Electrics for beginners

In modern cars now have a rather complicated circuit of electronics, in turn, it certainly facilitates the whole process of driving and using various options. Initially, the electronics on the car performed the minimum number of tasks, such as starting the engine and maintaining it in working condition. The serviced system of electricity include batteries and power generators. To the initial start and for the subsequent movement of the car is responsible spark distributor (control unit), which is electronic and mechanical, candles, starter, high-voltage ignition coil.


The secondary elements of autoelectrics are the sources of illumination of the car. These include all types of headlights (side lights, lights, turn signals, brake lights). Also to the secondary elements of auto electricians is the sound signal, which plays a significant role in road safety, and all sorts of sensors that monitor the correct operation of the car. In other words, every modern car is maximally “crammed” with complex electronics.

We must not forget that there is nothing forever, the engine can break down in a car, but the electronics can fail much more often.