Spacious jaguar f-pace suv with a sporty design

Просторный внедорожник Jaguar F-Pace со спортивным дизайном "Jaguar" has long been going to create your own SUV, thoughts about it, carelessly thrown to the masses a couple of years ago, excited the imagination of fans of this car brand. Until today. And now at the Frankfurt Motor Show, developers are proud to demonstrate Jaguar F-Pace. With pride, because before anything like this “Yaguarovtsy” did not, and what happened, is a harmonious solution between sporty design and off-road performance. F-Pace is really very sporty, especially with twenty-two-inch cast. With such wheels, he himself is not a brother. In length F-Pace stretched to 4731 mm, while the distance between the axes - 2874 mm. You can compare with competitors: BMW X 5 is slightly longer - 4885 mm. The ground clearance of the new SUV is 21.3 cm. Просторный внедорожник Jaguar F-Pace со спортивным дизайном Interesting Jaguar F-Pace on the technical side, not only by the fact that eighty percent of its body consists of aluminum alloys, the fifth door is made of composite, and the transverse beam of the body is entirely magnesium. It has an independent suspension, very reminiscent of the F-Type Coupe, which means stability and manageability of the new Jaguar will be at no less high level.

The interior is quite spacious, and not only in the front, but also in the back row of seats, versions with a 650-liter boot will be produced for the European car enthusiast, for Russians - 508-liter. Просторный внедорожник Jaguar F-Pace со спортивным дизайном Electronic filling traditionally strikes the imagination. The tricked multimedia player has as many as five USB ports, Wi-Fi, there is a remote launch of the engine and heating the cabin, thermal comfort is guaranteed four-zone climate control, passenger seats are heated all, and this process can be regulated by the passenger. On an attempt to hijack the owner will signal the satellite, tidy has a 12.3-inch screen with customizable color modes. The readings of the instruments, including the navigator, can be projected directly onto the windshield, with a special coating on it, which will make it possible to see all the indicators even with the "sun in the eye" mode. The navigator can warn about the imminent appearance of the owner of the car of his relatives, for example, if everything is set up correctly, the wife will be notified automatically that her faithful will be home in half an hour, and it is time to warm up the dinner.

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And about Activity Key heard? This device goes to complete set for Jaguar F-Pace. Electronic car key in the form of a bracelet worn on the arm. To open the car, it is enough to bring it to the letter J in the name of the brand on the tailgate. It is shockproof and water resistant. If you lose it, it is blocked, so that no one can use the find for their own purposes. Просторный внедорожник Jaguar F-Pace со спортивным дизайном Under the hood f-pace the horsepower is all right. The minimum power starts from 180 mustangs, which generates a two-liter diesel. The second diesel - three-liter and he presses 120 horsepower more. The range also includes gasoline engines: two-liter for 240 horsepower or three liters, issuing 340 or 380 hp. depending on the firmware. In Europe will be imported mainly rear wheel drive modifications Jaguar F-Pace, and to us only all-wheel drive. For the Russians, it was decided not to complete the car with a mechanical transmission. Will be installed only octal machines.