In the near future, russia is waiting for geely to offer a

Russia is waiting for a premium from Geely in the near future. Automobile mark popular enough in our country Geely At the last Moscow International Auto Show, there were several new cars at the same time, in addition, the Chinese announced the rebranding of this brand. Actually, rebranding will not bring anything cardinal. The Chinese will change only the logos and nameplates of their new cars. Along the way, the company Gilli is going to change the corporate style of service in all of its Russian dealerships. But with this, it will probably be more difficult, because the staff in such centers is not Chinese, but Russian. Rebranding Geely The leadership of the Chinese automaker is positioning itself as a new starting point for its development in our country. The Chinese are sure that all Russians dream about their cars at night, and it’s after them that when they wake up they quickly rush to the car dealers in the morning. Russia is waiting for a premium from Geely in the near future. What are the new Chinese prepared for the Russians in the near future? First of all, it is a premium sedan Geely Emgrand GT. Formerly managers Gilli claimed that this car will appear at the Russian dealers already in the current August, but this, as we see, did not happen, and at the Moscow presentation it was said that the dates had been moved to the next December. This sedan, assembled on the Swedish platform (we are talking about Volvo), in the Celestial Empire itself is called differently - Geely Emgrand GC9but for our market the sedan was renamed to Emgrand GT. Russia is waiting for a premium from Geely in the near future. Under the hood of a Russian Emgrand GT there will be a 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. Its capacity will be 163 full-fledged "horses". Transmission, of course, automatic. In the amazing list of available equipment of this premium sedan there is a control of dead zones, a warning of a frontal impact, a circular video review, an automatic parking assistant, climate control, as they say, three-zone. About the price of their flagship sedan, the Chinese have forgotten to say, or rather, did not want to. But it is already clear to everyone that the simplest equipment for this car will be worth so much for a million wooden ones. Russia is waiting for a premium from Geely in the near future. If 2016 will complete the appearance on Russian roads Emgrand GTthen in 2017 car dealers Geely promise front and four wheel drive suv Geely NL-3. Under the hood, it will be registered 1.8-liter gasoline turbo engine, which can squeeze out the power of as much as 185 horses. Available will be a complete set of crossover with both front and all-wheel drive.

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To produce, more precisely, to carry out modular assembly of these cars - NL-3 and Emgrand GT - will be on the Belarusian automobile plants.