Comparison peugeot 408 and citroen c4


Сегодня на нашем автомобильном ринге встречаются два француза — Пежо 408 и Ситроен С4. Оба автомобиля собираются в России, в Калуге, примерно равны по стоимости и рассматривать мы будем sedanы. Кстати, существует мнение, что разработка Citroen C4 началась в одно время с работами на Peugeot 408 и специально для российского рынка.

French cars Peugeot 408 and Citroen C4 - which one is better?

French cars Peugeot 408 and Citroen C4 - which one is better?

Так что же, скрестим шпаги, господа дуэлянты?Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Peugeot 408 и Citroen C4-->

External data

Both of these cars can not be called handsome in full, however, Citroen pays a little more attention to detail. At the same time, Peugeot is slightly larger in size, although the machines are made on one platform, and some imbalance in proportions became noticeable. Maybe that's why Peugeot began to look rustic, well, or if someone likes more, strictly and solidly? Moreover, the abundance of chrome-plated parts, the relief of the lines, the apparent concavity of the shape of the rear window of the Citroen C4 give some nagging to the car.

In the car Citroen C4 thought every detail

In the car Citroen C4 thought every detail

Yes, and inside the Citroen looks more fresh and expensive, but still imperfect. Highlighting scales and instruments, in addition to the standard white color, can become three shades of bright blue. Just those that are called "vyrviglaz." It looks very frightening, so it’s unlikely that you will change the white color to all these possible options, except maybe once you’re just looking and be terrified.

However, with regard to budget - here there is not the slightest hint of it in one that in another car. Everywhere quality materials, soft plastic - nice to touch.

If you evaluate the capacity, both cars can boast of this quality - spacious and comfortable even for tall people - with a convenient location of the passenger in front of the knees to the driver’s seat at least 10 cm. However, the lack of a central armrest makes the ride behind two passengers less comfortable.

Car Peugeot 408 - simple and solid

Car Peugeot 408 - simple and solid

As you know, the French are scrupulous to the smallest detail, and in the Peugeot glove compartment it is quite possible to store a two-liter bottle with cold water - yes there is, in general, a whole organizer with cooling. Next to him on the left is a hook for an umbrella or a bag.

The trunk is quite roomy, but the Peugeot 408 has a bit more: 560 liters versus 440 for the Citroen C4.

Test drive and engine evaluation

The first thing I want to say is that the Peugeot 408 with a 1.6 engine is one of the most affordable diesel-fueled vehicles in Russia in all trim levels. This moment will not leave anyone indifferent, given the price of gasoline, especially in winter, when you need to warm up the engine. But high-quality diesel fuel has become much more affordable. True, you can buy such a car only with 112 horsepower under the hood. And such cars are considered much more noisy.

Test drive car Peugeot 408:

The steering wheels of the Peugeot 408, that of the Citroen C4 have additional finger straps. The main difference is that the Peugeot 408 does not have any buttons on the steering wheel; the steering column switch is made for them. It may seem unimportant to someone, however, at high speeds it is not quite convenient to catch buttons. At Citroen, all the buttons are on the steering wheel. The steering column in both cars is adjustable both in height and in departure. A driver's seat is adjustable only in height. This is a bit uncomfortable.

Test drive car Citroen C4:

The Peugeot dashboard is rather laconic and does not lose its information content, but is still less readable than that of a competitor. Although here at Citroen, too, not everything is perfect - read the speedometer is convenient only thanks to a large digital backup, and nothing more.


Let's go back to the steering wheel - here at the Peugeot 408 the electric power steering, at the Citroen C4 the electric power steering. What is the difference? At low revs the electric power gives the steering wheel softness and it is much more convenient to rotate it. But at high speeds, the steering wheel is needed harder, so that the safety of the driver and passengers was high, as well as for better handling. Informative steering at the same time in both machines is very good, although there is no clear zero. This does not prevent cars to obey the helm and be stable on the road.

High-quality materials and soft plastic - this will please you the interior of the car Citroen C4

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% High-quality materials and soft plastic - this will please you the interior of the car Citroen C4

Both sedans have greater visibility due to large windshields. Side mirrors that one, that the second car is located on the doors. This adds visibility to the driver on the left - do not interfere with the rack. They can also be installed control blind spots.

Ground clearance is about the same - 176 mm for Citroen and 175 mm for Peugeot. This moment is also very good, because it allows you to quietly ride along the road, without fear of picking a “belly” on the curb, although it all depends on the height of the curb. In any case, many cars have much less ground clearance, so there’s nothing to worry about. Outside the city, such a clearance is also quite enough for a quiet ride.

Постольку оба sedanа разрабатывались для российских дорог, то в обоих случаях удалось соблюсти баланс жёсткости и упругости подвески. Попрыгать на кочках и ухабах придётся, но без риска удариться головой о крышу машины. А мелкие ямки что Пежо, что Ситроен проглатывают, не моргнув глазом.

In the cabin Peugeot 408 вы найдёте всё, что необходимо для комфортной поездки

In the cabin Peugeot 408 вы найдёте всё, что необходимо для комфортной поездки

For the cold season, both cars have a plastic flap for the front bumper so that the cars warm up faster. By the way, here you can add that warming the air inside the car depends on the type of engine - the gasoline engine warms up the car a little faster, but thanks to the presence of adjustable ducts for the rear passengers, this problem for diesel Peugeot is quickly solved.

When buying both cars will be bundled "winter package", which varies in composition. For example, at Citroen it will be full heating of a windshield, and at Peugeot only the zone of rest of janitors will be heated with filaments.

Life in motion

Getting under way on a “diesel engine” is a little more difficult than on gasoline. Nevertheless, the engine is a real beast, no worse than its gasoline counterpart, so it's a pleasure to drive such a machine. Accelerates to 100 km / h Citroen is slightly faster than its colleague in the shop - 12.8 seconds versus 13.8 seconds for the Peugeot 408. The fuel consumption per 100 km looks like this - for Citroen it is 9.9 liters in the city and 5.6 liters on the highway. And for Peugeot, this time is 11.3 liters on city streets and 6 liters on country trips with 6 automatic transmissions, and on a diesel engine this data will look like 6.2 liters in city mode and 4.3 liters in a country mode.

Specifications of Citroen C4
Car model:Citroen C4
Producing country:France (assembly Russia, Kaluga)
Body Type:sedan
Number of places:5
Number of doors:4
Engine capacity, cc:1598
Power, l. c./about min .:120/6000, 150/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:180-200
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:12.8 (AKPP)
Type of drive:front
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​9.9; highway 5.6 (4АКПП), 11.3 - city, 6 - highway (6АКПП)
Length, mm:4621
Width, mm:1789
Height, mm:1496
Clearance, mm:176
Tire size:215/55R16, 215/50R17
Curb weight, kg:1340 (4ACPPs), 1390 (6ACPPs)
Full weight, kg:1815 (4ACPPs), 1835 (6ACPPs)
Fuel tank capacity:60

Max speed also impressive - from 180 to 200 km / h - there is something to polish. However, if at high speeds Peugeot behaves confidently, then the owners of Citroen will have to be more careful, especially when overtaking - count your maneuvers with a margin.

Noise insulation — тут пора вспомнить, что и Пежо 408, и Ситроен С4 — машины класса С. Если на автомобилях классом ниже вы обязательно услышите стук камешков по днищу, то в этих sedanах главным источником шума станет двигатель. При высоких скоростях становится слышно подвеску, причём у Ситроена она будет звучать чуть громче. Громче и грубее звучит двигатель у дизельного Пежо на холостых оборотах, при этом по кузову проходит характерная вибрация, это особенно заметно снаружи.

Technical characteristics of Реgeot 408
Car model:Рeugeot 408
Producing country:France (assembly Russia, Kaluga)
Body Type:sedan
Number of places:5
Number of doors:4
Engine capacity, cc:1598, 1560 (diesel)
Power, l. c./about min .:120/6000, 150/6000, 112/3600
Maximum speed, km / h:185, 207, 185 (diesel)
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:13.8 (4АКПП), 9.6 (6АКПП), 11 (diesel)
Type of drive:front
CAT:4AKPP, 6AKPP, 5MKPP (diesel)
Fuel type:AI-95 gasoline, diesel fuel
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10.1; highway 5.6 (4АКПП), 11.6 - city, 6.3 - highway (6АКПП), 6.2 - city, 4.3 - highway (5МКПП)
Length, mm:4703
Width, mm:1815
Height, mm:1505
Clearance, mm:175
Tire size:215/55R16
Curb weight, kg:1400
Full weight, kg:1800
Fuel tank capacity:60

So what choice to make - Peugeot 408 or Citroen C4? On the whole, Peugeot's merchantability is higher than its fellow, especially due to the appearance of a diesel engine, but Citroen fans are more than enough. So rivals can, without losing each other, disperse to the corners of the ring. Someone more like the look of a Citroen, and more practical people will love the Peugeot 408 due to the increased trunk. And because of the close engine power, the cost of service and insurance will be about the same. Of course, the owners of a diesel engine will have to rely at their own peril when refueling the tank, because there is a risk of getting onto the summer diesel when refueling in the winter, but now this is better - our gas stations are increasingly selling high-quality fuel. In addition, the Peugeot is much smarter than its competitor due to the greater torque.

And since both cars are adapted to Russian roads, each of them has its own niche in our market. The choice is yours!