Toyota rav4 vs. nissan qashqai - may the strongest win


Relatively recently, the Nissan Qashqai + 2, which appeared on the domestic market, is not so easy and the opponent was chosen. Seven-seater car. And other cars of this class (with the same number of seats) and sizes are much larger and at a price significantly higher. Already the battle is not equal.

Car Nissan Qashqai and its worthy rival - Toyota RAV4

Car Nissan Qashqai and its worthy rival - Toyota RAV4

Therefore, a car was selected with similar technical characteristics, including dimensions and cost, but a five-seater. So, meet, in the left corner of the ring - Toyota RAV4. Today we find out who is better - Nissan Qashqai or Toyota Rav4. And let the best man win!

Details about rivals

Let's look at our fighters in more detail. On the one hand, stands the Toyota RAV4 2.0i 4hWD in the Cross Sport package, worth $ 32,500, and on the other, the Nissan Qashqai + 2 2.0 dCi All-Mode in the expensive Tekna Pack for $ 331,140.

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Toyota RAV4 и Nissan Qashqai-->Чтобы вместить ещё пару сидений в платформу пятиместного Кашкай, производителю пришлось удлинить колесную базу на 13,5 см, а также свес сзади на 7,5 см. Остальное в принципе без изменений. Теперь автомобиль может считаться полноправным кроссовером, а не хэтчбеком-переростком, каким являлся пятиместный Nissan Qashqai.


Toyota is not our top of the range, but that does not mean that in the poor. The equipment of such a "minimum salary" is the following: stabilization and anti-blocking systems, force limiters and pretensioners for safety belts, Isofix special fastening under the child seat and seven air-races already. Who can say that Toyota does not think about safety?

Model:Toyota RAV4 2.0i 4WDNissan Qashqai+2 2.0 dCi All-Mode
Start of production:January 2013January 2010
End of production:in productionin production
Body:5 doors SUV5 doors crossover
Brand of fuel:gasoline AI-95diesel fuel
Engine capacity, cubic cm.:19871994
Power, l. with.:146150
Achieved at about. in min .:62004000
Torque, Nm / rev. in min .:187/3600320/2000
Maximum speed, km / h:180192
Acceleration time to 100 km / h, sec .:10,710,5
Diameter of the cylinder, mm:80,584
Piston stroke, mm:97,690
Compression ratio:1015,6
Fuel consumption
Mixed cycle l per 100 km:86,8
In the city of l per 100 km:108,8
Out of town per 100 km:6,45,7
Drive unit
Type of drive:fullfull
Number of steps:66
Front:disc вентилируемыеdisc вентилируемые
Length, mm:45704541
Width, mm:18451783
Height, mm:16701646
Wheelbase, mm:26602765
Wheel track front, mm:15701540
Wheel track rear, mm:15701545
Number of seats:57
Tire size:225 / 65.17215/60R17
Curb weight, kg:16101555
Trunk volume, l:506550
Volume of fuel tank, l:6065
Turning diameter, m:10,611
Corrosion warranty, years:1212

All of the above has also the base Nissan, with the exception of the driver’s foot-operated airbag, there are six of them for a minimum configuration. So far, we have touched only the equipment related to security, but this is not all, as you understand. And what else did the manufacturer provide for their offspring? We will consider further, continuing the comparison of the Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Rav4.

Interior, internal volumes

As already mentioned, the Qashqai is not our basic version, therefore, leather interior. Rafa has fabric on the seats, but heated them better than the competitor. It is felt even now, in early spring, what to speak about the winter season. Again, the shape of the seats themselves more comfortable in Toyota. Even with a sharp reversal of them do not slip, as from leather Qashkaev.

For ergonomics there are no complaints in either one or the other cars. Everything is at hand, modern and quality executed. Toyota has better instrument illumination than its rival. The instruments themselves are optitronic, arranged more closely, which facilitates their readability.

In the cabin of the car Toyota RAV4

Climate control is “smarter” in Raf, the distribution of air flows is optimal in all directions. But the control buttons climate control requires getting used to both.

The average row of seats Nissan cramped for three. Salon Rav4 wider - enough space behind three. Yes, and the tunnel in the center of the floor is barely noticeable, the legs do not interfere, which can not be said about Qashqai.

If the Qashqai rear seats are not folded flush with the floor, then its trunk becomes quite small, about 125 liters of volume. And when folded, the luggage space is 550 l. Here Toyota is behind, its volume is 506 liters.

In the cabin of the car Nissan Qashqai

Well, if you want to download very much colossal dimensions of the cargo, whether it is a Nissan Qashqai or Toyota Rav4 - this possibility is provided. Folding the back row of seats in Rafiq or the average in Qashqai, we get 1470 and 1520 liters of volume, respectively. As you can see, here too Toyota lost a bit.

It should also be noted that two additional seats Nissan provide for the growth of passengers not more than 1.6 m, the ceiling does not allow higher. There are seat belts, armrests, and headrests that are adjustable.


As for appearance, the Qashqai + 2 looks the same as the five-seater predecessor. In fact, the mass changes. The windows on the front doors became more rectangular, the rear - longer. The rear doors made wider.

The manufacturer raised the roof a bit, and lowered the loading height in the trunk by means of a new bumper and overhang. Therefore, the door of the trunk itself also changed shape. Has changed and the grille - acquired a style, as they say.

The appearance of the car Nissan Qashqai

Now about the changes in the exterior of Rafa. Designers concern Toyota is not in vain called the legislators of automotive fashion. And in the 2013 model year, they did not fail to surprise the world Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% redesigned Toyota Rav4.

Now the car looks much more aggressive than the previous models. Significantly changed the light optics of the car, bending in front of a predatory squint. And the glass “drops” of dimensions now flow far back onto the rear fenders.

The appearance of the car Toyota RAV4

The spare wheel, which hung on the trunk door, was put in the trunk, and the door itself now opens upwards. The base of the car has become longer by 10 centimeters and wider by 8. The ground clearance has also been increased.

Driving qualities

The result of the Qashqai and Rav4 sub-competition on rough terrain is the following: the Nissan suspension travel is a bit off-road. If Rav4 goes along the dirt road easily, without jumps, then Qashqai skipping, sometimes with a complete separation of the rear wheels from the track.

In addition, Toyota has a better geometric cross. Where we drove on it without problems, Qashqai clung to the rear overhang.

Test drive car Toyota RAV4:

On the asphalt of the above-mentioned excesses at Nissan is not observed, the car tolerably keeps an even course even at high speeds. To Toyota on the pavement also claims have arisen. According to the dynamics, both cars, taking into account their mass, receive a solid five. In terms of fuel consumption, Qashqai turned out to be more economical, and in terms of noise isolation, it lost to an opponent.

Nissan steering wheel is equipped with an electric booster, the setting of which could be better. Nevertheless, it is easier to control cornering with him than it would have been without him.

In addition to the electric power steering, Toyota has a smart electronic system IADS. It tracks cases of insufficient or excessive entry into a turn and blocks the rear or front axle according to the situation.

Test drive car Nissan Qashqai:

There are no special differences in the operation of the power units Rav4 and Qashqai. But on equipping electronic systems Rafik ahead. He also has a controlling exit on an inclined one, which works in tandem with the brake system. Just turned it on and go down the hill, even on the brake you can not press. The system itself will slow down, adjusting the descent at the optimum speed.

What is the result

As you can see, Toyota is leading in almost everything. Especially in the equipment. Nevertheless, Qashqai does not need to be discounted. According to one parameter, Rafу surely does not overtake him - this is the number of seats. Along with pretty good qualities of the car, this is a significant plus. So, if your family is from 6–7 people and you are not riding on the road - the Nissan Qashqa + 2 is your car. Also consumes less fuel.

But if you are limited to the carriage of four passengers, and even extreme routes you stick to - the Toyota Rav4 is the car for you. Numerous car electronics to help you.

Here we have a fight Nissan Qashqai against Toyota Rav4 out. And as far as you like it, write below. Until we meet again, good luck and a good traffic inspector on the highway!