Tuning renault logan can be done not very expensive

Renault Logan is considered one of the most popular cars in Russia, it can very often be seen on the streets of city roads, all thanks to a fairly low price and European quality. In order to somehow differ from all these hundreds of thousands of standard Logans, you need to do tuning Renault Logan and now we will figure out how to do it and how much this case will cost.

To make the car special you can use several tuning options - there are factory options or tuning yourself, if you choose the second option, it is important to understand this business, or to find professionals, but you have to pay for their services.

Tuning Renault Logan

Renault Logan manufacturers decided not to share the possible income with a tuning studio, so they themselves present some interesting tuning options, and provide a guarantee for their work. Tuning Renault Loganov is engaged in the division Renault-Sport, they create more powerful hatchbacks that behave perfectly on the road, and look especially.

But major changes in technical terms did not happen, as representatives of dealerships say, you can set various useful options, such as parking sensors, powerful audio systems, alarm systems, tinting and airbrushing. In a third-party company, you can order a drawing, agree with the Renault Logan factory to make a guarantee for the paintwork.

External tuning

If you study the Russian tuning studio, then there are no such ateliers that specialize in tuning Renault Logan. But despite this, for those who decide to improve their Logan, you can contact any tuning studio, they will not refuse, there are many different suitable options for improving the car, both external and internal.

Resident Reno Logan

The most famous and popular is the external tuning Renault LoganIt is suitable for those who do not have to make an unrealistically powerful and fast sports car out of the car. This type of tuning will make the car more attractive and different from the mass of other Logans. In most cases, the owners of Renault Loganov order simple and cheap parts, such as lining-spoilers, cilia on the headlights, because the car itself is not expensive, so tuning should not cost much money.

Very many parts for tuning are produced in Russia, so they are always available, and their prices are quite reasonable. But parts from Europe are not particularly in demand, because we have to wait about 2 weeks while they are being delivered from Europe.

Tuning for those who have a budget of 10 000 rubles

The quickest way to make the car more attractive is to simply put in new original wheels, they can be alloy or cast. In many stores, you can completely put your car in new wheels for 8,000 rubles, and today there is a huge selection of different designs.

Renault Logan wheels

As a rule, all the discs are already in stock, so you don’t have to wait for a long time until they are delivered;

Xenon installation

To buy xenon and install it on Renault Logan will have to pay about 7,000 rubles, which is quite acceptable. By the time such work takes little time, xenon is mainly presented in several versions by several manufacturers.


External improvements

Чтобы передок машины выглядел особенно – можно поставить на фары true, комплект которых стоит не более 1400 рублей. Также можно установить другие фары, которые в народе называются «ангельские глазки», они такие же, как на других автомобилях Рено. Их можно приобрести за 3000 рублей.

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Be sure to install new taillights, they can be with chrome rims, black and even LED. A set of taillights will cost 5-9 thousand rubles. To make the car look even cooler, you can set the fog, such as Prosport, at an approximate price of 3000 rubles.

To make the car even more unique, you need to install a special grille, for example, chrome grilles look good, their prices are fairly affordable - 3-4,5 thousand rubles.

Vetroviki Reno Logan

Also interesting are the visor on Logan, they are inexpensive - 1000-2000 rubles, but they have a lot of benefits, and in the same spirit - a deflector on the hood, which will cost 1500-1700 rubles. This does not give much improvement for the car, but at least the car will look original.

No serious tuning can do without installing a spoiler; there are many suitable spoiler options for Renault Logan on the market or in stores. The price of a spoiler for Renault Logan ranges from 3-4 thousand rubles.

tuning renault logan 2014

Next, you can install new body kits, which are already exactly able to attract the attention of others, this includes the original bumper, sills. Prices on body kits are different, but if taken separately, the MSRacing bumper will cost 13500 (for the front and rear together). As for the thresholds, they will cost about 3,000 rubles.

Tuning for those who have a budget of 50 000 rubles

If the budget allows, then it makes sense to Renault Logan to put bi-xenon headlights, along with the installation of this luxury will cost about 20 thousand rubles.

You can also choose more expensive body kits, for example, up to 50,000 rubles, you can take the Galant kit, which includes moldings, side skirts, bumpers, fog lights, a spoiler and muffler tips. This kit will cost 13,000 rubles, it is possible to buy parts from this kit separately. And if these details are repainted in the body color of the car, then you will have to pay another 7,000 rubles.

It is better to order all these bumpers in Togliatti than to buy them in the capital, for example, because prices in Togliatti will be much lower. There are interesting body kits for the Renault Logan brand DM, the prices for each bumper are approximately 16,000 rubles. Also, some kits include spoilers and cilia. If you order in Tolyatti, you must take into account the time of production and delivery, which will be approximately 1-2 weeks.

body kits Renault Logan

Also for those who want to get the original look and high quality of installed tuned parts, it makes sense to choose more expensive body kits, for example, in large cities there are such studios that offer kits with body kits at a price of 42 thousand rubles.

It often happens that such expensive parts will be manufactured within 3 weeks. Also, among the expensive sets for the Renault Logan there are German body kits from the Mattig company, the price of such a whale will be about 40,000 rubles, and you will also have to wait about 2 months.

For those who have a budget of 100 000 rubles

Особо дорогих вариантов для тюнинга Рено Логан пока не найдено, но если закупить все детали, о которых мы выше говорили, то получится примерно 100000 рублей. И это все речь шла только про внешний tuning Renault Logan.

Interior tuning

Difficult to do professional tuning cabin Renault Logan. If you really seriously approach the issue, then the price of such tuning will be about half the cost of a standard Logan, and this is not entirely reasonable. But still, you can remake the interior even with a small budget, for example, if you put another audio system, put beautiful covers, alter the steering wheel, then all this will not be very expensive.

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With a budget of 10 000 rubles You can install a more powerful audio system, especially if the staff does not like. The subwoofer will cost about 10,000 rubles, the new speakers - 6,000, and the rear speaker shelf - 2,000 rubles. As for the multimedia system, prices here can be completely different, there is no limit, there are systems that are more expensive than cars.

As a rule, all the acoustics and various elements are already available, unless it takes about a week to install these systems, if you give the car to a service center to install.

Reno Logan

The covers with the name of the model on the thresholds look original, depending on the design, they can cost about 2,700 rubles. And for those who are not used to the fact that there is no on-board computer in the car, there is good news - it can be installed at 6000 rubles. Also, to make the car more modern, you can install heated seats, this topic is particularly relevant for those who travel a lot by car in the winter. For 3000 rubles it will be possible to solve this issue.

Further, in order to know exactly how much fuel is left in the tank, you can install a fuel pressure regulator with a pressure gauge, for example, such a regulator from Prosport will cost 3,000 rubles. In general, this regulator is needed in order to increase the power of the motor, pumping more fuel into the cylinders. But this is true for really powerful engines. For Renault Logan, this pressure regulator is purely for beauty.

fuel pressure control

For those who will allocate 100,000 rubles for body tuning

The most expensive work on the interior trim is remaking the cabin. It all depends on the quality of the materials used and the number of parts that need to be altered. If you take the interlacing of the front and rear seats, door inserts and head restraints, the issue price will be about 70,000 rubles, if you take the major cities of Russia, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you do a complete overhaul, the price may increase significantly.

Tuning engine and other elements

Renault Logan is so popular in Russia that even the Renault Logan Cup is held, in which a considerable number of motorists participate. At the same time, racers who ride Logans in most cases do not tune the engine, although it can be done.

При ограниченном бюджете в 10000 рублей можно сделать чип-tuning Renault Loganа. У чип-тюнинга есть несколько плюсов – увеличивается мощность мотора, крутящий момент и уменьшается расход топлива.

Чип-tuning Renault Loganа - this is a very popular service in a tuning studio, because its cost is quite low, and the engine efficiency is high and there are no flaws. In most cases, there are orders for this service for diesel Logans.

To make the car look more sporty, you can install special springs that make the ground clearance less. For example, a set of springs from Weitec will cost about 6,500 rubles. These springs increase the stiffness of the suspension, thereby improving the car's handling, reduced rolls.


In order to increase the rigidity of the car body and improve handling, you should also install stretching racks, which can be adjusted. If you take the option of such a part from Sandtler, then it will cost 3-4 thousand rubles.

Doing technical tuning Renault Logan, install oil separators that prevent oil from entering the cylinders. They are produced by Prosport, the price will be about 2000 rubles. And for those who want the engine to look beautiful, you can buy a metal sheath for motor hoses. From the company Prosport there are interesting options for 2300 rubles. You can also use silicone adapters and hoses of various shapes and colors. Prices for them do not exceed 2000 rubles.

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With a budget of 50,000 rubles You can install an additional radiator for oil, its price together with the repair kit will be about 11,000 rubles. But it is necessary to install it only for the pumped motors of Logan, whose power is already high enough, that the standard radiator does not cool the motor badly.

Oil catcher Renault Logan

With a budget of 100,000 rubles You can more significantly pump the engine Renault Logan. Get a powerful and fast car that easily at the traffic lights will make the standard Renault Logan.

Options for finished tuning Renault Logan

In order to decide on what tuning suits you best, now let's see the ready-made tuning options for Renault Logan.

Body kits from the company DM-kit

This example shows how for enough little money you can make the car look different. This is a great option for those who do not want to waste time on creating individual skirts, and there is no desire to spend big money on tuning.

Chip Tuning Renault Logan

In this case, all elements from DM were installed:

  • front bumper for 6000 rubles;
  • rear bumper for 5000 rubles;
  • thresholds for 2000 rubles;
  • spoiler for 2500 rubles;
  • mask for 1 000 rubles;
  • cilia for 500 rubles;
  • pad on the hood for 1 700 rubles.

The total cost was 18 700 rubles, but if you order the whole set, the price will be 16000 rubles.

Tuning Renault Logan do it yourself

As the owner of this car says, he tuned the car for himself, did tuning with the soul. True, all the work took about 2 years, and spent on tuning about 200 thousand rubles. Such tuning turned out to be unprofitable, but any serious tuning flies a pretty penny.

Renault Logan tuning photo

Motor improved with the company AGA Racing, which is seriously engaged in the finalization of the motors. In this tuning car made:

Engine with a volume of 1.4 liters:

  • installed camshaft from the "Dynamic Design Bureau";
  • 52 mm throttle;
  • “Brain” - Abit Corvette 10.3.M;
  • a zero-resistance Greddy Trust ay-mb filter is installed at the inlet;
  • on release there is a Simons resonator;
  • exhaust system - HKS HiPower.

Доработка подвески: укорочены стандартные springs для уменьшения клиренса.


  • installed alloy wheels DHS R17;
  • резина - Bridgestone bi500 215/40.

tuning Renault Logan do it yourself


  • special body kits ordered in Romania;
  • крышка багажника заварярена;
  • antenna removed from the roof;
  • installed functional cutouts on the hood and cilia on the headlights;
  • applied black acrylic on the hood, roof and trunk;
  • installed Street storm optics and xenon MTF 5000k.


  • installed UNP sports systems;
  • original hauling salon skin and cloth;
  • podiums installed for acoustics;
  • Momo sports steering wheel installed;
  • gear knob from Prosport;
  • The drawstring was shortened.

Tuning Renault Logan 2014


  • improved insulation;
  • front speaker Phase Evolution 16.5;
  • panel from Pioneer;
  • DLS amplifiers;
  • installed subwoofer from 10 'Hertz.

In the amount of money was spent - 200 000 rubles. About 50,000 rubles were spent on finalizing the engine, the salon and multimedia system took 50,000 rubles, and the appearance cost 100,000 rubles.

And then the options for tuning Renault Logan video: