Rating of the most bought vaz


There is an opinion that instead of a used foreign car, it is better to purchase a brand new car from a domestic manufacturer. Today, the VAZ family has several interesting models that we present to your attention. To find out which VAZ is better, we will make a list and consider each model individually. All the models that will be described today are produced by one and only one manufacturer - AvtoVAZ OJSC.

Emblem AvtoVAZ

Emblem AvtoVAZ

The most popular Lada models:

  1. Priora;
  2. Viburnum;
  3. Samara;
  4. Grant;
  5. Largus

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Lada Priora

Автомобиль Lada Priora

Автомобиль Lada Priora

Lada Priora седан появилась в продаже с апреля 2007 года, почти через год у автолюбителей появилась возможность приобрести эту модель с кузовом хэтчбек. В том же 2008 году в Краснодарском автосалоне была показана версия Лада Приора универсал и уже в 2009 году она поступила в продажу. Совсем небольшое количество таких автомобилей АвтоВАЗ выпустил в версии купе (трехдверный хэтчбек). Лада Приора стала настолько быстро занимать лидирующие позиции по продажам, что к 2012 году вытеснила на задний план — Лада 110. Производители понимали, что эта марка автомобиля пользуется успехом, поэтому дабы оставаться конкурентоспособными работали над улучшением Приоры. В 2011 году в продажу стали поступать модели с небольшим рестайлингом:

  • Were replaced by a bumper;
  • Replaced mirrors;
  • The other was the steering wheel.

The next changes were received by the car in September 2013, thanks to which it became even more comfortable, safer, more beautiful in appearance. I was very pleased with the improved noise insulation, the car seats became more comfortable, the head optics received daytime running lights, an option was added to the course stability system.

LADA Kalina

Car LADA Kalina

Car LADA Kalina

According to the majority of motorists, the best VAZ is LADA Kalina, it’s not for nothing that this model was recognized as the “Best Car for Operation in the Regions” and received the “Golden Pegasus” from Zaul'em. The nomination was attended by 38 brand new models of domestic manufacturers that were already on sale. Voting took 3 months, the cars were judged by the following criteria:

  • Equipment;
  • Design;
  • Practicality.

The winner, according to motorists, was precisely this model, because it is:

  1. Practical;
  2. Attractive in appearance;
  3. Acceptable price category;
  4. It has excellent permeability;
  5. Spacious.

Since the summer of 2013, the new LADA Kalina is being sold in the automotive market. To date, this is the most popular car in the domestic showrooms, which has about two dozen different configurations.

Lada Samara

Video review of the car Lada Samara:

Lada Samara is the most famous Soviet passenger car belonging to the small class. Begins its existence from the distant 1984, and the latest model 2114 left the assembly line of AvtoVAZ in December 2013. The cars of this series, sold in the domestic market, originally had the name “Sputnik”, and the “Lada Samara” was applied only to export vehicles. It was the most modern cars developed technically, therefore, enjoyed great popularity abroad.

Time does not stand still and the manufacturer of famous cars boldly keeps pace with him, so from 1991-1993 there were significant changes in this "family". To stay in good positions this was not enough, so more and more restyled models came into the market, beautiful and, as it was thought at that time, very comfortable.

LADA Grant

Автомобиль LADA Grant

Автомобиль LADA Grant

To find out which car VAZ is better, you should meet with another representative of the domestic manufacturer - Lada Grant. This budget front wheel drive sedan Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru produce at the Volga Automobile Plant since 2011. The model donor was the well-known - Lada Kalina. In terms of dimensions, the novelty is a representative of the C-class, therefore, it was able to oust the Samara family from the market and replace the Lada Kalina sedan.

Designers had to perform a difficult task, to develop a budget version car with an attractive appearance and having advantages over their progenitor Kalina. As a result, the rear and front part of the "viburnum" has changed, which made the new "Grant" a little longer and longer. There was an original form of lighting, a suite equipped with fog lights. The style of “Grants” is rather ordinary without any innovations; some people think that the back end is very similar to the Romanian-French Logan

Lada Largus

Car Lada Largus

Car Lada Largus

A passenger car with a good cross, is perfect for travel and entertainment, trips with the whole family to the country.

Today there are three versions on sale:

  • passenger R90 station wagon (in 5- and 7 - local version);
  • wagon increased capacity;
  • cargo van F90.

Very pleased with the capacity of the machine, since it can carry not only small, but medium-sized cargo. This representative of “Lada” appeared as a result of a joint project of AvtoVAZ and Renault-Nissan. The serial production of this modification was imposed in April 2012, although the first Largus car was released in 2011 for factory testing.


A good car should first of all be endowed with:

  1. Prestigious appearance;
  2. Have a good cross;
  3. To be not only roomy, but also comfortable;
  4. Meet the criteria of quality + price.

In our opinion, the best car VAZ is Kalina FL (2192, 2194) and Lada Grant (2190), because, unlike previous models like Kalina, Samara, Priora, they have the following advantages:

  • Due to the fact that more heat has been removed from the radiator of the heater, the heating in the cabin has improved;
  • The temperature of the engine is subjected to more precise regulation;
  • Improved vehicle dynamics;
  • More economical fuel consumption.

To choose, of course, you dear motorists, if you have something to supplement our text, we will be glad to receive your comments.