Why the engine stalls on the move or after starting

In the proposed article we will try to consider the problem of poor engine start as thoroughly as possible, answer the question of why the car stalls on the go or at idle. Also we will tell about the best solutions for existing faults.


  • 1 Reasons for stopping the engine at idle
  • 2 Reasons to stop the engine on the go
  • 3 Why the engine stalls after starting

Reasons for stopping the engine at idle

  • The most common cause is a faulty idle sensor. Stable operation of the engine at idle is largely dependent on it. Check its health is quite simple. If the car does not start while cranking the starter, it is necessary to work with the gas pedal, after which the engine should turn on. The regulator is also damaged by floating turns at idle. In this situation, it is necessary to replace the sensor, which is easiest to do on cars of domestic production.
  • Also, the problem may be a faulty throttle. To prevent damage, simply perform a high-quality cleaning of this element.
  • If after the actions that were taken, the problem still persists, then, most likely, stopping the engine is caused by a faulty throttle position sensor (TPS). It should also be replaced. This procedure can be done independently.
why the car stalls at idle

Throttle location

Reasons to stop the engine on the go

There are situations when the motor suddenly stalls while driving. Why when driving a car stalls:

  1. The car runs on low quality fuel. This is usually the very first thought that comes to the driver after stopping the engine. You can be completely sure of the correctness of the diagnosis only in case of shutdown of the motor immediately after refueling. To eliminate the problem, you need to drain the fuel and put a new fuel filter.
  2. Bad candles. It is a very common reason. In such a situation, unscrew the spark plugs, inspect them, check the condition and decide on the need for replacement.
  3. Problems with the fuel filter. A clogged filter can cause fuel interruptions. While driving, you press the gas pedal and the engine will stop working. The solution to the problem is through the replacement of the fuel filter.
  4. Contaminated air filter. If this element is heavily clogged, the air will flow poorly, which will lead to the re-enrichment of the fuel-air mixture and the candles will flood. Also, due to lack of air, the motor will “choke”. The power of the car will drop significantly, the combustion of the mixture in the cylinders will become impossible and the engine will stall. In this situation it will be necessary to replace the air filter.
  5. Problems with the fuel pump. If the fuel pump malfunctions, the engine may not start at all or stall when driving. You should carefully check the fuel pump, replace it, or perform an inexpensive repair.
  6. Bad battery. Strong terminal oxidation and poor contact cause the motor to stop. You need to check the terminals and clean them well from unnecessary formations. If this does not help, you will have to completely replace the battery.
  7. Problems with the generator. If the engine stalled on the go and does not start, then most likely a malfunction in this device. A broken generator does not create the desired charge, with the result that the entire electrical network of the car is powered only by a battery, which alone cannot work for a long time. The driver continues to use the car, unaware that only the battery is used. As a result, the battery is completely discharged. This situation is solved by repairing the generator and charging the battery.
  8. Faulty sensor and electronics. Most often found in expensive cars with a rich bundle. In this case, it is best to turn to real specialists and professionals of your business, since an independent solution of the problem can lead to a meaningless waste of money and time.
why often the engine stalls after starting

Type of spark plugs pi different operation

Why the engine stalls after starting

  • Sometimes it happens that the engine initially works correctly, however, after a while it stalls again. Prolonged claps in the carburetor, which occur at startup, indicate a lack of fuel supplied directly to the carburetor chamber. In such a situation, it is required to check the condition of the fuel pump and eliminate the detected cause of malfunctions. If the fuel pump is working correctly, then you should see how well the carburetor air valve is installed.
  • Incorrectly configured carburetor damper actuator will increase the amount of fuel supplied. The engine will stall as the fuel mixture will be too enriched.
  • One of the causes of the malfunction is the rising fuel level inside the float chamber. Violations of the fuel level control system, severe damage to the floats, regular bumping of the walls of the inner chamber with the float, or special mechanical impurities under the needle valves can cause problems. As a result of these breakdowns, fuel consumption increases significantly. In this situation, it is best to go to a specialized automobile workshop, since it is there that they will be able to carry out the correct repair of the carburetor.
why does the gasoline engine stall after starting

Carburetor adjustment

Shutting down the engine immediately after starting to travel may be the result of a clogged air filter. It must be replaced as soon as possible.

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