Land rover discovery, the best family suv, exchanged fifth

Лучший семейный внедорожник Ленд Ровер Discovery разменял пятую генерацию New generation, according to the British, the best family SUV in the world, - Ленд Ровер Discovery - the other day officially presented in Albion. As part of the Paris auto show, which started today, he will also be represented, but the British have decided to preface the world premiere with the local premiere. New Generation Discovery tried on a new "suit" which, see for yourself, is very much to his liking. Yes, the classic design has been sacrificed, but sooner or later, it happens with all cult cars. At the same time, there was no damage to off-road characteristics by designers - on the contrary, this new design is both attractive and “technological” at the same time. Новый Ленд Ровер DiscoveryTo put it in figurative figures of developers, he received a rethought new DNA; this is no longer the bearer of genetic information that has “nourished” Land Rover models for the past twenty seven years. New Discovery I received a completely different platform and aluminum parts, which made it easier - do not believe it! - almost half a ton (480 kg).

Лучший семейный внедорожник Ленд Ровер Discovery разменял пятую генерацию

Front suspension New Generation Discovery - double-lever, and back - multi-link Integral Link. In the role of shock absorbers in the base assembly - the traditional springs, but for a fee on the SUV can be installed and air suspension.

Ленд Ровер Discovery added 14.1 cm in length, reaching 4 m 97 cm, of course, while the wheelbase grew by 3.8 cm. Today, its length is 2 m 92.3 cm. This is not surprising, don't forget that This SUV British positioned as a family. That is why there are seven seats in it. By the way, what will be the salon, may depend on the buyer, which is available self-configuration cabin Discovery in a special program installed on the smartphone. The third row of seats is not know-how, - many SUVs have it, but нового Discovery this is not a narrow row for children, but a full-fledged one, Nikolai Valuev and one of the Klitschko brothers can easily fit in there.

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Лучший семейный внедорожник Ленд Ровер Discovery разменял пятую генерацию The luggage compartment due to the third row of seats has become quite small - about three hundred liters, but if you add both rows of seats, the volume will increase to 2406 liters. Have пятиместной версии Discovery with the rear row folded, the trunk volume is two and a half thousand liters.

With a clearance of 283 mm новый Discovery able to overcome the 90-centimeter ford, the former model could boast only seventy centimeters.

The suspension is automatically adjusted: for example, when the new Disco reaches acceleration to 105 km per hour, it will drop by 13 mm to reduce the airflow resistance; in off-road conditions - by another 7.5 cm.

Лучший семейный внедорожник Ленд Ровер Discovery разменял пятую генерацию

The chassis is configured in five modes, either automatically or manually. The angle of entry and the exit angle are respectively 34 and 30 degrees.

Под капотом Discovery establish four-cylinder diesel engines for 180 and 240 horsepower. But complete with diesel engines in Russia will not come, - only a three-liter petrol "six" for 240 horsepower. The engine is paired with an eight-band automatic transmission.

Pro electronic kit нового Discovery better not to say - tired to list. Assistants start uphill and downhill, driving on ice and a wet track, an assistant who takes on the towing of a trailer and further parking it in their hands. Discovery He sees everything and everyone on the road - assistants of recognition of road signs, markings, pedestrians, dogs and chickens, etc., etc., etc. The buyer will be offered instead of car keys - a waterproof and shockproof bracelet with which you can get into the salon.

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Depending on the configuration in the cabin Discovery Install multimedia with an eight- or ten-inch touchscreen. Several additional options packages are available for purchase: a Wi-Fi hotspot, more sophisticated than in stock, a navigator, etc. Up to six twelve-volt sockets and nine USB ports can be placed on an SUV.

Продавать новый Ленд Ровер Discovery will start in Russia from the beginning of next year. But now you can go to the offsite of the Russian representation of the brand and see all the available configuration.