List of the world's longest highways from different


Highway - long stretches of road connecting several cities, countries. The largest - connect dozens of states. Have they surrendered to us? Why write an article? Isn’t it interesting to drive on modern highways in China, drive by the potato states for days on end? Our rating will be interesting, will move on travel. Maybe you want to know what the longest road in the world looks like. Go!

Сhina National Highway 010

From smaller to bigger

The Chinese government pays a lot of attention and money to the construction of highways, and is only as long as America’s highways. The five-thousandth route for the Chinese - just spit. A good example is the National Highway 010 with a length of 5,700 km. On one side is the tropical island of Hainan, on the other is Heilongjiang Province. Moving along the NH 010, you will find Port Arthur, the province-home of Confucius, and other territories of historical value. Those wishing to start the journey from Hainan Island are offered ferry car.

Читать далее о самых длинных дорогах мира-->Следующий герой также с Китая. Хайвей не самый длинный, однако, наиболее продолжительный по пустынной местности. Встречайте — трасса в пустыни Тарим. Протяжённость в разы меньше, достигает 1500 км. По всей длине дороги на обочинах выращены небольшие, обеспеченные водой, клумбы. Так муниципалитет борется с дюнами и песками. Ценность дороги заключается в том, что в пустыне крупные месторождения нефти и газа, что со временем будет привлекать сюда немалый трафик бизнесменов и туристов. По пути из города Минфень в Лантай можно остановиться в кафе или магазине. Прямо посреди пустыни, разве не интересно?

Tarim Highway

American roads

The American infrastructure offers the most developed and extended highways in the world, and the longest road in the world is located here. In the meantime, let's talk about Interstate 90 and US Route 20. “Zero” in the name of the highway means connecting the West and East coasts. Both tracks are side-by-side, close to the Canadian border, and admire the beautiful nature. Features of "Interstate" in that:

  • The movie “Twin Peaks” was shot on its territory.
  • The route passes through the longest bridge, named after Albert Rosellini.
  • On the highway, Microsoft employees who work on the Eastern shore of Lake Washington move daily.
  • There are both free and paid sites.

Interstate 90

US Route 20 leads straight to Boston, starting at Newport. On the length of the entire route you will see about ten states, as well as the famous Yellowstone National Park.

US Route 20

Russian "highway"

We thought it wrong to keep silent about the Trans-Siberian highway with a distance of 11 thousand km. From St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, with a considerable number of problem areas, which is so characteristic of Russian roads. Take, for example, the Amur highway, the last parts of which were laid in the 90s. Nevertheless, the track attracts attention, and even American travelers Dennim O’Neal and Jim Oliver set off along the Trans-Siberian highway all over Russia, postponing their travels on American roads for a while. On their trip, the guys even gave a few pages in the book, calling the highway “elusive,” because they encountered swamps, rivers on the roadway, and a lot of dirt. You probably know the 2010 report about Vladimir Putin’s trip to the yellow Lada Kalina Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Trans-Siberian highway. It was at that time that the road was reconstructed, improved and freed from problem areas.

Trans-Siberian highway

Pan American Highway

We have separated this “American brainchild” from the general list, since it deserves special attention. Why? Because it is the longest road in the world. Built at the end of the 19th century, it was intended as a railway. The Pan-American Highway takes its beginning in Alaska, and, passing by 4 climatic and vegetation zones, 6 time zones, 48000 kilometers long, reaches South America, the state of Nuevo Laredo in Mexico.

Pan American Highway

No problem areas have not done. Dariensky space is full of jungle and heavily trafficked areas. Remember: with a passenger car, it is impossible to overcome the Darien gap. Making a good road is difficult, but possible. However, the government does not undertake this business, as it is afraid of finalizing drug trafficking from Colombia. In addition, the Darien Park, which is on the UNESCO list, located nearby, according to experts, should remain calm, without losing the natural atmosphere and not becoming part of the highway.

В Америке и Канаде Pan American Highway не считают полноценным, ему даже не дали названия. Тем не менее в Книге Рекордов Гиннесса расстояние в 48 тыс. км зарегистрировано. Трасса проведёт вас по всем столицам Центральной Америки, за исключением Гондураса. На шоссе вкладывают крупные суммы, ведь оно имеет важное транспортное предназначение, наиболее важное — между Панамским каналом и США.

From Tokyo to Istanbul

Asian highway AN1 спроектирован под руководством ООН с целью улучшения дорожных сетей в Азии. Возможно, специалисты поставили цель улучшения экономики сразу нескольких стран, построив транспортную связку. Всего 20 000 километров, более 10 млн долларов, и строительство всё же окончено. В список пересекаемых стран входят Индия, Пакистан, Камбоджа, Бирма, Таиланд, Бангладеш, Япония и другие. В будущем возможно строительство подводного тоннеля, который будет вести до японской части. Сейчас эту роль выполняет паром.

Asian highway AN1

Eyre Highway. Straight, smooth, far

The exception in our review was the Air Highway with a length of 1000 km. This is not the longest road in the world. The peculiarity is that not a single turn or a small bend can be traced along the whole road. No cities, service stations, shops. The Australian highway passes through a limestone plain. The wheel here is not required. Gas pedal, and forward!

Eyre Highway

Now you probably want to go on a trip along the Pan-American Highway. Do not forget only about problem areas and the fact that there are other motorways full of greenery and sand, sharp turns and straight sections. In a good long way!