Removing the rear bumper on a sedan and hatchback hyundai

Solaris is available in two body versions (hatchback and sedan), so we consider two types of dismantling bumpers. To dismantle the rear bumper on the sedan will need all the same tool as when removing the front bumper. In preparation for the removal will also poddomkratit rear of the car and remove the rear wheels. Thus, you get unhindered access to the six screws (three on each side) that you need to unscrew. Unscrewing the screws, remove the locking caps. Remove the rear lights to gain access to the screws that connect the bumper with the wings. If you have not missed any detail, then the bumper will be removed without problems. Hook it from both sides and pull it towards you. Be careful because the plastic parts are quite fragile.

Removing the rear bumper hatchback Hyundai Solaris

For the rear bumper on the back of the hatchback, in addition to a screwdriver and a wrench on the "10", you need a puller for plastic panels. With it, you without the risk of damage to the car body, remove the interior trim.

To get started, remove the taillights and loosen the bumper fastening screws. Unscrew the sides of the screws that are used to attach the brackets. Removing parts from both sides, disconnect the special plugs. Next, loosen the bolts that hold the bumper, carefully remove the bumper. Remember to unscrew all the screws first and open the retainer that holds the part.

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Even if you are a newcomer in body work, after reading all the cited sequence when picking bumpers, you can easily cope with the task, while saving a lot of money that will require you to the service station.