Tuning ford sierra do necessary

Cars Ford Sierra released in 1982. And in 1993 they were discontinued. During its existence, this car has been repeatedly upgraded. Therefore, we can talk about the reliability of this model Ford. For the car to go on par with modern models, tuning is required for the Ford Sierra.

Ford Sierra tuning photo

Body tuning Ford Sierra

Everything is simple and clear. Regardless of the type of car body, Ford Sierra tuning involves the installation of skirts. You can also purchase lining, wing and other styling pieces for your car.

Youth, sports and individual car will make drawings and airbrushing. Of course, the appearance of this brand of American car will help to change the new wheels. Choose alloy wheels, and if you make the backlight for them, it will give the car a greater effect.

Ford Sierra tuning

You can also work on the headlights Ford Sierra, tuning their own hands this part of the car does not take much time. Here, fantasy is where to roam: the illumination can be made more powerful, with halogen or xenon lamps, etc.

Tuning salon Ford Sierra

There are no special tricks for tuning the cabin, it is still as simple on Ford as it was during tuning of the VAZ 2109. You can replace the trim and choose skin material. It always looks expensive and spectacular, but also costs accordingly. It is also necessary to make noise insulation cabin. This will help to achieve the best sound in the cabin and eliminate the noise from the street. Ford Sierra tuning (photo) also includes the installation of a powerful speaker system and speakers.

Ford Sierra tuning салона

Now you can go to tuning steering. Here you can choose the most suitable option. You can buy a pad for the factory-installed steering wheel or purchase a new sport-type steering wheel with various additional elements (backlight lamps and others). Ford Sierra interior tuning will help give the car a personality and sporting enthusiasm. It all depends on the wishes of the owner.

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Tuning engine Ford Sierra

For the sports version of the auto tuning engine Ford Sierra is as follows. It is necessary to modify the cylinder heads, as well as work on the expansion of the intake and exhaust valves and install the camshaft. To perform the functions of a sports car, the native carburetor will not work.

We will have to install a new one that can satisfy all modern requirements. As you can see, you have to refine almost all the engine parts to achieve the required power.

engine tuning ford sierra

For better engine cooling, you must install new fans and a radiator. Also worth doing in the Ford Sierra wagon brake tuning system so that the rear and front brakes work separately from each other.

If it is just necessary to make the car more powerful without a bias to its sportiness, then you can replace the native engine with the engine from Scorpio (injector) or Granada. Of course, the injection engine will be more interesting in terms of increasing power, since it can work on the injection and control unit and earn more horsepower for the car.

Ford Sierra tuning their own hands

It should be understood that this car has all the details rather outdated, since the last year of production of the car is 1993. Since then, many things have been created to make the car more powerful, fast, reliable and comfortable. Therefore, almost every part needs some work and attention. And here, besides the engine itself, there is a wide field for action.

Particular attention should be paid to the suspension, as it is a really weak point in the Ford Sierra. It is necessary to replace the native stand with a stronger, new stand, and springs with more rigid counterparts.

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Even with the usual (unsportsmanlike) tuning, the brake system will also have to be improved. Otherwise, it may not be able to withstand the higher power of the new tuned engine. Rear brakes should be disc. It would be better if the brake discs will be of a larger diameter.

Summing up, we can say that tuning the Ford Sierra (video below) is quite a fascinating thing, as there is a place where to roam and the result is simply excellent.