Chinese crossover chery tiggo3 finally identified the ruble

Китайскому кроссоверу Chery Tiggo3 наконец определили рублевый ценники

The long and thorny path lay at the Chinese crossover Cherry Tiggo 3 to the Russian car market. After all, the official presentation of this model by the auto brand managers was carried out more than two years ago, at one of the Beijing auto shows. Since then, the crossover has subdued its native car market and customers in several other regions, for example, in Latin America and the Middle East. And now the Chinese have decided to send this, as it were, not a new crossover to Russian motorists. Like, take it, we now do not mind. Will come to the Russian car dealers Chery Tiggo3 crossovers (This is an upgraded Tiggo FL) in three available builds: Chery Tiggo3 MT Comfort, Chery Tiggo3 MT Luxury and Chery Tiggo3 CVT Luxury. The cheapest grade starts from eight hundred seventeen thousand wooden.

Under the hood in Chinese Chery Tiggo3 crossoverdesigned for the Russian car market set 1.6-liter 126-horsepower gasoline engine, a joint Chinese-Austrian development of Chery and the company AVL. This power unit is fully consistent with the fifth European eco-standard (Euro-5). His appetite is quite normal for “parquet SUVs” - a little more than seven liters (7.3 liters) per hundred kilometers in a mixed driving style. This is with regard to the appetite of the car with a manual five-speed gearbox. If speak about Chery Tiggo3 with a variator box, here we are talking about 8.2 liters per "weave".

Китайскому кроссоверу Chery Tiggo3 наконец определили рублевый ценники

Basic equipment crossover Cherry Tiggo - Comfort has only a mechanical transmission. The body kit includes head projection optics (linzirovannaya), alloy wheels, fog, electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors. They also have turn signal and electric heating. In the presence of rear parking sensors, immobilizer. Anti-lock system and EBD, two airbags in case of an accident, cruise control system, all doors, except the luggage, are equipped with electric windows, there is keyless access to the crossover cabin. The seat of the driver and the right passenger is heated. The weather in the cabin will make air conditioning. For the installation of child seats, the seats are equipped with an Isofix mounting system. Well, a multifunctional steering wheel, where can the Chinese SUV go without it! The average for the Russian version of the crossover grade - Luxury (by the way, translated from English - "luxurious") will empty the buyer's pocket for eight hundred sixty thousand wooden, provided the mechanical transmission is used, if the variable speed box, then it will cost nine hundred and ten thousand.

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Китайскому кроссоверу Chery Tiggo3 наконец определили рублевый ценники Here the body kit is richer: the casting for status is covered with chrome plating, the chairs have a more ergonomic shape, there is a climate control system, a multimedia unit with several acoustic speakers.

The Chinese promise to bring and promote on our car market, in addition to this crossover, two more new cars, but what kind of cars these are, the cunning inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom do not yet say.