Rating of prestigious suvs worth up to 3 million rubles


Of course, one cannot call the choice of a budget car a fairly simple and carefree occupation, however, it is much more difficult to choose a beautiful presentable car, which the motorist is willing to spend at least 2 million rubles to purchase. When there is an opportunity to allocate an impressive amount for the purchase of a vehicle with increased maneuverability, the broadest opportunities are open to those who choose. The list includes off-road vehicles up to 3 million rubles, issued by the world's leading automobile plants. In fact, in the agreed limit are about 70 different cars. Moreover, almost every model has several variations, differing from each other in the types of power plants and transmissions. In such a situation, it is not even possible to test drive each option.

SUVs from 2 to 3 million

Luxury SUVs up to 3 million rubles

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Basics of competent purchase

Buying any car, you should be ready to waste. First of all, it is necessary to decide on several particularly important criteria, in particular, with the maximum finances that will be invested in the vehicle. If we consider only the range of 2 - 3 million rubles, you can mentally divide cars into three categories: from the most budget to the most complete.

Secondly, it is necessary to resolve the issue with the fact that it will be: a full-fledged SUV or a more budget crossover? In the absence of the need to travel regularly off-road, a crossover is more suitable for movement on urban asphalt. However, supporters of fishing and hunting should not spend money on the "SUV", you should prefer an SUV.

No less important in this matter is comfort, equipment and status. Someone makes a fundamental mark, someone has the power of the power unit, and someone - a decent interior equipment.

In the material below, new SUVs up to 3,000,000 rubles are considered. Immediately give a list of SUVs in this price category, then crossovers. In the presented rating, cars will go depending on their “stuffing” (the most equipped models will be presented at the top). In addition, first of all, models of eminent automobile plants with simpler equipment will be indicated, then - brands with a maximum level of equipment.

Off-road vehicles, the cost of which starts from 2 million rubles

SUV land rover defender

The cost of a Land Rover Defender SUV starts at 2 million rubles

The ranking of the most presentable SUVs, the price of which is a little more than two million rubles, included the Land Rover Defender, which will have relatively low-end equipment. This bulky SUV has been made by the British for almost 70 years. Land Rover Defender - car legend.

For the same money there is an opportunity to purchase Kia Mohave. This car can be called a mid-size SUV, it has been produced since 2008.

The company Mitsubishi offers within 2 million rubles immediately two cars - Pajero Sport, which has an average complete set and Pajero. These full-size cars are considered the flagship of the Japanese car industry.

No less interesting are SsangYong Rexton and Chevrolet TrailBlazer. By the way, if you consider the mid-size TrailBlazer, you can become the owner of the vehicle with the most complete set that is possible.

In fact, being interested in what kind of SUVs from 2 million to 3 million are available to Russians, you should pay attention to the product of Mitsubishi. The fact is that in this situation it is advisable to place not equipment, but reliability, efficiency and dimensions in the first place.

Off-road vehicles, the price of which starts from 2.5 million rubles

If the budget of 2 million can be exceeded by at least 500 thousand, you can consider the Chevrolet Tahoe, though this American omnipotent car will have only a budget level of equipment.

SUV Volkswagen touareg

Midsize Volkswagen Touareg

Attractive and mid-size Volkswagen Touareg, equipped with high-quality components.

There are two representatives from Chrysler for 2.5 million rubles - Grand Cherokee and Wrangler.

All-wheel drive five-door Land Rover Discovery with medium dimensions, which is produced for almost 30 years, can also be purchased for 2.5 million rubles.

You can also add previously described products from Kia, Land Rover and Mitsubishi to the list. Such cars will have a higher level of equipment.

As for the Kia Mohave, even with average parameters, it can hit the buyer. Overall body, economical power unit with a huge return, reliable suspension, excellent insulation - the main parameters of this Korean.

SUVs for which you can give everything

As practice has shown, such a high price range has chosen only the best representatives, models from Volkswagen, Chrysler, Land Rover, Chevrolet and Kia can be added only by Toyota’s model - Land Cruiser Prado. True, this vehicle in the specified range can be bought only with the maximum configuration "Comfort".

внедорожник шевроле тахо

Chevrolet Tahoe Full Size SUV

The leadership of this mini-rating can rightly give Chevrolet Tahoe. A motorist can become the owner of a full-size SUV, which will have the most excellent equipment. However, adherents of world brands can also buy the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is considered a legendary style icon, with the embodiment of the best technical achievements.

Crossovers, the price of which varies within 2 million rubles

More close to the urban realities SUV - crossover. Many world leaders in large quantities supply the Russians with precisely this type of car, which, as practice shows, is in great demand. Such cars as Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class and Toyota Highlander can become the most budget. The luxury small-sized crossover of the German manufacturer does not have such equipment as its all-wheel-drive American rival, however, in no way inferior to it in patency Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru and power.

SUV toyota highlander

Toyota Highlander - the most budget option of the considered crossovers

Interesting and updated Jeep Cherokee, which has many modifications. The Compass model of the same factory is the most compact Jeep brand car built on the basis of the Dodge Caliber. Ford Explorer, which is a high-quality mid-size off-road vehicle, is considered to be their counterpart in the manufacturing country.

For 2 million wheels you can buy mid-size Honda Pilot, produced over 15 years.

One of the leaders of this small top can be called the Infiniti QX50 - a very presentable and powerful car with an average configuration.

As for the Japanese cars - you can choose the Mitsubishi Outlander, which has a small size, or the mid-size Nissan Murano.

Fans of brand brands can afford to purchase a BMW X1, which will be equipped “to the full,” or Audi Q3.

From the company Toyota for a comfortable family holiday provided as many as two crossovers - Venza and Rav 4.

For urban roads, the ideal-sized medium-sized Korean Kia Sorento, which has much in common with the Hyundai Santa Fe. It should be noted that the same concern also offers customers a version of Grand Santa Fe.

Considering the class of off-road vehicles for 2 million rubles, you should not let go of the Honda CR-V. According to publications in the world print and Internet companies that regularly make ratings of the highest quality and most popular cars, Honda CR-V in the updated version is a guarantee of reliability, having a rich equipment.

More expensive crossovers (price starts from 2.5 million rubles.)

range rover evoque

The cost of Evoque starts from 2.5 million rubles.

Probably, in this list of high-quality and reliable machines of completely different companies the largest number is represented. And in this category the list of representatives is quite extensive:

At once two applicants are exposed by the Land Rover company. On the market are models Evoque and Freelander.

Among their rivals you can find the all-wheel drive five-seat crossover Lexus RX and its more compact premium premium class Lexus NX.

Among the small off-road cars is the Swedish Volvo XC60, which for 6 years held the lead in sales.

In no way inferior to rivals and the Japanese Mazda CX-9 and Nissan Pathfinder, for more than a decade, produced in Celestial.

In addition to the listed participants of the rating, the list includes the previously described models of Toyota, BMW (X3), Audi (Q5), Jeep (Cherokee), Ford (Explorer), Infiniti (QX50 and Infiniti QX60), Mercedes-Benz (GLK- and GLA -Class), Mitsubishi (Outlander), Honda (Pilot).

Many experts admire the car Honda Pilot, considering it a full-size crossover. Although, one cannot exclude the advantages of such participants of the rating as the Mercedes GLK- and GLA-Class and the famous Jeep Cherokee.

Crossovers, the price of which reaches 3 million rubles

suv infiniti qx70

Presentable Infiniti QX70 crossover

Of course, the leading position of the most popular and presentable crossovers, the cost of which reaches 3 million rubles, should be given to such well-known models like the Infiniti QX70 and QX60, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and X4.

The list of excellent cars from Land Rover includes models: Evoque (compact car with maximum equipment), Discovery Sport (universal varant for outdoor activities) and Freelander.

A very prestigious acquisition can be called the Cadillac SRX and Lexus RX.

It is very difficult to name any one car in the above list, three candidates claim leadership at once. First of all, you should consider the BMW X4, as this car is relatively new, and the brand is famous. The second should be called the Land Rover Evoque, which has such a permeability, inherent in the overall SUV. The third in the ranking of the car with the most optimal combination of price and quality - Toyota Highlander.


If for the purchase of a car with a high cross-country capacity there is an amount in the range of 2-3 million rubles, the motorist will be faced with the question of choosing the most acceptable and high-quality crossover / SUV. For 3 million rubles, you can buy a car of almost any manufacturer, which has in its range of suitable vehicles.