Windshield washer nozzles: advantages and disadvantages

Automakers strive to maintain maximum visibility from the driver's seat. This helps high-quality windshield cleaning. Several systems are responsible for this process, including the work of the “janitors”, the proper flow of counter-current airflow. The care of improving visibility is assumed by the windshield washer fan nozzles.

This type of hydrotreater is a more advanced technology compared to classic inkjet designs. The driver can independently install the sprayers he likes for his car model.


  • 1 How to choose washers
  • 2 Negative and positive sides when using fan nozzles
  • 3 Check valve operation in the washer system
  • 4 installation process

How to choose washers

The best option is to purchase this design element for a specific car model. The convenience of this option is that it will not be necessary to adjust or shorten / extend something. But you can save and buy a universal fan nozzle windshield washer. They will also work, but there may be some minor problems during the installation phase.

how fan windshield washer nozzles work

If the "station wagons" are made by a well-known manufacturer, the motorist may not feel the difference in quality with the original product. Lifetime and warranty will also be long. The difference will be only in price and brand name.

Concerns such as Ssang Yong, Volvo, Toyota are engaged in the production of universal washers. Of these, the most reasonable price for Korean products. The difference with Scandinavian products comes up to 2 times.

The Japanese company specializes in auto parts premium class. But the Asian manufacturer has one caveat. Order a washer will not pair, and individually. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful during the registration of a remote application for receipt.

Proper replacement of the windshield washer nozzle instead of the standard sprayer implies the presence of additional elements such as tees, wiring hoses and non-return valve.

Negative and positive sides when using fan nozzles

Due to its design, this type of injectors feeds a fine broad jet to the windshield. It is the maximum front passes on a transparent plane. Old jet washers gave out only a directed jet under pressure to a certain place on the windshield.

How do the replacement windshield washer nozzles

Washer comparison

Due to the maximum spraying of the fan nozzle there is an economical flow of fluid from the tank. It also produces a more effective dissolution of dirt with a sprayer.

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Advantages of fan nozzles are:

  • Careful attitude to the wipers brushes and the glass surface, since the movement of rubber on the surface begins in the wetted state, and there is no scratching of the glass and wear of the wipers
  • uniform wetting of the entire surface ensures high-quality removal of dust, dirt, and insects from the glass;
  • economical use of washer fluid;
  • glass transparency is not reduced by possible micro-scratches when rubbed by dry wipers on the surface.

Disadvantages of the system when using fan washers:

  • nozzles can be quickly covered with ice crust at a negative temperature, to avoid this, additional heating systems for the washer zone must be installed;
  • immediately after spraying onto the glass, visibility for the driver is significantly reduced, therefore, they must be applied consciously and with careful monitoring of the traffic situation.

Check valve operation in the washer system

Not all hydroconstructions of glass cleaners have a check valve in their scheme. The presence of such a detail allows the fluid to remain in the hoses without dripping back into the tank. Convenience is that when you turn on the pump, the water supply is carried out without delay and the "wipers" do not scrub dry glass.

how much are universal fan windshield washer nozzles

Check valve

Such a valve has a spring-loaded ball inside. It was he who blocks the passage of the non-freezing back when there is no pressure from the pump in the system. If this element is not set, then it will be necessary to build in the circuit an electronic delay in the start of the “janitors” movement.

You can install the valve on any foreign cars. Both European and Asian details will do. Some brave souls even invented valves from aquarium compressors to be mounted in this circuit.

Assembly process

The algorithm for replacing or installing new washers consists of the following steps:

  • we get rid of the under-hood upholstery, which is attached to the surface with plastic clips;
  • remove the foam insulation layer, which was mounted on a double-sided adhesive tape;
  • disconnecting hydraulic hoses leading to standard sprayers;
  • remove regular sprayers, unscrewing the fasteners from the hood;
  • we install fan nozzles to the hoses of the car wash system;
  • we include in the scheme a check valve and fix it in the engine compartment;
  • we carry out test spraying of an uncommitted device;
  • With the quality of the scheme, we rigidly mount all the elements in their places.
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how to look like the windshield washer fan nozzles

After final installation, it is likely that adjustment of the spray direction will be required. This is carried out with the help of tilts in different directions of both nozzles. A successful result is the maximum possible irrigation area on the surface of the windshield.