Under the hood of the russian hawaila will install new

Под капоты российским Хавейлам будут устанавливать новые моторы Russian representation Havalcompany Haval Motor Rus, it is going to expand the complete set of crossovers and SUVs of this Chinese auto brand in the near future due to the installation of new engines. Now all the preparatory work is going on, and producing Hawale with new “hearts” will begin in the future, 2017. One of these new car "hearts" will be a 245-powerful three-liter diesel unit. Its torque is 620 Nm. This diesel will be installed on Javele H9. The company's management believes that it is precisely the diesel engines of their SUV models that hides a large market environment. The point is sales statistics. Turns on diesel cars Hawale a queue is lined up at Russian dealerships, and gasoline stands idle while waiting for their buyer. Due to this circumstance, the most predictable next step is flooding the Russian car market only diesel havailamiHowever, the management of the auto brand does not think so. The Chinese are still going to expand the petrol engine range for their Hawal SUVs. “Demand is demand,” say wise Chinese, “however, if we collect only diesel cars for Russian motorists, Russians will not feel all the features of our auto brand.”

That is why in 2017 we will have SUVs Haval Н9 with a 330-horsepower three-liter petrol unit. This engine is notable for its excellent appetite, which in itself cools the love fervor of Russian fans of Chinese SUVs. But there is one more unpleasant thing, besides fuel consumption: such powerful engines fall under high excise, and the car itself, respectively, adds significantly to the price. Под капоты российским Хавейлам будут устанавливать новые моторы But this does not stop the Chinese. They pondered for a long time, but nevertheless decided to collect powerful gasoline modifications little by little in Russia. The Chinese want to present the full showcase of their brand to Russians, with all versions and assemblies, so that we can choose the car that will satisfy all our needs. The Chinese understand that they will not make much revenue on such cars, but the entire model range will still be presented.

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Today Chinese Hawaila in our market (there are only four models so far), there are only three engines under the hood. This is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a turbine for a hundred and fifty horses (this engine is equipped with H2 and H6), of the same power, but a two-liter diesel engine (it is put only on the H6) and a 218-horsepower turbocharged two-liter gasoline engine installed on Havelach H8 and H9.