Jeep compass 2014: do not judge by clothes

Jeep Compass 2014 Year - this is a model of the American SUV, on account of which since 2006 there are already two restyling that made the car exactly as we see it in the last photos.

Jeep Compass crossover design

It is worth noting that under the typical appearance of an SUV in reality is hiding the most ordinary crossover, which does not claim to be the conqueror of mountains and swamps.

Surface redesign

The first attempt to modernize the modern jeep was made in 2011. Nothing out of the ordinary - mostly small changes in the exterior design and interior of foreign cars.

Then it is time for the second restyling. The main backbone of the changes came mainly on the front of the jeep, glancing at which, by chance you notice all the signs of “zakos” under the Grand Cherokee. And, we must pay tribute to Western designers, who took as an example the design of one of the most beloved and recognizable models of the family - here they did not lose. Strict headlights and a massive bumper with fog lights installed on it even hit the restyled version of the Jeep Compass, and the branded false radiator grille preserved the memory of the old exterior concept.

New Jeep Compass 2014

Almost the entire rear view of the car now overlaps the overall tailgate, which immediately hints at the practicality of the luggage compartment in terms of the comfortable placement of cargo and its intended space. Also, a juicy chrome lining appeared on the rear bumper, and the overall lights were reduced in size.

The streamlined profile of the Jeep Compass 2014 wants to be praised for its seemingly reliable rear roof pillars, oblique plastic obias plastic body kit and door handles hidden in glass. Perhaps someone will notice the modified shape of the wheel arches, which have grown significantly, and then took the original square shape.

I would like to call the appearance of the five-door Jeep Compass 2014 unprecedented and radical, but even the addition of new parts, changing lines, and at the same time the proportions of the body could not achieve the effect, which should produce a crossover, more than just corresponding to its purpose.

Rear View of Jeep Compass 2014

Geometric Jeep Compass 2014 specifications correspond to the measures of the compact class: body dimensions - 4448 x 1812 x 1663 mm, wheelbase - 2635 mm. The width of the front and rear wheel track is 1520 mm, the ground clearance is 205 mm, and the curb weight of the car reaches 1651 kg All this bulk rests on 18-inch wheels with 215/55 R18 treads.

Sometimes the decisive factor in buying a car can be the proposed color palette for styling the body on a personal order. Thus, it is impossible to deny the need to have in the arsenal the most complete range of colors that can satisfy any buyer. The new Jeep Compass confidently captivates with a rich variety of colors, presented as classic (white, black, red, blue, green), and less common variants (dark gray, silver, copper).

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Internal changes

What does an American need to feel comfortable? - Securely hold in the saddle and have everything you need at your fingertips. The orientation of the cabin of the crossover on the American motorist is confirmed by this stereotype. Rough leather seats, hard plastic decoupage, as well as a full range of systems and accessories are characteristic features of the Compass jeep interior.

Salon Jeep Compass restyling 2014

The front row of seats got winter heating, and the driver will feel at all like in a throne, because his seat is equipped with electronic adjustment in 6 directions and is truly a royal armrest. True, the latter turned out to be so wide that it was necessary to sacrifice not a small part of the free space, which could be used much more efficiently.

Driving is carried out by means of a multifunctional steering wheel with a built-in position, which is gently over-skinned, which makes it look fashionable and pleasant to hold in your hands.

The back row of the cabin is a sofa with a short pillow. The armrest of the front seats and the separation tunnel fall into the central zone, which leads us to the only correct conclusion - there is clearly a shortage of space for comfortable seating of three passengers.

In general, whatever the characteristics of the 2014 Jeep Compass say, but the capacity of its rear end is enough, God forbid, for two people. Frankly, the lucky ones who fit in the back will also have hard times: it’s not convenient to sit down passengers when their knees strive to rest on the front backrest.

Interior New Jeep Compass

Apparently, the rear seats were planned by designers rather as spare, and the main benefit was to bring a spacious trunk that can hold up to 643 liters of cargo. When removing from the regular position of furniture back row, the maximum amount of luggage compartment rises to 1719 liters. Good performance for the trunk, part of which is reserved for the internal segments of the wheel arches and a subwoofer located to the right. An additional advantage is a flat platform, formed in a niche, previously occupied by the seats of the jeep.

Torpedo crossover is quite large, with a proportionate air ducts. The multimedia system on the center console is operated from a full-color display, despite the fact that it has voice control. From the functional - everything that is necessary for an enlightened person in modern technologies: 6 speakers, MP3, CD, DVD, 30 GB hard drive, 12V socket.

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Notes of comfort make: on-board computer, climate control system, cruise control, power steering, high-quality air conditioning. Such seemingly trifles as a rear-view camera, tire pressure sensor, tinted windows, as well as a cigarette lighter with an ashtray, will undoubtedly affect the opinion of the buyer, adding to the value of the model.

Jeep Compass luggage compartment

Features and test drives of the improved Jeep Compass 2014

Для оценки безопасности был произведен test drive jeep compass 2014, результаты которого, мягко говоря, разочаровывают. Американский кроссовер заработал всего 2 из 5-ти по рейтингу Euro NCAP. Причинами провала краш-теста европейской организации стали травмоопасная передняя панель и неудовлетворительный уровень защиты грудной клетки при фронтальном ударе. Оказалось, что автомобиль также нельзя считать безопасным и для пешеходов. Можно конечно и дальше продолжать ссылаться на ужесточение критериев оценки Euro NCAP, но факт остается фактом, тем более что абсолютные соплатформенники Peugeot 4007 и Mitsubishi Outlander получили на краш-тесте свои законные “четвёрки”.

By the way, going back to the compact crossover platform, I want to praise the Mitsubishi GS platform, which was tested on the first generations of the Outlander’s, which caused decent technical characteristics of a restyled car.

The McPherson independent spring suspension at the front and a multi-link rear suspension - this is how the overall suspension pattern of the courageous Jeep Compact is built. The brakes of the car are standard disc. Brale Assist ABC, ESP and Traction Control systems work here.

2014 Jeep Compass Engine

In Russia, the car carry only one version, namely, with a 170-horsepower gasoline engine with a displacement for four cylinders - 2.4 liters. This power unit is equipped with a CVT II variator. The engine provides a torque of 220 Nm.

Jeep has a full plug-in drive. Manually, the driver can use forced locking of the Freedom Drive I drive, due to which the torque is distributed according to the 50:50 scheme for the rear and front axles. Thus, during the spinning of the rear wheels, the traction is automatically transferred to the front.

Yet another test drive jeep compass 2014 year was held in order to identify its driving characteristics. It turned out that the first “hundred” jeep is gaining extremely lazy - as many as 11.3 seconds it takes an SUV to overcome the milestone of 100 km / h. These figures correspond to the overclocking characteristics declared by the manufacturer, and this “inhibition” at the start is associated with the slow operation of the variator.

Jeep Compass 2014 on the road

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At a speed of 185 km / h (extreme speed of a jeep), the information effort of the steering drops sharply, and any unevenness of the road surface responds with steering wheel vibrations. No matter how pitiful the 2014 crossover is, the Jeep Compass can’t even be called a “fad”. In practice, going into a turn, the car dramatically heels, and as soon as it does this at a large angle, the wheels begin to turn outwards.

Still, the merits in the driving performance of the new jeep also found a place. The positive sides include excellent sound insulation and soft suspension.

In spite of the “shoals” that arose along the test drive, the car kept confidently on an even road surface. However, it makes no sense to hide that the compact five-door car still does not reach the full-fledged off-road vehicle - broken transshipment points and ornate country lanes are not exactly his element. And the locked clutch does not help the jeep, connecting the rear wheels to sneak through a strip of simple obstacles that are regularly found in Russian everyday life. What can we say about the fuel consumption, which at increased loads on the drive and the engine rolls down from the 8.6 liters established by the manufacturer to 14 or even 15 liters per hundred kilometers. After such a language does not turn to call the car economical.

Test Drive Jeep Compass

Summing up the actual field tests of the updated model of the American jeep, the simple conclusion suggests itself: the trend is that the concept of “Jeep” is gradually losing its associative connection with real off-road vehicles with serious cross-country ability, and with the appearance of the Jeep Compass 2014, it finally “lost” under the cover its vibrant, state-of-the-art appearance and the depth of its expensive equipment.

Somehow soothes the price of the crossover Jeep Compass, which at the time of restyling in 2014 amounted to 1 million 308 thousand rubles. The American contingent machine in the configuration Limited is available for only 1 million 172 thousand rubles, if we assume at the current rate.

Maybe the following video will not help to dot the i in relation to the new Jeep Compass, but nevertheless we suggest viewing it at least for entertainment purposes: