Full test drive kia sorento prime (kia sorento prime)

Полный тест-драйв Киа Соренто Прайм (KIA Sorento Prime) Рестайлинг

Not so long ago, the updated KIA Sorento Prime was presented, we briefly wrote about the car, and today we are conducting a full test drive of this new handsome man. The third generation of the premium crossover caused a stir among fans of the brand and not only. In many ways, this effect of the Korean company was achieved thanks to a new design, even richer equipment and still affordable prices. Is Sorento Prime so good? You can find out about this in this review.

General impressions of the test drive

Korean company KIA never ceases to amaze. If the first generation Sorento Prime was something intermediate between models from Japanese and German manufacturers and was only bought with price and good equipment, now the situation has changed completely. Though the price of cars remains at the same level, the quality of finishing materials, the design and driving habits of the car fully correspond to the declared premium segment.

Probably the only thing that Sorento Prime picks up is the “charged” version with a super-powerful engine. Even in the maximum configuration, the power unit provides a modest, by modern standards, 7.8 seconds before the first hundred.

We should also mention the small changes in the name of the new Sorento. In the domestic market, the car will be sold with the prefix "Prime", which once again hints at the premium status of the car.

General impressions of the test drive Kia Sorento Prime

Car appearance

The manufacturer constantly hinted at the aggressive and brutal nature of the car. Each update introduced its own design changes. Together with the latest restyling, Kia Sorento Prime received a lot of small innovations that totally transform the exterior. Unfortunately for the Russian market it will be possible to buy a new crossover only in strict shades: silver, black, white, dark brown. For other markets, modifications in green, red and blue will be available.

Car appearance Киа Соренто Прайм

The most noticeable changes underwent head optics. She received sharp edges and a completely black background, which adds to the car a unique charisma. The choice will be available in three versions: halogen (in minimum configuration), LED (LED) two-lens and adaptive three-lens optics. The lower edge of the headlights is equipped with running lights, which are also direction indicators.

Also changes in Sorento Prime and touched the front bumper. First of all, the lower grid was noticeably increased, on which cameras, sensors and radars of active security systems are now located. At the edges of the bumper were added massive fog lights, each of which has four separate units. Even in the minimum configuration they will be supplemented with C-shaped inserts stylized chrome.

Эстеререр KIA Sorento Prime

Minor improvements undergone grille. As in previous versions, it is made in the form of a grid. The changes affected the shape of the cells, the method of applying chromium and the type of edging. Thanks to such design solutions, the lattice received a visually larger volume.

From the side, the new Sorento is practically indistinguishable from the previous version. Changes include only new chrome moldings and inserts. In addition, now the company nameplate indicating the configuration and type of drive of the car is installed in the lower left of the door. Optionally, you can paint the door handles in chrome or body color.

Global work has been carried out on the back of the car. He became noticeably stricter and more attractive. The first thing that catches your eye is massive brake lights with a reshaped shape and a new LED pattern. Visibly increased rear bumper. He also received C-shaped inserts on the edges and a grid with electronic sensors. Depending on the chosen version of the car Kia Sorento Prime, under the bumper will be located a diffuser with one or two openings under the nozzle exhaust system.

Appearance KIA Sorento Prime

On top of the trunk lid protects a stylish spoiler, it also prevents dirt from entering the rear window. It should be noted that the luggage compartment can be opened in the following ways: from the remote control, from the external button on the end of the lid, from the passenger compartment, and also by the contactless method (you need to move and hold your foot for 5 seconds under the rear diffuser). From the unpleasant that the step for loading was still high.

Well, in the end it's worth talking about roof changes. Depending on the configuration of the Sorento Prime, its appearance may change dramatically. So, in the basic version, the Sorento is a solid element with additional stiffeners and almost invisible railings. A rather large hatch appears in the intermediate configuration, and in the maximum, almost all the space is filled with a panorama. In the back of the roof is an antenna in the form of a shark fin.

Exterior of Kia Sorento Prime

Salon and interior

The updated interior of the Kia Sorento Prime looks advantageous and prestigious against the background of its predecessor and most of its competitors. The quality of materials, ergonomics and equipment fully correspond to the premium segment.

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The first thing you notice when you get into the cabin is a massive dashboard. It is made of high quality plastic. It has a really nice texture. As a special design solution on some elements of the dashboard there is an imitation of the seam and plastic elements stylized as piano lacquer. In sum, this creates the effect of high prices.

Salon and Interior Kia Sorento Prime

In the center of the dashboard you are met by a modern multimedia system edged with a chrome frame. In the top of the range Sorento Prime, it has an 8 inch touchscreen display. Among the interesting features, you can highlight the ability to synchronize devices using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as remote monitoring of the car. The intermediate version is equipped with a 7 inch monitor, and the owners of the minimum configuration will have to be content with a monochrome screen.

Also, for owners of the maximum version of the Sorrento, a 7 inch digital dashboard is provided. It has several configuration modes, it is synchronized with navigation and, if desired, you can display any car data that interests you.

Below the multimedia system is the familiar climate control unit, made in the company's already proprietary style, as well as the start / stop button. Closer to the gearshift lever, there are buttons to control additional functions (heated steering wheel, seats, alarm, etc.), a niche for the phone, with the function of wireless charging, and a standard set of connectors.

Multimedia Kia Sorento Prime

The central panel of the car Kia Sorento Prime, turned out seasoned in the style of classic business sedans. It is located on the lever automatic transmission, electromechanical handbrake, sliding shutter, under which is hidden a cup holder and ashtray, as well as a few keys to control electronic systems.

The central box is a two-level, has several departments for trivia, business cards, a USB port and a 12V socket for charging. Unfortunately for drivers, it is unregulated and for people less than 170 cm tall it may not be enough.

We should also mention the seats in Sorrento Prime. There are configurations with two and three rows of seats. Also, optionally, you can choose between several trim options: classic black, beige or brown leather, combined gray-black or beige-black leather, as well as white and gray fabric options.

In the new version of the KIA Sorento Prime, the front seats received pronounced lateral support, anatomically correct backs and optionally lumbar adjustment. In the minimum equipment adjustment seat mechanical. Starting with the configuration "Prestige" owners are available 10 or 14 levels of adjustment for the driver's seat and 8 for the passenger. Also, both chairs will be equipped with multi-level ventilation and heating.

The back sofa has an adjustment on the flight and is folded in the proportions of 60/40. Thanks to this, people with a height of over 180 cm can comfortably fit on it. The third row of seats is intended only for children or people up to 160 cm tall.

New Kia Sorento

New Kia Sorento имеет роскошную отделку и богатый список используемый материалов, начиная с алюминия и заканчивая кожей. Будущему владельцу дана уникальная возможность подбирать и комбинировать вставки и цвет салона на свое усмотрение. Так, вы сможете создать собственный интерьер, полностью отвечающий вашим пожеланиям.

Management and Comfort

For the first time getting behind the wheel of the Sorento Prime, the impression is similar to what you can get behind the wheel of a business sedan. Reminds about the return only high landing.

The ergonomics of the cabin are thought out equally well for both the driver and passengers. The main controls are located in places familiar to the user. Landing in Sorento Prime is convenient, the only miscalculation is set in the maximum configuration steps. Putting a foot on them when landing will not be comfortable for everyone, and not using them will have to constantly smear the legs.

New Kia Sorento Прайм

The front seats of the Sorento Prime provide an adequate level of comfort. They are equipped with a full range of adjustments, ventilation and heating. Lateral support performs its functions perfectly, even with abrupt maneuvering, the back is securely fixed in the back of the chair. There is a lumbar roller with the function of adjustment in 4 directions and support in the area of ​​the knees. With such a set of functions, even in the long road, fatigue is almost imperceptible. Steering wheel is present both on the flight and on the slope. First, for people with a height of more than 190 cm may not be enough.

The second row of seats will be able to please the future passengers of the Sorento. On the couch there are anatomically correct landing spots that allow you to sit with maximum comfort. There is no transmission tunnel, so in the middle, the third passenger can be quite conveniently located. Already with a minimum configuration Kia Sorento Prime there is an armrest with cup holders, longitudinal adjustment and variable backrest. The only thing that may not be enough for rear passengers is a separate air conditioning system. Instead, there is a minimum set of connectors for charging and air vents.

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Новый Kia Sorrento Prime может предложить вам одну из лучших панорамных крыш представленных на рынке. Она отлично дополняет интерьер и имеет сдвижную переднюю часть.

The volume of the luggage compartment is 650 liters. It is equipped with two underground floors with organizers, a sliding shutter and a net for things. Under the condition of a folded rear sofa, the luggage compartment volume increases to 1,700 liters, forming a flat floor.

Carrier Kia Sorrento Prime

It is worth mentioning the habits of the car on the road. New Sorento Prime received suspension peculiar to the urban crossover. It works well on minor irregularities and dampens vibrations. But on a bad road or a primer, the suspension travel is no longer enough.

Technically, the car’s handling is maintained at a decent level, but far from sports. The steering wheel is informative and in Sport mode instantly responds to deviations. Body rolls are minimal, and electronic systems do not allow the car to go into a skid.

Outstanding dynamic characteristics of Sorento Prime does not possess. It provides a comfortable ride in the city and on the highway. The automatic transmission works quickly and selects the right gears. As an option, it is equipped with a DMS system. It allows you to select special driving modes: Comfort, Eco, Sport, Smart. Smart mode appeared after the last restyling and allows automatic transmission to adapt to your driving style.

АКПП Kia Sorento Прайм

Off-road test

The car was designed as an urban crossover and the new body of the Sorento once again confirms this. Despite the availability of all-wheel drive and a wide range of electronic systems, large overhangs and low ground clearance do not allow the Sorento Prime to become the conqueror of extreme off-road. Nevertheless, the car shows itself well on a snowy or country road, on wet pavement, and also in icy conditions.

Off-road Kia Sorento Prime

Technical characteristics of KIA Sorento Prime

Kia Sorrento Prime It is a full-size crossover and got the dimensions typical for a class. The new generation has not received significant changes in the platform since 2014. Therefore, most of the characteristics are similar to its predecessor.

Overall characteristics:

  • Length, cm - 480;
  • Width, cm - 189;
  • Height, cm - 168.5;
  • Clearance, cm - 18.5;
  • Wheelbase, cm - 278;
  • The front track, cm - 163.9;
  • Rear track, cm - 162.8;

Technical characteristics of KIA Sorento Prime

Curb weight of the car can vary from 1849 to 2032 kg, depending on your chosen configuration KIA Sorento. The luggage compartment also varies. In the complete set for seven places, its volume is only 142 liters. With the third-row seats folded, the luggage compartment volume rises to 605. In the five-seater version, 660 liters, and by folding the second-row seats, the volume rises to 1,730 liters.

Powertrain and transmission

Depending on the chosen configuration of the Kiya Sorento, buyers will have a choice of two petrol and one diesel power unit. In a couple of them, you can choose 6 and 8-speed automatic transmission. The drive of the car in the starting configuration is front; for the rest of the modifications, all-wheel drive is available with imitations of locks.

Technical characteristics of the internal combustion engine:

  • GDi is a basic gasoline four-cylinder engine. Volume 2.4 liters. Maximum power 190 hp and a torque of 241 Nm. Acceleration of the car to 100 km / h takes 10.2 seconds, and the maximum developed speed is 195 km / h. Consumption of gasoline in the combined cycle of 9 liters per 100 kilometers;
  • CRDi - diesel power unit. Volume 2.2 liters. The maximum power is 200 hp and the torque is 440 Nm. The motor provides car acceleration to 100 km / h in 9.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is 204 km / h. Consumption of diesel fuel in the combined cycle of 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers;
  • MPI - top-end V-shaped six-cylinder gasoline engine. Volume 3.5 liters. The maximum power of 248 hp and torque of 335 Nm. Acceleration of the car to 100 km / h takes 7.8 s, and the maximum achievable speed of 210 km / h. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle of 10.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Engine KIA Sorento Prime

For the American and European markets, Sorento engines have an increased degree of boost. So MPI engine power can be optionally increased to 300 hp. Also available for them is a 2.0L turbocharged engine with a power of 240 hp. This power unit is not supplied to the Russian market.

Compared with previous versions of Kia Sorento Prime, power units have not received changes. Instead, the transmission was modified. An automatic switching system was added to the automatic transmission, which made it possible to improve the dynamic characteristics of the car. Also, changes have affected the suspension. Engineers have added new modes and settings.

Improvements have affected the brake system. Now vented brake discs are installed not only on the front, but also the rear axle. This reduced the braking distance to 35 meters when braking from 100 km / h.

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Prices and equipment Kia Sorento Prime

KIA company maintains a loyal pricing policy. You can buy Sorento Prime starting from 1 849 000 rubles in the basic configuration. In it, you get a car with a base engine, 6-speed automatic, front-wheel drive, and most importantly, a full set of security systems. A total of 11 complete sets were presented, 4 of which fall on versions with a diesel engine.

Options and prices Sorento Prime:

  • Classic: 2.4 GDi, 2WD, 6АКП, 5-places - 1 850 000;
  • Comfort: 2.4 GDi, 4WD, 6АКП, 5-places - 2 000 000;
  • Suite: 2.4 GDi / 2.2 CRDi, 4WD, 8АКП, 5-places - 2 120 000/2 300 000 .;
  • Prestige: 2.4 GDi, 4WD, 8АКП, 7 seats - 2,290,000;
  • Prestige: 3.5 MPI / 2.2 CRDi, 4WD, 8AKP, 7 seats - 2 530 000/2 470 000;
  • Premium: 3.5 MPI / 2.2 CRDi, 4WD, 8AKP, 7 seats - 2,780,000/2,700,000;
  • GT Line: 3.5 MPI / 2.2 CRDi, 4WD, 8AKP, 5 seats - 2,780,000 / 2,720,000.

The most popular version today is the Sorento diesel - Premium grade. Despite the significant surcharge in comparison with the basic version, the car is still one of the most popular in the Russian car market.

Prices and equipment Kia Sorento Prime

Choice of used car

Buy KIA Sorento in good condition in the secondary market is not difficult. This is due to the popularity of models, as well as the simplicity and reliability of the first generations of the car. Since 2009, cars produced in Russia, so many models of the Russian assembly. Less common versions of the Kazakhstan, American and Korean assembly.

Cars of the first years of release are extremely difficult to find in decent condition, especially in megalopolises. A much greater choice will be between the second (restyling) and third generation (dorestayling) cars. Despite the various innovations in each generation, the main components and assemblies underwent minimal changes. Therefore, the tips will be relevant for all generations of KIA Sorento.

Inspection of used car should start with the body. Chips or alternatively, additional paints or films on body elements are not uncommon. Factory paintwork is not durable and with the active operation is often damaged. It is necessary to check all the elements with a thickness gauge. In the presence of significant layers of putty and poor-quality straightening, it is worth refraining from buying a car, since the metal from Sorento is rather thin, which, even with minor accidents, brings quite a lot of problems.

Next is to inspect the engine. Mostly on the market there are versions with 2.4 petrol and 2.2 diesel ICE. The second can be found a little more often, depending on the region. Both engines are fairly reliable, and they are the first to be considered for purchase.

The KIA Sorento gasoline engine, with proper maintenance, will not cause problems to the owner. But it should be understood that he is demanding on the quality of fuel. Therefore, when mileage over 200 thousand will require flushing nozzles and replacing or cleaning the fuel pump. Incorrect operation of the fuel system significantly affects the flow and dynamics, so it is easy to identify it on the go.

Diesel engines require more maintenance. The weak point is the timing chain, it begins to make noise after 150 thousand km. Also pay attention to the power steering belt pulley and attachments. When running over 200 thousand, they emit a noticeable metallic noise and require replacement.

The chassis of the car requires regular replacement every 50-70 thousand kilometers. The first out of order go stabilizer. When they wear appear noticeable body roll. Next, you should pay attention to the thrust bearings front struts and rear shock absorbers. In rare cases, there is a knock in the steering rack, as a rule, the problem is caused by a lack of fluid in the power steering. Before buying the chassis is better to fully check the service station.

KIA Sorento, the price of which is lower than the market, must be checked on the basis of traffic police. The car is popular not only among motorists, but also car thieves.

Choice of used car


KIA Sorento Prime is a great family urban crossover. Its low price, premium equipment and individual design bribe motorists. It will be a great solution for long journeys, family trips and even small outings into the countryside.