Medvedev signed an amendment to the sda

Медведев подписал поправки в ПДД Today a government decree was signed in government offices to introduce some changes to the current traffic rules. Dmitry Medvedev put his permission resolution, and now, as the Ministry of Transport is sure, and this department is the initiator of these amendments, the situation on Russian roads will definitely change for the better. What kind of amendments? Firstly, new traffic signs were approved, new marking of pedestrian crossings, traffic lights will be improved according to new requirements. At our intersections, traffic lights will appear with sections that have a built-in red signal (or a red signal loop). This innovation is designed to improve the visibility of additional traffic light sections. The contour will clearly show drivers the prohibition of movement in the direction controlled by this section.

Медведев подписал поправки в ПДД

Will appear diagonal pedestrian crossings. They were tested shortly before on the streets of the capital and even then caused complaints from the Russian Union of Pedestrians. Representatives of this movement are confident that such an intersection of the intersection will add danger to pedestrians, since after passing half the way, the pedestrian becomes his back to the cars and will not be able to notice in time whether his vehicle is passing. However, in spite of the logic of the Union of Pedestrians, this amendment was approved.

On the roads with multi-lane traffic there will appear the so-called security islands, it will be a specially marked part of the dividing line, with which the pedestrian "zebra" intersects.

The parking zone will now be separated by the entire layout, and not like today - for each parking space. Will be introduced signposts for resident parking, правда, размер штрафа для нарушителей нигде не прописан. Will appear таблички, которые укажут возможность парковаться под углом к дороге.

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Медведев подписал поправки в ПДД The snow melted everywhere and soon there will be a headache for drivers on the roads - cyclists. For them, too, significant changes have been made to the traffic regulations. First, two wheeled vehicle drivers, which on the road are legally cyclists, pedaling, allowed to travel along lanes of route vehicles. Second, there will be new signs 5.14.2 "Bike lane"The need to enter this sign is dictated by the contradiction of the sign 4.4.1"Cycle path or lane for cyclists"because it means at the same time a cycle path and a lane for the movement of bicycle drivers, although these two terms, by definition, give the right to carry out traffic in a different mode.