The right choice of additives for hydraulic compensators


If you are interested in the choice of such a tool as an additive for hydraulic compensators, it means that you have heard noise and knocks from this part of the car more than once. Of course, it is best to immediately contact a car service center, where professionals will find out the cause of the knocks and advise the best way out. However, it is not always possible to get into the repair immediately after the knock began. Therefore, we can try to solve the problem on our own. This will require this very additive. But what to choose, if now there are more manufacturers and brands? In addition, each product promises to fit your car perfectly and solve all the problems with hydraulic compensators.

Additive for hydraulic compensators

Additive for hydraulic compensators allows you to get rid of knocking

В этой статье постараемся рассмотреть наиболее популярные присадки в масло, чтобы вы смогли легче определиться с выбором. Но для начала нужно узнать, почему гидрокомпенсаторы, вообще, могут стучать и из-за чего.Читать далее о том, как правильно выбрать присадку для гидрокомпенсаторов-->

Causes of knockout compensators

In order to understand how an additive in oil works, it is necessary to understand why hydraulic lifters knock. The main causes of knocking can be divided into two types:

  • The first can be attributed to the causes of a mechanical nature: if defects appear on the surface of the hydraulic compensators or it becomes dirty, a plunger pair is produced, the oil supply valve sticks. This can also include the penetration of air into the hydraulic compensator, although this may result either from an insufficient amount of oil or directly from the mechanism of the hydraulic compensator.
  • The second type of causes of knock in GK is associated with a change in the formula of oil, which can vary depending on the climatic conditions in which it is used; with contaminated oil channels and filter; engine overheating; problems with the pump and so on.

Knocking can stop after warming up the engine. But the true reason for his appearance, as well as determine what kind of compensator knocks, can only competent minder. If it is not possible to turn to it now, you can use special additives for a while. And then, they will help only if the problem is really a clogged valve or oil filter, and the parts themselves are not completely worn out.

What are additives used for?

As mentioned above, if you hear a knock on the hydraulic compensators, then it makes sense to use an additive. However, the effectiveness of the use of these funds is still fiercely debated. Someone talks about their undoubted benefits, and someone considers, in general, a useless addition. Let's go and we will try to understand the need to use additives.

If the knock is caused by some non-serious reasons, for example, filter contamination or sticking of the oil supply channel, then it can be eliminated by using an additive. Using them, you can extend the life of the hydraulic compensator.

Additive for hydraulic compensators

Additive is added to the oil

Additive is a special liquid that is added to the oil. It removes all deposits in the oil channels from the inside, due to which there is a knock. Using this tool allows you to rinse parts of the HA and on the other hand makes the oil less viscous. Due to the change in the formula, the oil in a more liquid state passes through the channels of the HA much more easily. Opponents of the use of additives say that a more liquid oil will carry with it all the contaminants that the additive has removed from the surface. Accordingly, all the dirt will go inside the GC.

From this side, the additive should be considered only as an aid, which is designed to prevent the knock of GK ahead of time. If you use high-quality oil, it will already contain all the necessary additives. If the oil is not very high quality, then the use of additives is understandable.

If the knock has already begun, and you decide to use an additive, it is best to carry out a complete dismantling of the system and comprehensive cleaning in advance. Only in this case will it be possible to see the true cause of the knock. If the reason was the wear of parts or the appearance of some defects on their surface, then no, even the most expensive and high-quality additive will not help to correct the situation.

Overview of several popular additives

Synthetic cleaner Fenom (Fenom). According to the manufacturer, this additive includes components that significantly improve the quality of engine oil, as well as improve the mobility of piston rings. Does not destroy seals, gaskets and neutralizers. Studies have shown that this cleaner is classified as organic. It consists of phosphorus, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Apply it as follows: warm up well and shut off the engine, pour the cleaner in the ratio of 1 package of additive to 3 (maximum 5) liters of oil. After that, you need to start the engine for fifteen minutes, drain the old one and fill in the new oil after changing the oil filter.

Synthetic Cleaner Fenom (Fenom)

Synthetic Cleaner Fenom (Fenom)

Liqui Moly Ol mud spinning. Производитель обещает, что эта присадка идеальна для работы с разными типами двигателей, улучшает качество масла, качественно, но при этом мягко очищает от загрязнений. Содержит в составе кальций, который хорошо снимает грязь, и фосфор с цинком, которые отвечают за противоизнос деталей. Такая присадка часто используется для автомобилей, которые длительное время заправляли низкокачественным маслом, если в масляную систему попала вода, при наличии большого количества загрязнений, для авто, которые длительное время простаивали, а также при появлении стука в гидрокомпенсаторах.

Liqui Moly Ol mud spinning

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10 Minute Flush Hi-Gear Motor Flush. It is intended for replacement of oil after 10-minute operation of the engine at idle. One package is enough to clean 4-5 liters of oil. Does not destroy caps, gaskets and seals.

Hi-Gear Motor Flush

Hi-Gear Motor Flush

EP (ER). Very effective additive, especially for old and used cars. It is an order of magnitude more expensive than the above options, but it allows you to significantly extend the time between changing the oil, and reduces fuel consumption. In addition, users of this additive note improved friction between parts.

As you can see, there are so many different additives for different cars and at different cost. Of course, it’s not worth waiting for a miracle from such a tool, since there can be a lot of reasons for the emergence of a knockout of a hydrocompensator. And the matter does not always concern the appearance of pollution. If you have heard an unusual knock when driving, it is best to contact a specialist who will remove the HA, clean it, drain the oil and finally determine the main problem as soon as possible. If the reason can be eliminated by an additive - give preference to well-known brands and do not run for cheap goods. What additive do you use? Do you think it is wise to use such products or is it better to initially use only high-quality oil? Share your opinion in the comments!