Qoros: soon on the russian open spaces

Qoros: скоро на российских просторах Two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show the cars that came off the assembly line of the Israeli-Chinese company Qoros, struck the imagination of European automakers. Model Qoros 3 in terms of its external and internal characteristics, it was not inferior to modern analogues of the local automotive industry. It was unexpected for a little-known company from China, and the Europeans realized that in the person of Qoros they were waiting for intrigue. She did not hesitate to wait when the Qoros 3 sedan in the same year was in third place among the cars that took part and broken in independent crash testsheld regularly by Euro NCAP.

Especially this model showed its capabilities when testing the impact of speed against an obstacle by the side of the cabin, the strength of the car's structure allowed us to get a score of four points out of five. Considering the fact that many models of cars of more popular brands did not pass this test at all, the achievement of Qoros developers can be considered an outstanding and extremely promising thing. For example, with such a collision, drivers of more famous models of the BMW i3 and Mazda3 just would not survive. The Qoros driver dummy received only minor injuries, which in reality would save human life.

Qoros: скоро на российских просторах In 2014, the Qoros car dealer network in Slovakia was established. Autocompany engineers have developed in addition to the range of a serial hatchback, also parquet Qoros 3 City SUV crossover. But only with C-class models the imagination of developers is not limited. This is about conceptual model Qoros 9 Sedan.

Qoros: скоро на российских просторах

Most likely, the automaker Qoros, successfully releasing popular sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers, cannot ignore the possibility of the appearance on the market of its nearest territorial neighbor - Russia. By the way, the famous Chinese company Chery, which has a network of sales centers in our territory, is going to sell "quoros" to the Russian consumer. Negotiations are underway. Whether they agree, will depend on the economic feasibility of such cooperation. Indeed, in the conditions of the economic crisis, the Russian market is no longer as interesting as before. And the prices for "quoruses", if we take as a basis the price of Slovak dealers selling the Qoros 3 sedan in the basic configuration for 21,000 euros, bites.

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Qoros: скоро на российских просторах

But even in China, the production of these cars has not yet been launched at full capacity. Despite the high demand for quoruses, in the Celestial Empire, so far only about seven thousand units have been sold.