How to wear car seat covers

After buying a car, every thrifty car owner seeks to preserve its original appearance to the maximum. This applies not only to the exterior of the car, but also to the interior. In addition to the use of dry cleaning or steam generators, you can try to protect the surface of the seats with covers.

Since it is necessary to put seat covers on the car in such a way that there is no sagging and “accordion”, you need to do this consistently and carefully.

Preliminary operations

When buying covers should not choose universal, but for a specific model of car. Their size will be exactly the size of the front and rear seats. Also covers the head restraints will be harmoniously in place. After all, this security detail in different car brands has different overall dimensions.

how to wear car seat covers

The scheme of assembly covers in cars

Choosing a set of capes or covers in the store, need to pay attention to the attachment of these products to the chairs. It is desirable that the hooks or strings are located on elastic bands or interspersed with rubber fibers, providing a good fit for fixing.

Quality covers do not have a pronounced unpleasant smell of paint. If such is present, then this may be a sign of falsification.

The set should be marked products for the right and left front seats. The difference may be in the access control levers for adjusting the height or tilt. These handles do not need to be covered with a cloth or leather.

Sequence of operations

It is considered to correctly put the seat covers on the car, you need to start from the front seats. To remove them from their seats is optional. You can do the work without dismantling.

The procedure is as follows:

  • headrests are removed from both seats;
  • on the vertical part of the chair put on the corresponding part of the kit, and fixing gum or "tongue" is passed into the slot under the "back" for mounting it under the bottom of the chair; the tension should be sufficient for the fabric to straighten well;
  • now you can wear the bottom of the case and fix the hooks under the bottom, also providing tension;
  • thereafter we put the element of the set on the headrest and tied for fixing tape;
  • if there are no holes in the covers for the head restraint guides, then you can do it yourself in the appropriate places make cross cuts with a construction knifeand then insert the headrest into place.
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The same actions need to be done with the second front seat.

how can you quickly put on car seat covers
Step 1. Dismantle the front seats for convenience.
how to wear car seat covers
Step 2. We twist the mounting and setting levers from the seats.
how to put on new car seat covers
Step 3. Dress and fix the bottom of the cover
how to wear car seat covers
Step 4. Dress and fix the upper part of the cover
how to properly cover the car seat covers
Step 5. We make holes for the headrest guides and insert it
how can you quickly and correctly put the car seat covers
Step 6. Putting the cover on the headrest
how to wear sewn car seat covers
Step 7. Dressing the back row covers
how to wear car seat covers
Step 8. Fix the covers on the back row

Covers for the back row are usually worn from the bottom. Someone is more convenient to dismantle the back, so that it was more convenient to work. Packing the lower part, we fix under the bottom with hooks or ties. Next, put the upper part on the back, and hooks are hooked from behind.

If the sofa has a separation, then it is necessary to close each part of the backrest in turn. We offer to see a detailed video with step by step instructions.