How to embellish a car with the help of virtual tuning

To change the car requires a lot of money, but not the fact that you will be satisfied with the resulting option. Computer capabilities will allow you to do this. Most recently began to gain popularity virtual tuning. With it, it is possible to obtain a volumetric model of the car. The idea is the ability to change vehicle photos using software.

Tuned sports car

Tuned sports car

To create a prototype car requires a rich imagination and special computer graphics programs. Absolutely no need to have a lot of money in order for the beloved “iron horse” to get an updated look.

New round of auto-tuning

To make tuning or carry out a graphic modification of any cars or, for example, motorcycles allows the use of raster graphics. Such a hobby gained popularity at the beginning of the twenty-first century, therefore, it is considered to be a fairly modern art form.

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The benefits of 3D modeling

3D graphics (3D) has an additional parameter, and this makes it possible to get a three-dimensional image of machines on a computer monitor. Now two different images will be presented simultaneously - a stereoscopic view is added. Classic 2D graphics have no depth, but contain height and width, and the picture is shown at a distance from the user.

With the evolution of computing power and graphics accelerators, virtual modding has become closer and more accessible for us. The World Wide Web allows you to make an image interactive, it gives you the opportunity to view your car in 3D-reality from all sides and to form the ideal model online. Computer tuning is a 3D view that displays parameters such as length, width, and depth.

Virtual auto tuning example

Virtual auto tuning example

What can be changed

Test your own capabilities in various settings will help graphics programs and a powerful computer. Modeling future prototypes of cars with creative exotic design will be quite an exciting experience.

At the moment, virtual modding is presented by many software developments, including nice graphical interfaces and a wide range of tools that simplify the process of changing machines. However, it should be noted that the three-dimensional tuning is considered far from the most trivial task. This process presupposes the presence of some mastery, and practical experience of contact with various software online will not be superfluous.

Your car can be changed to impossible

Your car can be changed to impossible

Numerous 3D graphics settings make it possible to change the interior inside any vehicle. With the use of interactive modeling today, almost all elements can be replaced: from the gear lever, seat upholstery, steering wheel to installation of sound equipment and additional lighting, not to mention changing the appearance of cars. Similarly, it is possible to conduct experiments with exotic changes online, especially difficult to implement in everyday life.


Almost all programs have trial versions. You can use the service of tuning, not installing them on your computer. Some of them are designed for professionals, the rest are universal. Inexperienced autotuners can start with Autodesk Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, LightWave, and others. Today, quite a lot of tools are used to create interactive models of motorcycles and various cars in 3D graphics.

Exclusively as a result of the purchase, you can access a licensed version of Autodesk Maya. The trial version will give the opportunity to experience only some of its functions. Maya allows you to animate images and change 3D images and models. You can upload photos of any transport like Blender.

Jobs at Autodesk Maya

Jobs at Autodesk Maya

Blender editor allows us to change cars for free. This software does not have much room for change, but it does excellently with the creation of basic 3D shapes. To get the model volumetric, Blender applies a special three-dimensional layout. The source code is open, so this utility can be used indefinitely.

The program Cinema 4D provides animation, virtual modding, original tools and options that compare favorably with the leader Autodesk Maya.

Motorcycle change in Cinema 4D

Motorcycle change in Cinema 4D

Change your own car

When modeling cars or motorcycles, even very bold ideas can come true, since virtual modding eliminates the possibility of marriage. Each separate software product provides the main range of brands of many cars with which it is allowed to conduct experiments. It is worth noting that it is possible to create your own original parts online.

Together with the basic models, you can transform a personal car. We will need to upload a photo, and then create a model in the way of assembling various options. Further process is reduced to the decision of quite executable tasks. It is necessary to print in high quality and translate into reality the resulting tuned model.

Virtual tuning "VAZ":

Let's sum up

The emergence of IT-technologies made it possible to gain access to previously impracticable forms and structures. Automotive world today is filled with the latest technologies that allow you to implement almost any desire. Virtual tuning of cars helps to multiply, change the power and performance of any vehicle. All this can be done now without unnecessary loss of funds. You can design amazing models on a personal computer and then translate them into real real objects, just using the software of three-dimensional graphics.