How to change the engine oil

For a real motorist, it is important not only to be a competent driver, but also a good mechanic. The ability to replace a wheel, engine oil, or a burned out light bulb in the headlamp may simply be necessary in certain situations. And if you put a new wheel or light bulb is a very simple matter, not every driver will perform a complete oil change in the engine. In the proposed article we will examine in detail how to change the engine oil and consider in detail all the necessary actions for this.

Preparing to change the engine oil

To perform the procedure will require:

  • a set of special keys;
  • capacity for discharging mining;
  • funnel;
  • New filter and fresh oil;
  • puller under the filter;
  • rags and gloves.

First you should choose the right oil. See the most suitable composition option in the car's manual. The manufacturer always indicates the marking that best suits the particular model. In the case when the machine is not new and the manual is missing, you can get information from the consultants of the specialized shop.

How to change the engine oil

What you need to change the engine oil

Before changing the oil in the engine, it is necessary to check whether the selected tank fits under the engine of the car or not. If you can not pick up capacity, you will have to use a viewing pit or overpass. Some resourceful drivers drive the car to the bricks installed under the wheels. It is strictly forbidden to do, because in order for the oil to completely release the pan, the machine must be in the most even position, and it would not hurt to think about safety precautions.

Next, you need to find the oil filter in the engine compartment. This rather simple task for the beginning motorists causes difficulties. As a rule, the entire filter is located on the left side of the engine and on older cars it is easily noticeable. Manufacturers of modern machines often cover it with a decorative shield, which must be removed to get the filter.

Как заменить масло в двигателе

An example of the location of the oil filter and bolt to drain the oil

Как заменить масло в двигателе

All preliminary work has been done, and now you can proceed directly to the replacement:

  1. The car is placed on a flat platform and put on the handbrake. The gear lever is required to be put in a neutral position, and if the car is equipped with an automatic gearbox - in the “parking” mode. For greater security, you should put wooden blocks under the wheels against rollback.
  2. Then you just need to wait a while for the engine to cool down, because you can burn your hands while loosening the drain nut. Get to the nut will only after removing the protection of the crankcase, if it is. In some cars, special holes are provided in advance in the guards for draining; if they are not there, the protection will have to be removed.

    How to change the engine oil

    Remove crankcase protection

  3. So, the shield is removed, and now proceed to unscrew the drain nut. Beforehand it is better to lay something on the floor. The key of the desired size slightly loosen the nut. When the nut has succumbed, it is necessary to substitute the container prepared for the discharge of the mining and continue unscrewing. The nut should be strongly pressed to the pallet and unscrew the hand a few turns. At the moment when the oil begins to flow, you need to remove the hand. The nut will fall into the container and then it will be easy to get after the end of the drain.
    Drain engine oil
    Bolt to drain the engine oil
    Engine oil drain
    We merge engine oil in in advance prepared capacity
  4. Replacing the oil filter. Wearing clean gloves, unscrew it strictly counterclockwise. For situations where there are difficulties when unscrewing the filter with your hands, use special pullers. If the ability to use a puller is missing, you can use the old proven method. A thick screwdriver is driven into the filter housing and then rotated with it until it is completely unscrewed. This method can be applied in cases where wiring is not located near the filter. After removing the filter, oil stains are carefully wiped with a cloth.
    Oil Filter Remover
    The first version of the oil filter remover
    Oil Filter Remover
    The second version of the oil filter remover
    The third version of the oil filter remover
    Unscrew the oil filter with a screwdriver
    Popular way to unscrew the oil filter with a screwdriver
  5. Old oil will be completely drained within half an hour. When it is drained, you need to climb under the car again and firmly tighten the drain bolt. When installing the oil filter, carefully check that the flange is not damaged. Next, hand hold on the flange, thereby checking the absence of chips and that the old seal did not stay on it. After that, we lubricate the sealing ring with fresh oil, pour a little into the filter and twist it in its place.

    Oil filter replacement

    Before tightening the oil filter, it is necessary to lubricate the rubber ring with new engine oil.

  6. After completing all the activities you can pour new engine oil. The instruction manual should clarify the amount you want to fill. Usually this figure is 3-6 liters. Using a funnel, pour liquid into the hole in the valve cover and wait 10 minutes, thereby allowing it to drain into the crankcase. Next, with the help of the dipstick, we check the level and, if necessary, add a certain amount. Close the lid, fasten the engine protection and wipe all smudges with a cloth.