Types of car glass tinting and the best material


According to experts, about 80% of cars that are operated in our country are equipped with tinted glass. The benefits of toning are many - among them are the privacy of the interior space, comfort and safety due to the lack of bright sunlight and even a reduced wear rate for the upholstery of the cabin.

Tinted car windows

Previously, manufacturers used two ways to tint glass, represented by applying a film and adding special pigments in the raw materials for the production of glass.

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Main varieties

The peak of popularity of the dubbing film has already been passed - it is gradually giving way to other, more perfect ways of darkening. However, many motorists prefer to use such a classic material for tinting due to its low cost and ease of self-application. Also, the advantage of the film is its widespread - the material can be bought in any store, and not to order it and wait for several weeks.

Tint film colors

However, the film for tinting has significant drawbacks, represented by low strength and low durability. Even the most expensive and perfect dubbing film will need to be changed after 2–3 seasons or after one season of active off-road driving.

For motorists, windows made with the addition of a special dimming pigment are still available. They are very expensive, and in most cases they are made to order, which makes waiting for darkened parts for a long time. However, such tinting will continue throughout the entire service life of the glass and will not require restoration. In addition, many manufacturers provide certificates for tinted glass, which greatly simplifies the procedure for passing inspection.

Passing inspection on cars with tinted

The latest innovation in the field of blackout car glass - is removable tinting with a durable frame. Its main advantage lies in the possibility of one hundred percent dimming of the cabin while parking, which will prevent the heating of the internal space. Before driving on the road, such tinting can be simply removed without causing any damage to the glass, or you can change it to a part with more transparency.

If you are interested in what kind of removable tinting is better, you can choose products of famous brands without any hesitation, since it will not have a transcendental price. The disadvantage of such a device can be called only not too much ease of installation and rapid wear with active use.

Removable tinted side windows

For owners of expensive cars Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru offer tinting by magnetron sputtering. The composition that is used for such darkening includes particles of high-strength metals, which combine with glass at the molecular level. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly increase the durability of toning - it begins to wear out only 5–7 years after application. The downside is an exceptional high cost - the cost of spraying comes to 350-500 dollars per square meter, depending on the composition used.

Number one in the world practice of car tinting is the use of electrochemical spraying, which changes its transparency depending on the strength of the current passing through it. It uses technology similar to the principle of operation of liquid crystal screens. As a result, the driver can independently choose the level of transparency of the glass, and in some cases even their shade when dimmed.

Electric tinted glass

Electrical toning wiring diagram

The downside of such processing is only the exorbitant cost, which starts from 1.5 thousand dollars per square meter of processed glass. Some experts predict that in the future windows in cars will contain full-fledged liquid crystal screens, but their cost now is 12-15 thousand dollars per square meter of flat glass and about 35 thousand - bent.

The choice of dubbing film

If you are interested in which film is best for tinting car windows, you should pay attention to the products of famous brands. Number one in the Russian market is the film produced by LLumar. Its main difference from the products of other manufacturers is the use of metal particle sputtering according to the technology described above.

LLumar tint film

Thanks to this, it is possible to reach a compromise - toning retains its properties for about 3-4 seasons, but when it is removed, the glass is not damaged. The company produces any type of dubbing film, and all of them comply with GOST and other official standards, so their use will be completely legal and will not lead to conflicts with law enforcement officers.

A good alternative would be SunControl films, which are produced in factories in 10 countries, including Russia. The most important advantage of the products of this brand is the use of a special material that has a high elasticity. Thanks to this, tinted bent glass with SunControl film can be performed independently without any problems. Also, the products of this company are durable - they serve at least three seasons with careful handling.

Sun Control logo

For those who value safety above all else, American Standard films are available. They are quite expensive, but it is fully justified by the properties of the material. Such a film for tinting does not distort the view from the window and does not refract the rays of light, due to which the driver can always respond to the emergency situation that has arisen. Also, American Standard's tinting material absorbs most of the UV rays that contribute to the occurrence of serious diseases in humans and accelerated wear of the car's interior.

American Standard logo

Relatively recently, another American manufacturer, GlobalWindowFilm, entered the Russian market. Its main feature is the use of a closed production cycle, ranging from oil production, polymer synthesis, and ending with the release of the finished product. Thanks to this, the company manages to reduce the marriage rate to 0.01%. Global tinting films have a multi-layer structure, which includes:

  • High strength polymer substrate;
  • UV stabilization layer;
  • Tinted layer;
  • Protective layer that prevents damage due to mechanical stress.

This ensures exceptional ease of application of the material and its durability.

Global Window Films

If you need to figure out which tinting film to choose, you should not pass by Armolan products. It makes a heavy-duty film that not only darkens the glass, but also significantly increases its strength. Even with a large stone, you can not be afraid of the appearance of cracks or even holes. In addition, Armolan's tint film is also very convenient to apply and protects the interior of the car from ultraviolet rays.

The choice of removable tinting

The best option for a car is removable Silicon Tint tinting, which is based on the polymer material mentioned in its name. It blocks up to 90% of ultraviolet rays and provides a shade of 10–90% depending on the specific model. Such a film for tinting compares favorably with the frame models - it is applied directly to the glass, like a classic material, but it is very easily removed and can be reused due to the use of a special substrate that eliminates sticking. The company's products Silicon Tint complies with international standards and Russian state standards in the field of car tinting.

Silicon Tint toning

The above-mentioned manufacturers LLumar and SunControl also began the production of removable tinting - frame and frameless. Both companies use unique materials created using the latest technological advances. Thanks to this, it is possible to ensure a long trouble-free service life of toning, as well as to protect it from mechanical damage or the effects of aggressive chemicals, often used in car washes.

A significant advantage of LLumar and SunControl products is the availability of all the necessary tools and detailed instructions in the package. Thanks to this, independent application of this film for tinting will not become an impossible task.

Removable tinting LLumar

Having thought about which tint to choose, pay attention to removable products from SunTek. It produces a lot of varieties of materials with a degree of shading from 5 to 100% and even a mirror tint.

Of course, many of them can only be used when the car is parked, but before driving you can easily change the formally forbidden tint to another, which will not pose a threat to road safety. In addition, in the model range of the company there are many types of frameless tinting, but it practically does not differ in its properties from the products of other brands.

Standards and standards

Before choosing and buying material for tinting a car, we should once again recall the norms of domestic GOST, which regulate road safety. According to these rules, the tinted windshield should hold no more than 25% of the light so that the driver can recognize the dangerous situation in time and react to it. For the front side windows, this figure can reach 30%, while for the other windows they are simply not standardized.

Light Capacity Check

Of course, GOST prohibits the use of “mirrored glass”, but the standards for this concept are not clearly defined. If we are talking about tinting headlights, then to successfully pass the inspection you have to order a technical expertise, which proves that the additional coverage does not reduce the efficiency of lighting.