Which business sedans are more valued in the secondary

When you buy a new car, very often you do not think that after a while it will have to be sold. And in fact, this is a very important question, because a new car is expensive, and after a while it may lose so much in price that it would be a pity to sell such a car, and there is no need to. Now we will deal in more detail with what is best to take a car, so that later it can be profitably sold.

Volkswagen passat

Now the market has a huge number of business sedans, which are produced by different producing countries, even the Chinese also want to take their part of the pie in this class of cars, and released Geely GC9, which is not very reliable, which means there is nothing to do in the secondary market. In general, everything is simple. The more reliable the car, the greater the likelihood that it can be profitable to sell. Machines that are after 100,000 km. mileage are falling apart - no one needs. Or if they are expensive to repair, they will not be in particular demand on the secondary market either. The most reliable are Japanese or German cars, but lately, the Germans have become not as reliable as they were before.

German business class cars

German-made business sedans are the Opel Insignia and the Volkswagen Passat, which also includes the Skoda Superb because it is produced by the Volkswagen concern. BMW, Mercedes and Audi - this is a higher class, and the prices of these cars are much higher.

wv passat

Volkswagen Passat - a car that has long been in demand, it has its own audience of buyers. The price for it is not particularly high, the body is galvanized, the engines have recently become not very, and in general, if you don’t specifically kill the car, it will last a long time. Passat - the car is reliable and will quietly serve its 250,000 km. run

opel insignia

The price on the secondary market falls quite quickly, by about 100,000 rubles a year. Today we will estimate the generation of the B7, because the B8 has been released recently and it is not yet known how the price will fall on it. If the 2015 version of the Passat costs about 1,150,000 rubles, in 2015 the price of this car drops by 50,000 rubles, and with each subsequent year by 100,000 rubles. Therefore, if the car is already 3 years old, then its price will be less than a million rubles, and 5-year-old cars cost about 850,000 rubles. If you take the cars of 2010, they are even cheaper, because then another generation B6 was produced.

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A similar situation with the Skoda Superb, the price of this model every year also drops by 100,000 rubles, and on average by the age of 3, the price of a car drops to a million rubles. Despite this, the price of the Passat is a bit more expensive than the Superb, which is new, and that used. y of similar age.

skoda superb

Opel Insignia is about the same car in terms of reliability as Volkswagen, prices also fall - at 100,000 rubles a year. But in general, these models are much cheaper than the models described above. On average, a three-year-old car costs 200,000 rubles less than a new one. A 5-year-old car costs an average of 700,000 rubles. Therefore, among the German cars Insignia in terms of resale after 5 years - the most unprofitable car among the Germans.

American business sedans

ford mondeo

Only Ford Mondeo got into this class, the rest of the American brands are more expensive, so we'll talk about them another time. When the 4th generation of Mondeo appeared, it was sold in Russia like hot cakes in the cold. Moreover, the price of this car is quite democratic. In the secondary market, the situation is even better - prices are falling fast, 2-year-old cars cost less than 900,000 rubles, 5-year-old cars cost about 650,000 rubles, and 6-year-old cars cost 500,000 rubles in general.

French cars

lemon c5

Among the French business class cars, the brightest representatives are the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 508. The Citroen C5 is a beautiful car, in terms of reliability, it is not inferior to German competitors. But a few years after buying this car, selling it will not be so easy. The price over time for these cars falls very quickly, approximately, as well as on the Mondeo, although the Citroën C5 looks more elegant and original. 2-year copies cost 900,000 rubles, 3-year-olds - less than 800 thousand, and if the car is already 5 years old, then its price will fall to 500,000 rubles.

peugeot 508

But the Peugeot 508 is a newer model, it was first released in 2012, it looks beautiful, and these cars do not travel around the country too much. Early copies have seriously fallen in price - about 800,000 rubles per car in 2012. And for the one-year-old Peugeot 508 asking 1,200,000 rubles. But it does not mean that it will be possible to sell it for this money.

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Korean car industry

Korean manufacturers have many models in business class. Only one Hyundai has such models, which are considered business class sedans - Sonata, i40, Grandeur and Genesis. There is also the KIA, whose Optima is a representative of a business-class sedan.

to optimize

Korean cars are getting cheaper gradually without sudden falls. One-year-old Hyundai i40 costs a little more than a million, a 3-year-old will cost 900,000, and for the 2012 model, you will have to pay 800,000. This means that the car is reliable, since it is not so much cheaper.

Kia Optima is getting cheaper at the same speed, only initially the price for this car is slightly higher. For yearling car will have to pay 1,250,000 rubles. Optima's 3-year-old is worth 900,000, and a 5-year-old is 800,000. So the conclusion is that you can buy Korean cars without fear that you will not sell them.

Japanese business sedans

There are many Japanese car manufacturers, and their cars are considered the most profitable in terms of their subsequent sale. Japanese cars according to tradition, over the years become cheaper slowly. It speaks about more or less high quality and unpretentiousness in service. The most famous Japanese brands are Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda.

honda agreement

Honda Accord has always been considered the most expensive. Previously, these models were produced in large quantities, and now Honda has limited the release of Chords for Russia, you can buy the Accord after ordering it. But Honda Accord - the car is very reliable, the price for it falls very slowly. But since this model will soon become very unpopular, it should not be considered a profitable investment.

A new generation of Mazda 6 appeared in 2013. The price of cars 2-3 years old in good condition does not fall below a million rubles. The previous generation is also not much lower in price, for the 700,000 rubles you can take the 6-year-old Mazda 6. As for the Nissan Teana, the new generation came out in 2014, but in Russia the previous generation sold better.

mazda mazda 6

If before the production of Teany was at a plant in St. Petersburg, now it has been turned off, and instead of it, the production of Nissan Kashkai was launched. While Teana is in the model range of Nissan, but soon it can leave the market forever.

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nissan teana

But on the secondary market, Teana has a better position. The price of the 2nd and 3rd generation falls smoothly and slowly. A one-year Teana costs 1,200,000 rubles, 900,000 for a 3-4-year-old, and a 5-year-old - 800,000 rubles. Toyota released its Camry update in 2012, and in 2015 - restyling. Usually they make restyling every 3 years. The fact that they regularly make updates is right, Camry enjoys high popularity in Russia. The 6th generation could be met on every corner, then the 7th appeared and many began to buy it too, ranging from managers to officials.

On the secondary market, these cars are also very much. But the average cost of a Toyota Camry is higher than that of other Japanese cars. At a price Honda about the same cost. There are lots of offers on the secondary market.

toyota camry

The cost of the car is reduced by about 100,000 rubles a year, but the Toyota Camry is the most profitable car for the seller. On average, a one-year-old car costs 1,500,000 rubles, a 3-year-old car - 1,100,000, and a 5-year-old car - 900,000 rubles. If you compare with the Citroen C5 and Hyundai i40 in the last generation, then they are 2-year-old worth about 900 000 rubles. Therefore, it is profitable for Camry to take a new one, take a ride 5 years and sell, pay a little extra and take a new one.


toyota camry 2015

The French are elegant, rare, original, but they are not profitable if they are sold later. Germans are high-quality and reliable cars, but they have a lower cost than the Japanese. Koreans - this is something average, lose in the price is not very fast, but are considered more profitable for the buyer, and not for the seller who bought the car new.

The best buy with the expectation that in the future it will be possible to resell - the Japanese. More precisely Toyota Camry. She has the recognition of the people, prestige and reliability. Therefore, if you need a car for work, a business sedan, then Camry is the best option.

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