The cheapest cars in the world

Financial condition does not always allow you to purchase expensive cars. Therefore, in many situations, budget cars are among the most sought-after on the market. It is necessary to take into account that the car owner will receive the minimum equipment, because when the cheapest car in the world is purchased, the main criterion for selection is the price, not the availability of additional services.

During the manufacture of this transport, savings occur not only on modern options, but also on the safety of the driver and passengers. In some models, re-equipment or equipping of additional modules is offered for a fee.


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  • 2 Geely HQ
  • 3 Renault Kwid
  • 4 Chery QQ
  • 5 Tata Nano
  • 6 Bajaj RE60
  • 7 ξMystery MIS

Selection options

In most cases, interest in cheap technology rises in countries with weak or unstable economies. The main global suppliers of such cars are companies from India and China. Providing their own market, they are trying to win the hearts of buyers from other countries with such machines.

what the cheapest car in the world looks like

These four-wheeled state employees are not always able to pass the European safety standards. However, in the markets of individual countries, they successfully compete with the local auto industry.

Geely HQ

One of the first cars in the new century, which gained fame as the cheapest car in the world, was the Geely HQ SRV. The Chinese company has developed a fairly comfortable five-door wagon for the whole family. Good cross and price of $ 5,000 have made cars popular in its segment.

where the cheapest car in the world is sold

The weight of the loaded vehicle transport reaches 1.3 tons, and 5 people can easily fit inside. The power plant capacity of 1.1 liters on the passport corresponds to 55 hp The maximum speed that can be developed with such characteristics is 120 km / h. At the same time, under the hood, a five-speed manual transmission is installed.

The rich arsenal of options will lure any budget buyer with its names. In addition to air conditioning and power steering, auto-mounted electric windows and wipers and rear windows are installed.

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For the safety of the car are additional options in the form of airbags, anti-lock system and shockproof beams. With this model, Geely Automotive was able to take away part of the automotive market of its neighbors.

Renault Kwid

In the fall of 2015, Renault launched official sales of their Kwid hatchback in India. The official price in the basic configuration will not exceed three and a half thousand euros. A 0.8-liter motor is used as a power plant; it can develop a power of 54 hp. The gearbox is set manual with five steps.

how much is the cheapest car in the world

At the cost of the car fits perfectly into the budget segment, however, in equipment it easily competes with middle-class models. The list of options includes air conditioning, central locking and high-quality multimedia with a 7-inch monitor. Even the maximum grade of the car costs less than 4,800 euros.

Chery QQ

The machine is known not only for its low cost, but also for the presence of scandals around its manufacture. Chinese manufacturers engaged in the release of this model, were attacked with accusations of plagiarism, although the car was originally supposed to be sold only in the domestic market.

where to buy the cheapest car in the world

The car has a 1.1-liter engine that delivers 68 hp. In this case, manufacturers claim that the baby is able to give 130 km / h on the highway, and go through a hundred in 14 seconds. Inside the compact cabin fits 5 people. The approximate cost is a little over 4,000 euros.

Tata Nano

Achieving high sales was primarily intended for the domestic Indian market with a minicar Nano. This was due to the low level of security systems. The machine is equipped with a 0.6 liter engine in 33 hp. The allowable maximum speed leaves 100 km / h, and acceleration to 60 km / h is obtained in 10 seconds.

what the cheapest car in the world looks like

When buying this car, you will need to give a little more than 2000 euros, and for the top-end configuration you will need to add another thousand.

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Export models are provided with airbags and additional comfort elements. In addition to low cost, the car has a small overall parameters.

Bajaj RE60

The manufacturer of the vehicle for rickshaw made a practically full-fledged car with four wheels. The length of the vehicle is 2.75 m, and the mass of an empty car is not more than 400 kg.

The cabin is designed for four people, and also accommodates 44 liters of luggage. According to the Indian classification, this car belongs to the type of ATV. The power plant in it is gasoline and is only 216 cm3. At the same time on it there is a liquid cooling.

where is the cheapest car in the world

The transmission is mounted with four steps, and all parameters provide maximum acceleration up to 70 km / h. Power does not exceed 22 hp Deliveries of "baby" are held in more than a half dozen countries. It is worth the car less than 2 thousand dollars.

ξMystery MIS

A new direction in the automotive industry is the production of electric vehicles. The cheapest of them is a mini electric car from the famous Chinese electronics manufacturer ξMystery MIS presented.

how much is the cheapest car in the world

Estimated cost of new items is 6400 dollars. Judging by the active marketing policy of the company, which is practiced to promote smartphones and other products of the IT industry, Chinese cars will soon appear on our roads on batteries.