The germans introduced the new "suv" opel crossland x

The Germans introduced the new

Линейка субкомпактных кроссоверов немецкого бренда Опель расширилась еще на одну модель. Речь идет о переднеприводном субкомпакте Opel Crossland X, который при всей внешней схожести с  Mokka X, внутренне совсем другой: отсутствие даже опционального полного привода делает данную модель пригодной только для путешествий по асфальтированным дорогам. Этот автомобиль, в отличие от искателя приключений Опеля Мокка, больше смахивает на скромнягу-семьянина, который вывозит свое семейство только в пределах асфальтированной зоны, потому что случись затяжной дождь - из полей или лесных тропинок ему самостоятельно не выбраться. В длину новый субкомпакт короче  Opel Mokka X на 6,3 см. Его длина составляет  4 м 21,2 см. Он еще и на 1,7 см уже Мокки - 1 м 76,5 см, а по высоте проигрывает конкуренту на 6,8 см. В общем, малыш. На какой "тележке" базируется новинка Opel Crossland X, немцы не сообщают, но знатоки предполагают, что это платформа позаимствована у Peugeot2008.

Managers Opel position the new subcompact as a car exclusively for urban conditions. It is sixteen centimeters shorter than the Opel Astra hatchback, but has greater ground clearance and a more spacious and comfortable interior. By the way, the luggage compartment of the novelty holds four hundred and ten liters of usable space, and this is an absolute leadership among cars of this class. For example, the Peugeot 2008 has a three-hundred-five-liter trunk, in the Lada XRay this parameter is 361 liters, and the “hold” Renault Captur holds 377 liters. Rear sofa in the cabin Opel Crossland X can move forward by fifteen centimeters, this circumstance will add another hundred liters of usable space to the luggage compartment, but by folding the back, the driver will generally receive a 1255-liter trunk. The Germans introduced the new All advantages of the novelty are crossed out with one drawback - no 4x4. If you need a four-wheel drive subcompact - the Germans will offer Mocha, Crossland in the SUV is not going to go. This division was invented by the opelevtsy, and you cannot argue with them, although it is difficult to understand their logic.

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The managers of the brand have not yet reported anything about the power plants. Presumably under the hood Opel Crossland X we will see motors with a displacement of 1.2 to two liters. Power certainly will not be more than 180 "horses." Transmission - either manual or automatic. The buyer can choose the color of the roof independently from the offered one, besides a panoramic roof is also available for selection. The Germans introduced the new Opel Crossland X It will be equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen multimedia device that synchronizes with Apple and Android-based smartphones. He will be able to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi and charge smartphones at a distance. The car will have keyless access to the salon, it will be possible to start the engine with a button or remotely. The steering wheel and windshield are heated. There is a system of recognition of road signs, markup, tracking the state of dead zones. Available cruise control, electronic assistants in the implementation of parking, with collision avoidance. Rear view camera available. The Germans introduced the new Official presentation of the serial subcompact model Opel Crossland X happen at the Geneva March motor show. And selling it in Europe will start from the beginning of the summer. In addition, in the summer of 2017, the Germans promised to show another SUV - Opel Grandland X.