The right choice of crossover


Recently, crossovers have become increasingly popular among car enthusiasts. This is not surprising, because these vehicles combine the characteristics of a car and an SUV at the same time. On the one hand, it is a stylish and practical car for driving around the city, on the other hand, it is a vehicle that confidently moves along country roads and off-road.

And where there is demand, there is always supply. Today, customers are provided with a wide selection of crossovers with a variety of features, options, sizes. They produce both foreign manufacturers and domestic.

Which manufacturer to give preference to? What exactly choose a crossover, so that later not be disappointed and not regret the purchase? Such questions are asked by potential buyers of cars. Let's try to figure out which characteristics of the car you need to pay attention to in order for the purchase to meet expectations.

Wide selection of crossovers

Today, customers are presented with a wide selection of crossovers.

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Crossover selection parameters according to specifications

Crossover - This is a vehicle that differs from an ordinary car in terms of roominess, high seating position of the driver, all-wheel drive, and also, most importantly, its passing ability.

Most motorists acquire crossovers with the aim of using it, on the one hand, as an excellent car for driving in urban environments, on the other hand, as an SUV - the car has an excellent cross-country ability, which allows it to be used for trips into the country with family or friends.

Let's look at the main characteristics of the crossovers that you need to pay attention to when buying, regardless of the vehicle brand and model, in order to make the right choice.

  1. Drive unit. Basically, all crossovers are available with all-wheel drive. However, some cars in this category have only front or rear-wheel drive, or full plug. Four-wheel drive ensures the possibility of using the vehicle for driving on a dirt road and off-road. Experts and car owners prefer cars that have all wheel drive. This is convenient in that you will use all-wheel drive only when you need it. The constant use of all-wheel drive increases fuel consumption and creates stress on the engine.
  2. Clearance. From the height of the clearance of the car in proportion will depend on how serious obstacles he can overcome. Basically, the crossover clearance in different models ranges from 16 to 20 centimeters. If you buy a vehicle of this class not only for status, but also for being able to use it in off-road conditions, choose models that have a higher ground clearance.
  3. Vehicle type - A very important point when choosing it. Here the opinions of experts are divided. In terms of use, it is better to buy cars with a diesel type of engine, since they are more resistant to the action of water, which can get on the engine under operating conditions on the easy and serious off-road. However, given the low quality of diesel fuel, foreign cars often fail. Gasoline engines are more susceptible to moisture, which makes them less reliable. Which one to choose the type of car engine is up to you. If you buy a car only for driving in urban environments, then give preference to gasoline engines. If you need a crossover for off-road trips, buy it with a diesel type of engine, but then refuel only at gas stations with a proven track record and good fuel quality.
  4. Engine efficiency - This is the next point that you need to pay attention after you decide on its type. Examine fuel consumption in urban use of cars and in highway driving mode.
  5. Motor power and maximum speed. The higher the power of the engine, the greater the maximum speed of the car in certain modes.
  6. Gearbox View. There are crossovers with both automatic and mechanical control type. Car owners prefer cars with automatic gearbox type, which will allow more comfortable driving.

Wolkswagen Touareg

These are the main technical characteristics that must be considered when choosing a crossover. After studying these parameters, you can make the most correct decision when buying a car.

Let's look at the characteristics that relate to the comfort of the car and its patency, which are also important factors when choosing.

Criteria for choosing a crossover from the standpoint of comfort and terrain

As already mentioned, the choice of a crossover is not an easy task. To decide which one is suitable for your convenience, will meet your needs and requirements, consider their categories.

Audi Q7

Crossover Groups

There is a group of compact crossovers, which are small in size, economical use of fuel, all-wheel drive and high traffic. However, these cars are not suitable for off-road conditions. If you buy it mainly for driving in urban environments, then this is the most correct and practical solution for you. Such a car, unlike overall cars, is easier to park on the street, it easily passes in small lanes.

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If you are interested in more cars that can be operated in off-road conditions, then you need to pay attention to medium-sized or full-size vehicles. These types are more spacious, high car landing.

Mazda CX-5

Crossoverы средних размеров отличаются более экономным расходом топлива по сравнению с полноразмерными машинами. Они хорошо себя зарекомендовали при использовании в условиях среднего бездорожья, на грунтовых дорогах, при использовании на дорожном покрытии низкого качества. Наиболее яркими моделями этой категории, по мнению экспертов, являются Mercedes GLC, Mazda 5, Honda Pilot.

Honda Pilot

Full-size cars have a large capacity - it is 8 or even 9 seats. Four-wheel drive, powerful engine and stable, high landing of the car ensures the possibility of its use and excellent permeability even in severe off-road conditions. If this is an important indicator for you, then it is necessary to opt for this category of cars. It is important to note that the pricing policy of these machines is very high and high fuel consumption. Representatives of this class are such models as the Ford Flex, Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7.

Ford Flex

Parameters of car comfort

Sometimes drivers have to spend a lot of time in the car, then you need to pay attention to the livability of the cabin, which offers the manufacturer.

Domestic manufacturers of budgetary crossovers mainly offer basic equipment for the passenger compartment - these are coarse seats and hard car controls.

If you spend a lot of time in the car, then you would prefer options from foreign manufacturers who complement the salons with such additional functions as climate control, heated seats, air conditioning, video surveillance and others. Of course, you have to pay for comfort, however, in this case it is worth it.

Another important point. Check the availability and quality of vehicle security systems. First, based on the fact that you will use your car in off-road conditions, check for airbags - this will save you from injuries and bruises. Secondly, the more expensive the car, the more willing to take what does not belong to them. Take care of anti-theft security systems.

And some more tips

  1. Before buying a car, decide how much money you are willing to pay for such a miracle of technology. The price of the crossover ranges from 10 thousand dollars for low-end models and 100 thousand conventional units and higher for a premium-class car.
  2. Give preference to cars that have an optimal ratio of the mass of the car and the power of its motor.
  3. Purchase cars with economical fuel consumption.
  4. When buying a car, pay attention to the width of its wheels. Cars with a small width of the wheels do not show themselves well in the movement on country area.
  5. The cabin of the car should be roomy, as well as an important factor is the presence of a large trunk.
  6. Decide on a car manufacturer. Each manufacturer has both strengths and weaknesses. Domestic crossovers win in price, but significantly inferior in quality, comfort and functionality.
  7. Изучите размещение ближайших сервисных центров для автомобиля. Crossoverы, как, впрочем, и все автомобили, нуждаются в регулярном сервисе, обслуживании и ремонте.
  8. Having decided on the make and model of the car, take care of a test drive, and even better, if possible, about a trial period of operation. This will show you how the car behaves on the road.

Let's sum up

Given the above characteristics provided, you can choose the perfect option. Which crossover will be the best - it's up to you. Having decided which parameters of the choice are top priorities for you, you can easily proceed to the choice of a particular car model.