Germans will change the orientation of the opel zafira

Немцы сменят ориентацию Opel Zafira The management of the German auto concern Opel decided to reconsider its view on the development of the Zafira line, next year it is planned to produce this car in a significantly modified version. Opel Zafira Tourer did not reach the level of popularity that the developers predicted, the level of sales in Europe dropped significantly, despite all marketing tricks and advertising campaigns. For example, if the first issue of Zafira, which took place back in 2004, won the fourth position in the consumer rating, today it has slipped to the eleventh step, which indicates the existence of a certain misunderstanding between the creators and the end customer.

Opel Zafira Tourer 2015

Opel Zafira Tourer 2015

But the point is not at all in the crisis that comes first to mind; consumer demand for this model falls as a result of changes in the orientation of consumer preferences. Europeans today have no interest in family monographers, people have switched to a new trend - crossovers, which, with a comparable cabin volume, have much greater ground clearance and high seating. The manufacturer must follow the trends, otherwise it will remain without sales. It is for this reason that the Germans will change the concept of the next, fourth-generation Zafira. Zafira will be ... SUV. Of course, the German manufacturers will not swing at the full-fledged "jeep", but the new model will be able to install an all-wheel drive system and greater ground clearance. But in tandem with crossover standards, the future Zafira will decrease in volume. Zafira Tourer Length is 4m 65cm, and in the new version of the model the length will be reduced to 4m 55cm. In this case, the capacity of the cabin will remain the same seven-seater.

Next model Opel Zafira will not be the first car with a one-volume body, which the fathers-creators "retrain" in SUVs. Shortly before, this was undertaken by the French auto giant Renault in relation to its Renault Space. About these transformations can be viewed in the video, filmed at the Paris Motor Show in the fall of 2014. Recommended article: Koreans told about the new generation Kia Rio two weeks before the Paris Motor Show