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Today, many motorists and those who do not yet have their own car, dream to get this big SUV, which even our Russian roads would be on the shoulder. Although it is difficult to contain such a giant, but you feel as if in a tank, which is not sensitive to any dirt or bad roads. The title of such a large SUV deserve several cars and Ford Explorer - one of them. The price for it is not small, but if you show flexibility and try to find an acceptable option in the secondary market, your dreams may come true. The cost of a used Ford Explorer is quite acceptable, and any comments, according to service managers, will not be revealed. Let us try to conduct a peculiar test and find out if this car is really so good that it will only cause respect in the second-hand form.

Car Ford Explorer

Car Ford Explorer

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Big Yankee

Today in our country it is customary to divide motorists into three main groups:

  • Motorists who prefer cars from Europe, and better German at once.
  • Motorists who respect the Japanese and Korean cars.
  • Motorists who consider themselves to be ardent supporters of the original American cars of the so-called “Big Yankees”

And indeed, American cars are produced mainly by models with a length of about 5 meters and a width of under 2 m. The engines on them are installed low-stressed V-shaped 6- or 8-cylinder. On American cars, the AKP is mandatory, they have a spacious lounge with a bunch of cupholders and other features that distinguish the “Big Yankee”.

Among the advantages of American-made cars, such as Ford Explorer, experts see the possibility of carrying out simple repairs. By literally breathing a second life into the engines and transmission of a used “American,” you can become the owner of a very good car, capable of much.

The history of the car: version and motor number

Ford Explorer, as a true representative of the overseas industry, in Russia officially began to sell immediately after its premiere. Huge shipments of these SUVs were privately exported from across the ocean, which we bought well.

Ford Explorer Car: Side View

Ford Explorer Car: Side View

Ford Explorer was produced only in the 5-door design, but it could fit in depending on the performance of 5 or 7 people. It is obvious that the seven-seater version implied the presence of a third row of seats.

A distinctive feature of the Ford Explorer is its body, mounted on a very powerful frame. In addition, the independent suspension interacts well and is adequately managed on asphalt. Well, all-wheel drive transmission with the "ponizhaykoy" picture complements.

It is noteworthy that in our used car market you can also find rear-wheel drive Ford Explorer. He was occasionally brought in small batches to Russia. This version was equipped with petrol six-cylinder engines of 4.0 liters (213 hp.) Or eight-cylinder units of 4.6 liters with a capacity of 242 liters. with. As for the basic version, then it installed 5 manual transmission or automatic transmission. Eight-cylinder engines are always equipped with automatic transmission only.

In 2006, the entire line of eight-cylinder engines underwent a complete modernization, thanks to which they began to issue already 296 liters. with. In addition, the automatic transmission has become 6-speed.

Saloon car Ford Explorer

Saloon car Ford Explorer

A typical representative of the "Big Yankee" is huge, not only in appearance. The cabin is so spacious that you feel not in the car, but in some bus. Everything is stylish and concise, although the finishing materials were a bit stingy. On the other hand, hard plastic has always characterized overseas cars, regardless of their value.

Remarkable in the Ford Explorer is the middle row of seats, which are three separate comfortable seats. Each of them is easy to fold, and as for the rear seats, they are completely retracted into the trunk, forming a flat floor and giving a huge free space. Impressive 2490 liters are obtained by adding both rows.

Typical for Americans and generous equipment cars. Used Ford Explorer already in the basic version is endowed with several airbags, ABS, computer, full power and much more. Ideally attractive purchase for understanding cars and their complete sets of clients.

Ford Explorer Specifications
Year of issue20062010
Body type5-door station wagon5-door station wagon
Length / width / height, mm4910/1870/18304910/1870/1830
Base, mm28902890
type of drivefullfull
Trunk volume, l1280-24301280-2430
Volume of fuel tank, l8585
Weight, kg20952150
Gearbox5 LFAI am a freak
engine's typepetrol V6petrol V8
Working volume, cm340094608
Maximum power, l. with.213296
Maximum speed, km / h180185
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, s109,4
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km11,8/15,712,4/16,8

As for the expensive versions of Ford Explorer, they were already equipped with climate control, sunroof at will, leather trim, etc.

Used Ford Explorer

Simple in design, the Ford Explorer is called a modest giant. Excellent maintainability and low cost of maintenance have made it one of the most popular SUVs. Virtually the entire engine range of this SUV has a very decent resource and falls short of over 400 thousand km and even more than the overhaul. Although it can be noted that both units require mandatory cleaning or blowing air candle wells before replacing the candle. You have to be careful and when screwing in new candles, the thread of which easily breaks down and even then you have to repair the cylinder head, which costs 13-17 thousand rubles.

Car Ford Explorer: вид сзади

Car Ford Explorer: вид сзади

In conditions of long-term car operation at low temperatures Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% will begin to leak a plastic radiator tank. Interestingly, it is impossible to find it as a separate component and will have to change the entire assembly, which will cost 7800 rubles. After the car “plows” 80 thousand km it will be necessary to change the water pump, having bought a new one for 3.7 thousand rubles and given another 3 thousand to the repairmen who will replace it.

Does not digest the Ford Explorer and low-quality fuel. Very often the Check Engine badge will start to light up, the spark plugs will fail (250 r each), which hold about 40 thousand km.

Cares will require and high-voltage wires with their lugs. For the new set will have to pay 1500-2500 rubles.

Defective oxygen sensors and mass air flow can also melt the tips of high-voltage wires. New ones cost about 3.5-4 thousand rubles each.

The wheel and dashboard of the car Ford Explorer

The wheel and dashboard of the car Ford Explorer

The timing chain is strong enough and serves for a long time. But after 200 thousand km, it usually requires replacement. In addition, before this time it is necessary to update the belt tensioner and a chain damper, which will cost 5.5 thousand rubles. In addition, after 90 thousand kilometers, the attachment belt with tensioning rollers will become unusable.

Requires special attention and injection system, which must be washed in order to prevent. Such a procedure will cost in the service of 1500 rubles. Particular attention should be paid to the transmission. Careful attitude will help to significantly extend the operational life of the automatic transmission up to 200 thousand km. For this reason, every 50 thousand kilometers of run, it is necessary to pour a new oil into the box, which is quite expensive. In the process of changing the oil will have to change the filter. If such preventive work is not carried out, the automatic transmission will fail after 100 thousand kilometers, and maybe even earlier. Complete replacement of the box will cost 50 thousand rubles, and then, if you are lucky with the service.

Ford Explorer with all-wheel drive implies the presence of 3 modes.

  • Automatic mode will connect the front wheels when the rear wheels slip.
  • A car in the permanent all-wheel drive mode will “eat up” more fuel, but the thrust will be distributed evenly along the axes.
  • And finally, all-wheel drive mode with a reduction gear.

Frequent cases of failure of the transfer case and clutch on cars, often involved in off-road "pokatushki." In addition, after 100 thousand kilometers of run, it is planned to replace the universal joint and outboard bearing. This procedure costs 7-7,5 thousand rubles.

Ford Explorer car review:

As for the Ford Explorer suspension, it “sins” by not too reliable operation of the stabilizer struts, costing 850 rubles each. Not for long and served the tip of the steering column price of 1300 rubles. The upper ball bearings will reach 70-100 thousand km. The same applies to the silent blocks of the front levers, the replacement of which will cost 10 thousand rubles. Shock absorbers also maintain such a period of time without replacement. New ones cost 4,200 rubles each. Wheel bearing must be changed after the 100-thousandth run. They cost about 3000 rubles each.


In conclusion, summarize. On the second-hand Ford Explorer, you can easily find original spare parts, sometimes quite cheap. It turns out that the content of the SUV is really not ruinous, and buying it, you will become the owner of a large car with a spacious interior and a roomy trunk. You can buy it in the secondary market of Russia at an affordable price. Among the shortcomings can be identified gluttonous engines, lack of diesel options, low cost of interior trim materials and too demanding to repair automatic transmission. The rest of the SUV is good and the buyer will not be disappointed in it.