How many liters of oil is in the gearbox and where is it

The quality and sufficient amount of lubricating fluid directly affects the performance of components and individual units of the vehicle. Different models of cars need a different amount of lubricating fluid. And how much oil needs to be poured into the gearbox, and how often this is done, is governed by the design features of the vehicle.

For different machines will also be different and the type of lubricating fluid. It depends on the age of the unit and its design. You also need to follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.


  • 1 Preliminary preparation for changing the oil in the gearbox
  • 2 Selection of oil for transmission
  • 3 Change oil in gearbox

Preliminary preparation for changing the oil in the gearbox

This operation is the most popular for classic models of VAZ. After all, according to the recommendations of Togliatti engineers, the replacement interval should lie within 60-70 thousand kilometers. Although practice shows that it is preferable to do about 10 thousand km earlier.

Интенсивная работа шестеренок в КПП приводит к их выработке, если не менять долго смазку. Это будет заметно по металлической стружке, собирающейся на магнитной крышке, которая вкручена там, where is the oil in the gearbox.

how much oil should I pour into the gearbox of VAZ

Preparing a car for changing the oil in the gearbox

Oil change is required in such cases:

  • Colour butter turned black or brown;
  • burnt or burnt appeared smell;
  • level grease dropped significantly below the minimum mark on the probe;
  • in lubrication are clearly visible grains metal shavings.

At a reduced level, you can try to add, but more often will save the full replacement of transmission fluid.

Selection of oil for transmission

The main choice of oil is between these types:

  • mineral;
  • semi-synthetic;
  • synthetic.

Mineral oil applied on older vehicle models. Due to its low viscosity and fluidity, it is well kept in boxes with significant output and possible gaps in the body.

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Semi-synthetic has a lower viscosity and easier to penetrate various parts of any gearbox. It usually contains chemical additives that increase corrosion resistance and protect against boiling or significant overheating.

Synthetic oil is the most fluid due to its low viscosity. The molecules of this lubricant can quickly penetrate various gaps, therefore, in a gearbox with poor quality hermetic properties, leaks and reductions in its volume are possible.

where is the oil in the gearbox

Transmission oil

Those who are interested in how many liters of oil in the gearbox should be, we will show an approximate formula. For the "classics" will need a volume of about 1.5 liters, and for the machines of the model range "nine" or "tens" will need to stock up 3.5 liters.

For front-wheel drive VAZ-s, you can recommend oil brand 80W-85. This liquid class GL-4, which is also suitable for the operation of the rear axle.

Change oil in gearbox

Drain the used lubricating fluid will be easier if its temperature is higher. To do this, you can drive a few kilometers, and return to the site of the operation. Next, put the car either in the pit, or on the overpass. After that, you need to stop the engine and fix the car with the parking brake.

A slight jacking of the car is allowed in such a way that the slope allows you to get rid of working out as much as possible. After its pressure, you can jack the car on the other side.

how much oil do you need to put in the gearbox
Step 1. Open the filler hole
how much gear oil should be poured into the gearbox
Step 2. Control the oil level
how many liters of oil you need to fill in the gearbox
Step 3. Fill with funnel
how and how much oil should be poured into the gearbox
Step 4. Add with a syringe

It can be drained after the oil reaches a temperature of about 40-45C to not get burned.

  1. Clear the area in which the filler hole is located, and unscrew the screw plug.
  2. Under the drain hole substitute sufficient capacity for removal of mining. In protective rubber gloves, unscrew the drain plug with a key. It is desirable to do this not with a spanner key, but with a cap head, so as not to damage the thread.
  3. We must wait until the maximum amount of fluid will merge from the checkpoint.
  4. С магнитной пробки требуется удалить возможные частички metal shavings.
  5. When working out of the checkpoint almost stops coming out, the drain plug can be screwed into place.
  6. For the “classic” VAZ models, we use a special syringe or a device made from a flexible hose and fixed at one of its ends. In other models, you can do with a simple plastic watering can.
  7. Контролируем level масла с помощью щупа или по нижнему уровню смотрового отверстия. Некоторые водители немного приподнимают с помощью домкрата авто, чтобы долить «лишние» 200-250 мл масла.
  8. After that you can tighten the filler hole.
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You can learn a more accurate level after the car has traveled a few kilometers or has worked at idle speed for 10-15 minutes. Then we turn off the car and after 5-7 minutes we measure the level with a probe. If necessary, add the liquid. Excess can be drained through the corresponding hole.