Do i need to do a ctp if there is a hull insurance

The increasing number of cars on domestic roads from year to year leads to an inevitable increase in car accidents. Various types of insurance are used to resolve disputes over possible types of material damage. One of them is compulsory insurance, and a voluntary type of contract is usually assigned to the second type.

У многих водителей возникает закономерный вопрос о том, if you have a hull insurance оформлять. Ведь смысл обоих документов заключается в получении водителями финансовых компенсаций. Однако, случаи, при которых удастся восстановить автомобиль, отличаются.

Basic concepts of CTP

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, if cars were damaged during a traffic accident, they are entitled to compensation. It is carried out by the insurance company. The amount of payment is determined by the established formulas.

if the driver has a contract hull insurance, is it necessary OSAGO

The conclusion of the contract with the insurance company is a prerequisite for the operation of the vehicle. Car owner after signing the contract OSAGO issued one of the copies.

If a valid document confirming the execution of compulsory insurance is not presented to the car inspector, the car owner will be fined.

Registration of insurance is carried out in the presence of such documents:

  • passport of the vehicle owner;
  • certificate of car registration;
  • driver's license;
  • document confirming the passage of MOT.

The cost of the policy for the car will be similar in all insurance companies. For registration, you can contact both the regional office and insurance agents. A novelty is the use of the Internet for this procedure. Already a large number of drivers decided to draw up contracts in this way in order to save time.

Do I need to do a CTP if there is a hull insurance

Having a car owner OSAGO will allow you to pass the cost of compensation for material damage to insurers in the event that you are the cause of the accident. It will also happen in a situation where the incident occurred due to the fault of the second participant. A company with which he has a contract will provide compensation to you.

The maximum amount of payments under the policy of CTP is legally limited.

Compensation is made for damage received only in an accident. Other cases for compulsory insurance are not taken into account. To protect against other negative factors, you will have to sign another contract, but its cost will differ from the cost of the first document.

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In 2015, the maximum amounts that the insurance company is obligated to compensate to the injured party were revised. For cars with Moscow or St. Petersburg registration, the bar was raised to 400 thousand rubles. For other regions, this rule becomes relevant in 2019.

Do I need to make a CTP policy if there is a CASCO agreement?

Within 20 days, excluding holidays and weekends, after making a claim for reimbursement, The insurance company must consider all the arguments of the parties and make the payment. If the amount is not credited to the account of the injured party, then car owners have the right to demand payment of an additional penalty. The restriction on it is introduced by law and cannot exceed 100% of the original amount.

Hull for motorists

The extended list of situations for which a car owner is financially reimbursed contains a CASCO agreement. In addition to road accidents, accident-free situations fall into the list of insurance claims. For example, a payment will be made when the hijacking is committed.

One of the important differences is that with this type of policy you can get money even if you yourself are the cause of the accident, if you turn on this item during the registration of the contract.

The difference between CASCO and OSAGO is that the first type is a voluntary agreement, and the second type is mandatory for all vehicles.

Поэтому выясняя, Do I need to do a CTP if there is a hull insurance, ответ будет однозначным — да, нужно обязательно.

if you have a hull insurance

The issued document of voluntary insurance provides more benefits, it can compensate the driver for such cases:

  • car theft;
  • evacuation after an accident;
  • damage compensation even without an accident;
  • car repair to the originator of the accident.

The amount of compensation is determined on the basis of the conducted technical examinations. In their implementation, among other qualities of the car, the age of the vehicle is also taken into account.