the circular glazing of the cabin

says that it is more civil and partly a family car. Nevertheless, it is perfect for both everyday drivers and for guys eager to drive.

Salon and interior

It is time to move inside the car. Salon Audi A6, in contrast to the appearance, has much in common with the A7, only the panel lacks most of the control buttons. Instead, they now have two touchscreens built in to control the entire car. The choice of certain commands displays on the screen all information about the state of components and assemblies, and also allows you to coordinate the behavior and habits of the machine.

Salon Audi A6 S8

In the plans of the concern the new A6 should have been more competitive than the previous version. To do this, it had to build many options that provide comfort and convenience while driving. The most relevant and expected of them is the autopilot. However, it will not be possible to use it yet, since there is no activation button in the cabin. This is due to the European government, which has not yet approved the law on this matter. In addition, in the Audi A6 significantly increased the comfort of the front seats. Now they are equipped with the function of massage, ventilation and heating, which together makes it easy to carry long trips even for older people. Passengers were also not ignored - a touch panel was specially built for them in the center armrest, thanks to which various functions could be activated. For example, many will be pleased with the separate climate control, which is capable of changing the temperature regime in a wide range.

Audi A6 C8 Interior

Let us turn to the options that ensure traffic safety. Each time, designers are trying to fit into the car more and more systems that will perform half the work while driving. If earlier the ABS function was considered an innovation, now it is a necessity for each car. However, this is the last century. The modern Audi A6 can project an image of a touch-sensitive instrument panel. Simply put, the driver can magically move the speedometer, tachometer and other sensor readings to the windshield at will.

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The interior of the Audi A6 is made entirely of real leather. Now you can’t see a lot of buttons on the central panel, because they all migrated to the modified door cards, which are also skinned by the way. You can also notice a different form of steering wheel. Now it is attached to the column with three knitting needles, and on the surface it has buttons responsible for setting the configuration of the dashboard. That is, the LCD screen at the request of the driver can inform him about everything that is happening, and the built-in multimedia will help relieve tension with your favorite music.

Interior and interior Audi A6 C8

This car is not only pleasant to drive, but is inside it. This is not surprising, because the interior of the new Audi A6, in addition to leather trim, includes a bunch of small parts made of wood or polished metal. If in the exterior you can see the features of a sports character, then in the interior there is an exclusively representative class atmosphere. In addition, it complements the innovative interior lighting, which partly obscures the details and makes them more voluminous.

In general, the car turned out to be similar to its followers and borrowed a lot from them. However, in comparison with the old version of the A6, it turned into a completely different unit and became the strongest competitor for compatriots - BMW and Mercedes.

Control and comfort

The Audi A6 C8 outperforms even older models in the lineup. Most of the suspension elements taken from them, but the dimensions remain the same, which significantly increased the maneuverability. In addition, the rear wheels are equipped with a very useful feature - 4WS. It allows you to automatically turn them a few degrees when entering a sharp turn. In addition, it helps the new configuration of all-wheel drive - Quattro Ultra. Now each wheel gets one more clutch, which distributes torque much more sensitively.

In addition, the car Audi A6 C8 is equipped with a variety of options:

  • a steering wheel capable of activating various functions;
  • front seats with ventilation and massage;
  • rear seats with ventilation and heated;
  • 4 climate control zones;
  • autopilot III generations;
  • adjustable steering gear;
  • 48 volt power system;
  • system that allows the engine to turn off when coasting.

Suspension Audi A6 in terms of comfort and handling exceeded all expectations. It turned out the very combination to which all manufacturers strive - sportiness and softness. On the one hand, the car very clearly responds to the turn of the steering wheel, and on the other hand, it absorbs all the bumps and bumps. There is no vibration when driving, which is felt even in A8. But it should be borne in mind that almost the entire body is made of aluminum alloy, which has an insignificant mass. Thanks to this, the car is light and bold, it is much more interesting to operate and, at the same time, any road surface passes very gently, without shaking. You can’t hear a hum or whistle, as the whole building is soundproofed in a circle. The only thing that you can hear well is the roar of the motor when you press the pedal abruptly, which immediately disappears with increasing speed and stops pleasing the driver with its pleasant sound.

Engine Audi A6 C8


Here comes the turn of the most interesting part. It's time to find out the technical characteristics of the Audi A6 C8 and deal with the mechanical part. You should start with the body size:

  • width - 1,886 mm;
  • height - 1 457 mm;
  • length - 4 939 mm.
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You may notice that the size of the new body of the C8 is not very different from the old version. They increased slightly, literally 10 mm on each side, but only thanks to a more massive body kit. But despite this, the coefficient of air resistance still became less.

That power and sharpness when driving Audi A6, which the driver feels, give 3-liter engines:

  • diesel - 286 horses and 620 N / m;
  • gasoline - 340 forces with a torque of 500 N / m.

In the future, manufacturers predict the release of 2-liter engines, respectively, with less power, but this is only in the plans so far. It is also worth mentioning that all complete sets of the Audi A6 are equipped with an adaptive starter, which allows saving up to a liter of fuel per 100 km. There are two transmissions from transmissions - an automatic 8-speed diesel and a robotic gearbox with 7 gears for a gasoline engine.

Of the other characteristics of the A6, the most important are ground clearance, throughput and capacity:

  • ground clearance - 150 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2,924 mm;
  • Audi A6 rack - 530 l;
  • tank volume - 65 l.

Finally, it is worth talking about suspensions. Customers can choose from 3 types of chassis:

  • standard;
  • sports;
  • adaptive (controlled shock absorbers).

These types belong to the usual spring suspension, but you can choose the most expensive - pneumatic, which is able to adapt to the driving style of the owner, as well as a different type of road.

Specifications Ауди А6 С8 (Audi A6 C8)

Prices and configuration

Deliveries of the Audi A6 in Russia begin in the fall of 2018. Only 2 configurations are available, the cost of which will vary depending on the filling:

  • Modification 55 TFSI - here is a 3-liter gasoline engine, the Audi a6 is paired with a seven-speed robotic gearbox S-tronic;
  • Modification of the 50 TDI - with a 3-liter diesel engine comes with an eight-speed automatic.

Audi cars with powerful engines usually start first to attract richer customers. However, in the future, the concern plans to produce the Audi A6 with a volume of 1.8, 2.0, 2.2 liters, as well as with a six-speed manual transmission.

Price Audi A6 in stock configuration will be 2 750 000 rubles. More equipped versions can be bought for 3,500,000 rubles.


The new competitive version turned out much better than the old one, as it acquired a more modern look and interior. The characteristics of the Audi A6 C8 have become similar to the older models A7, A8 and even to some extent superior to them. Inside, now you can’t find any buttons, unlike older models - all control is carried out through touch panels.

Competitors Audi A6 Premium at the moment are the BMW 540 xDrive and Mercedes E-klass E-400. They are similar in class, characteristics and cost, but each person chooses a car to his own taste, and for the money they cost, you can easily buy an Audi A6 and not regret it.

Video presentation of the car Audi A6 C8 (fifth generation)