Poseidon has developed the coolest mercedes e63 amg

The German tuning studio "Poseidon" produced a manually redesigned Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sedan, both technically and exterior. Such research tuning studio always ends with the production of these monsters, looking at the characteristics of which, it is difficult to guess the original production model, so dramatic changes have been made.

Stock sedan E63 AMG the “beast” itself is still the same: an eight-cylinder 5.5-liter gasoline engine with a twin turbine is installed under the hood, which produces 557 "horses" at the peak. Where is even more then? But the restless Germans from Poseidon “pumped” this motor up to 1020 horsepower at a torque of 1400 Nm. It is clear that with such data "pumped" E63 AMG couldn't stay just E63 AMG, he received a new name - Posaidon RS850 +And this is the most powerful sedan, created on the Mercedes platform, known today.

The developers of "Poseidon" at first put new turbines and an intercooler with a much larger diameter onto the engine, added a center differential lock, and, of course, rewrote the firmware of this upgraded engine. It is clear that after increasing the power almost doubled, the standard E63 AMG transmission I could not bear the loads, so the box was also almost completely redone.

To reduce the overall weight of the developers had to get rid of the rear seats, and many of the body parts made of carbon. However, the engine cover Posaidon RS850 + also made of carbon fiber.

After all the transformations carried out, the dynamics of the car improved markedly. Speedometer tricked out седана Posaidon RS850 + shows a mark of one hundred km per hour already 2.8 seconds after the start. The maximum speed that this monster is capable of is 368 km per hour. Stock sedan E63 AMG weave exchanges after 4.2 seconds, i.e. It is slower and a half times as new.

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Poseidon is not the only tuning agency, but E63 AMG not the only car on which the Germans are working, in particular. Just the other day, other German developers, experimenters presented their revised crossover BMW X5M, under the hood of which is installed 750-powerful turbo engine. And others, already Swiss tuners - from an office called Cartech - showed the public officially a station wagon BMW M550d xDrive, pumped up to 457 horses. About the price of such cars can not ask. If one can say about the price tags for stock models - space, then the tuning with their price lists generally leave the Universe.