New generation lexus rx will arrive at our car market in

Новая генерация Lexus RX прибудет на наш авторынок в 2016 году

The Japanese are going to ship the replaced next generation Lexus RX your Russian car dealers. No detailed information yet, but we know for sure that this year we will not see premium all-terrain Lexus, but after the new year, completely. Japanese developers are very much put on new generation lexus rx, they say that this will be a fundamentally new crossover both in its car styling and in technological and technical equipment. Extremely modified, upgraded engines promise greater power and speed. Especially for the Russian market, Lexus will be equipped with two-liter high-performance engines, turbocharged. For some reason, the Japanese are sure that it is the two-liter turbo engines that will appeal to the Russian car enthusiast.

Новая генерация Lexus RX прибудет на наш авторынок в 2016 году Lexus Europe executives reported that new generation lexus rx - This is a big step forward compared to the models of the past generation. Drivers will receive not only moral, but also literally physical pleasure from driving. new lexus rx- something like the symbolic message of the Japanese. Crossovers of the past generation were positioned primarily in terms of comfort, but now the emphasis is on driving comfort. Новая генерация Lexus RX прибудет на наш авторынок в 2016 году The conceptual model Lexus RX of the new generation was officially presented to the mass audience in April this year at the New York showroom. And just the other day, as part of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the serial model intended for the European car market was already demonstrated. How much will the new generation Lexus RX? Price of the new Lexus RX will be from 2,372 to 3,690 thousand rubles at the current rate. But this is the price without car dealers.

Modifications of the new Lexus RXFocused on the European buyer, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are available. In the engine line there are 2.7-and 3.5-liter gasoline engines, "pumping", respectively, 188 and 277 horsepower. Transmission - automatic. In addition to gasoline engines, the lineup includes a 3.5-liter hybrid working with a CVT. Новая генерация Lexus RX прибудет на наш авторынок в 2016 году Crossovers of the previous generation Lexus RX are sold today with discounts. Until early October, they range from 150 to 520 thousand rubles. Lexus RX 2015 Anyone can purchase in the range from 2 115 to 3 470 kilorubles.

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