Features of choosing the best wax for the car


After a long operation of the car, its body under the active influence of the external environment is covered with many chips, scratches, and other defects. Unfortunately, this process is inevitable, as it is the result of hitting stones and other hard objects on the body paintwork while other machines are moving. Abrasive dust also harms him in the same way. This not only significantly impairs the appearance of the car, but can also shorten the period of its use. To avoid such an impact is almost impossible, however, to eliminate these defects is quite realistic. For this, various cosmetic autopolishes are widely used, which are produced using wax. This material describes a practical rating of waxes used to eliminate various minor mechanical damage to a car, including liquid, solid and other types of this highly sought-after and effective product.

Best car wax

Choosing the best wax for the car.

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What is liquid wax?

Many drivers are familiar with liquid wax firsthand. In accordance with the name, it is a liquid consistency of wax, where special additives are added. Thanks to these additives, the liquid applied to the damaged areas of the car body quickly hardens. The use of this tool is very simple - it is only necessary to sprinkle or spray it evenly over the body surface, and after 15 minutes, a maximum of half an hour, gently wipe the rest with a soft sponge or napkin - and there were no defects on the body. However, the effect of this method may disappear after a week of intensive trips or after one or two thorough washes. The use of hot wax helps to extend its time to two months or more. The question of which wax is better for the car is substantial. In practice, the liquid and hot options are equally effective, and the only difference is in the specifics of their use, duration.

The functionality of wax products for washing

Many people are interested in how best to wax a car in winter or at other times of the year, so that the effect of using a cosmetic carriage is noticeable. It has been proved by practice that in many cases the time of its preservation directly depends on its functionality, performance, expended efforts and means. If you apply a cold liquid wax or spray, “rejuvenated” with the help of the car will maintain its excellent appearance for several weeks.

Liquid car wax

Hot wax gives the best effect, however, requires that it be heated before application to the body. As it cools down very quickly - within some 3 minutes, after hardening, it is enough to roll the car with an insignificant amount of cold water and remove the remaining funds. It is more expedient to apply the “hot” version at sinks equipped with devices for heating the waxing agent to the required temperature. The effect of it lasts, as a rule, for several months. That is why a lot of drivers, solving the problem of how best to coat a car with wax, make a choice in favor of washing, where professionals work and you can get any necessary advice and assistance. Despite the fact that this option is more expensive than home, it is always guaranteed to give a better result.

In addition, the correct choice of polishes directly depends on the color of the body. If it is, for example, white, and the scratches on it stand out clearly, it is better to apply a hard polish. This is a special paste applied to the surface of the body using a polishing mechanism with a soft disc. However, in this case it is necessary to thoroughly wash and wipe the car. In addition, it is advisable to use such polish in a clean box in order to prevent undesirable ingress of dirty particles on the light body. The return of the "solid" method is visible for almost a year.

Wax varieties

The modern car market offers car owners many types of wax for cars differing in their chemical compositions. Solid car wax, liquid wax and car spray have already been named. Experts also distinguish a separate group of synthetic polishes that perfectly imitate wax through the use of polytetraphosphorous (PTFE). There are a lot of such polishes of different forms, with different additives and methods of applying to the car. However, regardless of whether the driver chooses cold or hot synthetics, will apply a hard or another option, he will always be a good tool and will serve perfectly up to 6 months.

However, the price of such funds is higher than conventional ones: the cost of one bottle may be in the range of one to two thousand rubles. In addition, synthetic polishes are poisonous, so you must handle them with extreme caution, certainly using a respirator, which is sold in hardware stores specifically for painting work. In this case, experts advise to seek help from professionals who have all the necessary equipment: at home, it will not be possible to apply the tool correctly, evenly spraying it at home.

Wax classification by application method

Depending on the methods of applying automotive wax to the body surface, the following three options are distinguished:

  • cold, in which solid wax for a car is applied to its body manually (while its durability is usually lower than that of the other two methods);
  • hot, for which the wax is diluted in hot water and carefully rubbed into the body with a sponge or napkin (this option is more durable than in the first case, but more expensive at the same time);
  • Foamy - according to the technology it is similar to hot, however, it requires the use of special equipment, therefore it is impossible to perform it independently, manually, and with high quality


Which car wax is better

How not to be mistaken when choosing a wax for a car, how to determine which one is better? The choice depends not only on the appearance of the car, which in itself is very important, but also on the reliability and long-term use of it. In this case, it is better to act according to the wise principle “Measure seven times ...”, regardless of whether products are purchased domestically, from CIS countries or from abroad. It must be remembered that the American company Meguair is confidently leading in the world market of wax vehicles for motor vehicles, whose products are distinguished by their diversity and excellent quality. It is very expensive, but it has an amazing and long lasting effect.

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In second place - the products of the company Turtle Wax, which produces wax-containing products. Its car cosmetics trumps are ease of use, quick cooling of the wax and long-term preservation of its effect.

Turtle Wax

We also advise you not to overlook the products from Black Magic, attracting affordable prices and excellent quality.

Black Magic

Many drivers also successfully apply Zymol products. They should be used with the utmost care, but the reliability of their protective layer on the body is amazing.


Experts also recommend excellent cosmetics from Mothers, Sonax, Karcher, 3M and Armor All Car.

Armor All Car

Taking into account all the above, one should, firstly, carefully listen to the opinion of knowledgeable, experienced professionals who know all the nuances of using auto cosmetics. Be sure to try to get from them all the necessary information about the products you buy, especially about their use. Secondly, find the best price-quality ratio, remembering that an overly economical owner of a vehicle often pays twice.