Top-end equipment vesta can already be ordered from dealers

Топовую комплектацию Весты можно уже заказывать у дилеров

Pre-orders for the sedan Lada Vesta in picking "Luxe“You can already leave the official dealers of the Russian auto giant. And the finished models will arrive at the warehouses in less than two weeks. The most“ luxurious ”assembly of the new Russian sedan contains, in addition to everything else, a modern multimedia package. It is so officially called: "Multimedia".

What is the assembly Luxe+Multimedia different from the usual luxury complete Lada West? Firstly, a multifunction steering wheel is installed here, there is a rear-view camera, the multimedia combine has a seven-inch touch screen with an integrated navigation system. To meet the musical needs of the music lover, six speakers are installed here, the multimedia device is equipped with interfaces for headphones, a slot for a USB flash drive, and can be synchronized via Bluetooth with the driver’s smartphone. Electronic stuffing includes a cruise control that can limit the speed of a car on the machine, depending on the quality of the surface on which the car moves. Сколько стоит Lada Vesta Luxe? Dealers will ask for this heaped equipment from 658 thousand wooden.

Топовую комплектацию Весты можно уже заказывать у дилеров

Under the hood of Vesta in the new configuration, everything remains the same. The same 1.6-liter 106-strong aspirated, when ordering, the customer can choose with which transmission the engine will have to work. The choice is traditionally small: it is a five-speed manual gearbox or AMT, i.e. robotic transmission.

Manufacturers in the future promise to diversify the power line for Lada Vesta. Under the hood of a sedan they plan to install a 110-hp Nisanov motor that works with a manual gearbox. The plans are also more powerful, 122-strong 1.8-liter engine, which today is paired with a robot under the hood Lada Xray. As the developers say, this engine may soon be installed on any VAZ model at all.

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Топовую комплектацию Весты можно уже заказывать у дилеров

Recall that Lada Vesta started selling at the end of November last year. And after just a couple of weeks, according to the sales reports, Vesta got on the list of the best-selling models in Russia. And in the past March, it has already hit the top five by the number of cars sold during the month.

If motorists wish to immediately acquire Lada Westthen when buying do not forget about the current program of trade-in and recycling. To stimulate buyers, AvtoVAZ even launched a large-scale advertising campaign called “Return to yours”. Below you can watch video from this campaign.