How to issue a ctp policy online

По правилам дорожного движения, действующим в России, каждый автомобилист обязан иметь страховой полис. Действующее законодательство позволяет зарегистрировать данный документ во всех базах данных не только при личной встрече с представителями страховых компаний, но и дистанционным способом. Однако, большинство автомобилистов до сих пор не знает, how to issue an electronic CTP policy via the Internet.


  • 1 What is an e-policy?
  • 2 The main characteristics of the document
  • 3 Which insurance companies issue a CTP policy online
  • 4 How is the design
  • 5 Impossibility to purchase an electronic policy
  • 6 Check electronic policy by traffic police inspectors

What is an e-policy?

It should be borne in mind that an electronic insurance policy issued remotely is a confirmation of the fact that an insurance transaction was conducted. It has full legal force and is included in all relevant databases combined with PCA. If necessary, its image and current parameters can be output to any electronic carrier.

how to issue an electronic CTP policy via the Internet

The car owner has the opportunity to independently verify the validity of this document by checking it against the registries. If desired, electronic CTP insurance can be printed on paper. Also, the image is allowed to display in any convenient way.

You need to know that all actions with virtual documents relating to compulsory third-party liability insurance are governed by Article 15 of Federal Law No. 223 01/07/15.

The modern CTP policy in electronic form has a similar structure to a classic paper document. It contains all the same fields and the same information.

To buy an electronic CTP, the owner of the vehicle must go through a step-by-step algorithm:

  • a convenient insurance company is selected that is able to provide the desired service;
  • preliminary registration is carried out on the company's website, in parallel, a virtual office will be opened;
  • it is important to have or open an email address;
  • users get passwords and logins for transactions.

When the service is fully paid to the company's current account, the user is sent a file with the document to the email address provided during registration. Also in the issued personal account of the motorist, posted on the website of the insurance company, duplicate files sent for the entire period of cooperation are saved.

It is necessary to take into account that the car owner has the right not only to receive an electronic CTP policy, but also his paper equivalent in the traditional form.

Sending the document in its usual form at the request of the user is carried out at his postal address. This service is paid additionally and is optional.

how to buy electronic OSAGO

To calculate the cost of processing, almost every website has an online calculator. Information on your transport, including model, brand, year of manufacture, mileage and driving experience is entered into the appropriate fields. You will also need to specify the estimated cost of the vehicle.

The main characteristics of the document

Car insurance CTP through the Internet has its positive and negative sides. The advantages of this phenomenon include:

  • such a document cannot be physically destroyed, lost, forgotten, etc., since, if necessary, it will always be possible to print it out under almost any conditions or display it on an electronic device connected to the Internet;
  • check the availability of registration in the PCA databases will be possible by checking through the current online registries using a laptop, tablet or smartphone;
  • there is no need for a physical search for a company providing this service, since all legal entities are located on the network, and access to the office is organized immediately after registration;
  • the purchase is carried out almost instantly from anywhere in the country using a smartphone or tablet connected to the network;
  • Services built into the site allow instantly calculating the cost of a future document;
  • most of the UK provides the ability to pay by any means, including with VISA, MC, MIR or with the help of popular e-wallets;
  • A significant number of companies provides an e-policy registration service;
  • no need to wait for original forms;
  • an employee of the company will not be intrusive to offer or persuade to arrange an additional paid service;
  • The CTP insurance electronic insurance policy will have a single price tag for all drivers under the same input conditions, for example, the same car and driving experience.
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It is worth considering that this experience has some negative aspects:

  • electronic document circulation in our country among users is not sufficiently developed, therefore, it may cause a certain mistrust;
  • It is necessary to be afraid of sites-swindlers who are capable to receive means from users and not to provide service
  • It will be possible to demonstrate the availability of an e-policy only if you are connected to the network.

what does electronic insurance policy look like

The greatest discomfort is felt by older people when working with such services. Minimize the risks succeed after printing the file. You can store the resulting paper as a normal policy.

Which insurance companies issue a CTP policy online

Each of the insurance companies engaged in the design of electronic insurance, must have an open virtual special service. It is preferable to go through the website of the Russian Union of Insurers, where the pool of all insurance companies is listed.

The work of the services is strictly supervised by the Central Bank. To get comprehensive information about the company, you must use the current ratings.

It is worth paying attention to the rule that any technical work should be carried out during the night period from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am the next day. In this case, a warning about upcoming adjustments should appear no later than 24 hours.

All legal insurance companies that are allowed to trade electronic insurance are listed on the PCA website, so by going from this portal to the selected page of the insurance company, you can protect yourself from fraud. Making a CTP policy online should begin with providing information about the cost of its value, the calculation of which is done through an online calculator. Without prior information on the price of insurance you cannot pay for the service.

It is important to consider that not every insurance company can boast of such a service. Approximately at the time of this writing in 2018 there are 55 of them. Check the relevance of the link. When you click on the links, the user is immediately transferred to the authorization page in your account or for registration on the IC site.

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Often car owners pay attention to such companies:

  • Tinkoff Insurance JSC;
  • «Ingosstrah» SPAO;
  • AlfaStrakhovanie JSC;
  • «MAX» ZAO;
  • «NASCO» AO;
  • SK «Rosgosstrah» PAO.

Sometimes it is indicated on the information page that the whole country is served, but some regions may be blocked. It is important to clarify this point in advance so that problems do not arise in case of a possible accident.

How is the design

To register the policy electronically, you must have a package of documents:

  • car owner's passport;
  • identity document from auto insurer;
  • passport of the vehicle or other documents confirming the ownership of the car;
  • driving license of persons who will be entered into the insurance policy;
  • to confirm the completion of the maintenance, you will need the cards, because the number and dates of the maintenance period are entered from them.

When making a new car, which is not more than three years old, it is not necessary to enter THAT card data using this procedure. It is worth considering that you can use copies to enter information into the e-policy, as you only need to enter numbers or series of relevant documents.

how much is car insurance online

Entering false information in electronic documents is unacceptable! All data are checked in parallel in the PCA database. If there is a discrepancy in the registries, then the registry registration will not be completed.

Inability to purchase an electronic policy

Before you go shopping for a policy, you need to check the availability of its purchase. This is influenced by the procedure for checking the information entered in the application for the acquisition of the policy. The system monitors compliance with PCA databases.

You can be refused a procedure in the following cases:

  • there was no insurance of the car owner and vehicle in the past year in the usual way;
  • when insurance was carried out exclusively on cars or exclusively on the owner of the car;
  • an attempt is made to issue an OSAGO to a new car;
  • During the past year, the data of one of the documents on which the previous registration of the policy was carried out was changed, because they have already been entered into the PCA registries.

Also, be careful with the MOT map. They are controlled by EAISTO databases. Replacing cards for cars from 3 to 7 years old should be done once every 24 months. For older cars, the period is reduced to the annual period.

Electronic policy check by traffic police inspectors

We recommend to have in stock a printed electronic document OSAGO. It can be presented to the staff of the road inspection. Legality is controlled by a special service.

It is important not to make mistakes during the design process so that everything runs smoothly.. The following situations can also be causes of problems:

  • malfunctions of the service, which can be circumvented by re-checking after a short period of time;
  • the delay in sending data to the database due to the fault of insurance companies with problematic software;
  • possible user errors committed when entering data.

If there are any distortions in the documents, then all corrections should be made personally at the offices of insurance companies. If you do not do it in a timely manner, then there may be problems with regressive claims.