Under the hood, a three-cylinder engine appeared in the

Под капотому у Skoda Octavia появился трехцилиндровый движок Volume of new TSI three-cylinder engine, which will replace the 1.2-liter "four" in the engine line Skoda Octavia is only one liter. This is the first such low-volume motor in the Skoda history, it will be installed on the Octbekia model 2017 liftbacks and station wagons. Liter without the "cube" (the exact volume of 999 cubic cm) TSI is able to give 115 horsepower, at 2000-3500 rpm, it has a peak torque of two hundred newtons per meter. The new engine will be combined with a six-speed manual transmission, as well as a seven-speed DSG robot. Под капотому у Skoda Octavia появился трехцилиндровый движок The maximum speed that this “kid” will accelerate liftback and wagon Skoda Octaviais 202 km per hour. The first hundred hands of the liftback speedometer with six-speed mechanics change in 9.9 seconds, and with the robot in exactly ten seconds. The wagon accelerates a little slower - in 10.1 and 10.2 seconds, respectively.

Czech developers claim that new liter engine more economical 1.2-liter predecessor by eight percent, and this despite the fact that there are as many as ten horses in it. The new engine, coupled with a seven-step DSG robot, has an appetite of 4.5-4.6 liters per hundred kilometers of asphalt. For buyers, an optional package is available that allows you to save even more on fuel consumption. The composition of this package offer got air dampers, rubber tires with extremely low rolling resistance, a removable spoiler, a suspension that provides a lower fit and, accordingly, ground clearance. The savings, however, are dubious, because there is a package of significant additional money, and the motor starts to eat gasoline only a hundred grams a hundred kilometers less.

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Под капотому у Skoda Octavia появился трехцилиндровый движок Other Skoda Octavia 2017 models with engines from a hundred and fifty horses will receive an adaptive suspension DCC. Climatronic models will be equipped with cabin filters.

Today you can buy both liftback and Russian dealers from the brand versatile Skoda Octavia with different engines. This is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine for 110 horses, a 1.5-liter 1.4-liter engine with a turbine, the same 1.8-liter 180-horsepower unit and a two-liter engine for 220 horses. In addition, models are available with a diesel engine polutorasoasilnym. Liftbacks start from 872 kilo-rubles, and generalists start from 1,120,000 wooden ones. In the line of station wagons available one option with all-wheel drive - the one with a 180-powerful turbo engine. Под капотому у Skoda Octavia появился трехцилиндровый движок Czechs promise to start delivering to us after the new year new crossover Skoda Kodiaq. Officially, it will be presented at the Paris Motor Show in October 2016.