Localized for the indian car market, renault duster did not

Локализованный для индийского авторынка Рено Дастер не вынес краш-тестов GlobalNCAP

This time, two versions of the French crossover, collected locally at Indian Renault-Nissan automobile plants, took part in the tests for durability and consequences for the health and life of the conditional driver and passengers. One equipment was equipped with a single front airbag, the second - did not have any airbags. Both models received a low mark on the test results: one SUV received none of the five possible stars, the second one was lucky to receive three stars for its quality certificate. And the key word here is localized cars. Here and ezdiy after that in cars assembled by Hindu brothers or any other brothers. The fact that a SUV, not equipped with a single airbag, got a "zero", there is nothing surprising. One could not even take part in the trials, at least one car would remain whole. Recall that GlobalNCAP is more loyal than EuroNCAP to crash tests, limiting itself to only one test, when a car at a speed of sixty-four km per hour flies into a destructible obstacle. The specialists of GlobalNCAP, seeing the broken auto-car, slightly scolded the representatives of the plant assembling this apathetic version, writing out a recommendation to take better care of the life and health of Hindu drivers in the future.

The SUV with the only airbag after passing the test highlighted the unpleasant problem associated with the localization of production. The fact is that the pillow was smaller in size than, say, the Latin American version of Renault Duster. And two years ago, he was already at the local LatinNCAP who already got four stars for safety. The Indian SUV was given only three stars, because, due to the smaller size of the pillow, the probability of contact between the driver’s head and the steering wheel greatly increases. And this, to put it mildly, injury.

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Six years ago Duster EuroNCAP passed with much better results, however, that model had two front airbags. At the same time, the Latin American and Indian versions of the SUV were broken into the trash, and even then it demonstrated the problems of localized assembly.

The Russian Renault Duster in the base assembly has only one airbag, but the top grade is equipped with two front and two side ones. The GlobalNCAP committee has been closely monitoring Renault for a long time, especially after several times in a row, even with changes, the ultra-cheap Renault Quid smashed to smithereens on crash tests. The EuroNCAP Committee, by the way, has been conducting independent vehicle strength tests for twenty years.