Mitsubishi asx in russia will not sell more

Mitsubishi ASX в России больше продавать не будут

Japanese compact crossover Mitsubishi ASX, collected, however, in the United States, to buy more in the Russian dealerships will not work. As a result of catastrophic sales, which had slumped due to the financial crisis, the Japanese decided not to supply their parquet flooring Mitsubishi ASX to our country. Cars Mitsubishi ASX 2016 года the issue is no longer imported into Russia, it was reported in the Russian office of Mitsubishi. It was previously announced that the SUV of the next model year will be delivered to our car market at the beginning of autumn 2016, but today it is not possible to confirm this information. The Japanese keep samurai silence. By the way, that American plant, which produced the assembly line of Japanese cars Mitsubishi ASX for Russia, was officially closed at the end of last year. The Russian dealerships sold cars of the 2015 model range, which were delivered from America even before the plant was closed. Their remains can still be found in the warehouses of dealers of the brand. Mitsubishi ASX в России больше продавать не будут In the Country of the Rising Sun Mitsubishi ASX produced at the plant in Okazaki. But domestic-oriented cars are produced here, that is, for Japan itself and a number of Asian countries, the Japanese will most likely not redirect production to the Russian car market. On the prospect of such a reorientation, the leadership is expressed very vaguely. If we assume that the economic crisis will suddenly end abruptly, and that the well-being of Russian citizens will drastically climb the mountain, then the Japanese will be able to supply us restyled Mitsubishi ASX. But today no one believes in fairy tales.

Implemented in our car market lineup compact crossover Mitsubishi ASX was equipped with both front and, optionally, all-wheel drive. Under the hood were installed 1.8- and two-liter petrol aspirated 140 and half a hundred horses, respectively. A transmission was used as a transmission for both of these engines. Price for initial equipment Mitsubishi ASX started from 1190 thousand rubles, and the "top" assembly was sold for 1700 kilorubles. Mitsubishi ASX в России больше продавать не будут For the whole of last year, Russian dealers were able to sell only about eight thousand cars. Mitsubishi ASX. And before that, during 2012-2014, Russian motorists bought at least twenty thousand of these compact crossovers a year.

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In March of this year, the French “brother”, the twin of the Japanese crossover, left our car market for the same reasons. Peugeot 4008. But we traditionally have less French people than the Japanese; the French crossover had a list of last year’s sales in our country incomparably more successfully: only 257 Russians bought it in a year.