Restoring airbags

Increasing comfort in modern cars is inextricably linked to ensuring maximum safety standards for the driver and passengers. In such a situation, it is difficult to do without passive motor vehicles that care about people's life and health.

These components include airbags located inside the car. The manufacturer selects their location for each vehicle model individually. However, there are situations when it is necessary to repair the airbags of the car. The cause can be either actuation (authorized or spontaneous), or failure of the display or other accompanying nodes.


  • 1 Need for airbags
  • 2 System operation in case of accident
  • 3 Resuscitation cushions
  • 4 Diagnostic procedures
  • 5 Error reset

The need for airbags

There is no need to prove the need for such an element of safety. The response time of the cartridge is several times less than the blinking of the human eye. But this procedure is a one-time, after which it is necessary to restore the airbags.

how to replace airbags

Supplementary Restraint System

This element of protection in the car belongs to the restraining passive means. SRS (Supplementary Restraint System). At its core, it has a significant arsenal of electronic components. The first systems included ball sensors that are outdated for today.

Modern cars are equipped with a large number of different sensors and advanced electronic equipment. Security is handled by intelligent control modules and advanced diagnostic devices.

You need to know that the approximate time of uninterrupted service airbag (airbag) is 10-15 years.

This period is enough for the operation of a modern car. However, in some cases, the driver may notice that the airbag light on the instrument panel is lit before the specified time. In this situation, you will need to diagnose and, if necessary, eliminate the undesirable phenomenon. You can perform the procedure both in the service center and independently.

System operation in case of accident

In the airbag release area, the integrity of the salon upholstery is impaired, which is fixed in the area with the necessary force to break. Seat belts are locked in a tensioned position. After that, recovery operations with this node will also be required.

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what to do if the airbag lamp lights up

The indicator on the instrument panel through the control unit reports that there was a drawdown of the cartridge. This is usually indicated by the corresponding icon and the signature of the SRS airbag. The block receives information about the collision, Crash Data. Such data does not allow to start the system again.

Pillow resuscitation

The manufacturer provides for a one-time use of this system, after which a new unit is installed, and no work is carried out with the old shot cartridge. Domestic "craftsmen" learned to reanimate the node without a complete replacement.

It is necessary to know that the car owner carries out any procedures for self-restoration of the worked cushion at his own peril and risk.

how to repair car airbags

Airbag Restoration

In some cases it is possible that the reanimated unit may not work correctly. All risks are borne by the owner of the car, since later untimely or unauthorized drawdown can occur. This means that all recovery operations must be carried out deliberately and carefully. The same applies to work with the train. It in the event of bend change. Also, the airbag plume, if there is no repair, you can solder in the cliff.

Diagnostic procedures

Pillow in the car is presented in the form of a block with a fired cartridge. If he completed his task, then the rules should be completely replaced. However, such an operation will be more expensive than partial recovery. Although a partial replacement of airbags is a more risky operation, it will save money.

how to restore airbags

You need to know that for certain brands of cars the problematic work of the unit is capable of disrupting the rest of the security elements, therefore if it is impossible to install a new software, it is possible to replace the control device.

Error reset

Before you reset the airbag error, you must perform certain procedures. After all, if one of the connectors of this system is folded back, and the driver turns the key in the ignition, then for the control unit this procedure will be the result of an error. As a result, the corresponding indicator will light on the panel.

how to reset the airbag error

Airbag Indicator

Error can also occur with oxidized contacts. In both cases, you will need to clear the contact or connect everything in its place, and then perform an algorithm of actions:

  • the ignition key is inserted into the lock;
  • the brake pedal drops to the floor and remains there until all actions are completed;
  • turn the key to the first position, when all indicators light up on the scoreboard;
  • waiting for the launch of the airbag indicator;
  • within a second after ignition, turn the key to the next position to turn on the ignition;
  • wait 3 seconds;
  • return the key one position back;
  • points from the 3rd to the 6th are repeated three more times.
how does airbag replacement begin

Triggered Airbag

After exiting this self-diagnostic mode, the error with the indication should disappear. This method is tested on the Nissan Beetle.

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On how to carry out the replacement or reinstallation of the pillow in the domestic car Lada Priora, we offer to watch the video.