How to recover rights when lost them

In the life of car owners are annoying moments when a driver's license suddenly disappears somewhere. It could be a theft, a loss, or it just fell behind the seat. But, be that as it may, there is nothing to do without rights on the road. And the drivers are thinking about how to restore the rights.

A few years ago, this situation caused a lot of problems and a new hike for references. Now the registration of a new certificate takes much less time, and requires a much smaller number of documents.

how to restore a driver's license

We will tell you about how to restore a driver's license, where to go and what papers to submit, even if you have a non-standard car, such as a VAZ 2109 tuning.

First, a lot depends on the circumstances in which you are left without a document. If he was kidnapped among other documents, for example, along with his bag, then it is quite possible that your rights will be found.

How to restore rights in case of loss?

Some motorists do not even know whether it is possible to restore the rights that they have lost, are afraid of fines and lengthy registrations.

There is a clear procedure for issuing a new driver's license in case of expiry, loss, or theft. To learn how to recover lost rights, just read these rules:

To obtain a new certificate, you must contact the Traffic Police at your place of residence. Next you should provide the following set of documents:

  • application in accordance with the law and in the form addressed to the responsible person in the traffic police to receive a new driver's license;
  • proof of your identity, registration, registration, military ID, or identity card for military personnel;
  • copy of medical certificate. If you have not reached the deadline of the current certificate (3 years), you do not need to issue a new one;
  • certificate of passing driving instruction;
  • in case of loss - an explanatory document. In the case of theft - the decision of the ATS, which is issued a month after the establishment of the fact of theft. By the way, all this month you are losing the right to drive vehicles;
  • bank receipt for payment of the state fee;
  • photo of the established size.
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How much does it cost to restore rights

The first month you will use a temporary certificate, the design of which costs about 500 rubles in Russia and 200-250 hryvnia in Ukraine. And it does not matter what kind of car you have: a tuned six or a BMW 750 i (a great car from Germany).

For a permanent certificate, which is now universally made on a plastic card of international standard, you will have to pay 800 rubles. By the way - on the received document there will be a “Duplicate” mark, meaning that this is a re-issued driver's license.

  • You are not allowed to request a re-passing of the national driving test exam.
  • If the state agency responsible for issuing the rights requires any additional expenses from you, you can familiarize yourself with the information on the official website of the traffic police

You can find out more about the driver’s license of international standard in force in Russia on this photo:

how to restore rightsUsed photos from the official website of the RAPS

(!) If the employees of the regulatory authorities require you to bribe for faster issuance of a new driver's license, you must report the fact of the offense.

(!) It is better to submit a passport as an identity document, as problems may arise as a result of incorrect transcription when recording your personal data.

(!) Duplicate of rights is issued only after obtaining a temporary driving license.