How to open your car without keys

People often lose their keys not only from the house, but also from the car, and there are such situations that you need to immediately open the car, because there are money, important documents or something else important in it.

In such a situation, of course, you can call a specialist and he will open the machine without any problems, but it takes time for the master to wait.

If there is no time to wait and the documents or money that is in the car are urgently needed, you can try to open the car yourself.

How to open your car without a key:

The fastest way is to open the car if you break the glass, but this solution is, of course, not entirely correct and completely uneconomical. Broken glass in the future will have to change, because the car without it can not be for a long time, and the replacement of the glass in the car, as you know, is expensive. But if there is no other way out, then you can apply this method in practice.

The main thing is not to get hurt during this process, so it should be done very carefully. Breaking the glass is not necessarily just a fist, you can take a stone or a heavy stick.

If a person has a car of domestic production, he can try to open it with the help of fishing line and hook. To do this, take about eighty centimeters of solid fishing line, as well as make a small hook and tie it to the end of the fishing line.

Next, this hook along with the line must be inserted directly between the seal and the glass and try to hook, thus, the door lock. As soon as the lock manages to hook the hook, you need to pull the line up and at the same time pull the handle, and the machine should open.

If the trick with a hook and fishing line failed, and the car remained closed, then you should move on to more radical methods. For example, you can open a car door in such a situation with an electric drill. To do this, drill the core of the lock with a drill and after that you can easily open the door of your car.

In fact, it will be safer to seek the help of professionals who can easily open the car and not damage it. Of course, they will have to pay for their services, but they are guaranteed to do their work quickly, and most importantly, with high quality. Thus, you can save your nervous system in perfect order, and also save your time. After all, a person who does not have experience in this business can spend time with the machine for a very long time, and as a result, it will never open.