Cadillac cts-v - american competitor charged bmw 5-series

The Cadillac CTS-V is the older model, and the ATS-V is the youngest, it's like with a BMW: the 5th is the older, and the 3rd is the younger. ATS-V is smaller in size, even there is less space for a motor, so you can't put a serious device in there. But the CTS-V has more space under the hood, a powerful V8 engine from the new Corvette will quietly fit into it.

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V-series Cadillacs are charged machines that can tear and toss. V-series, it's like a BMW - M, and a Mercedes - AMG. That the ATS-V coupe, the CTS-V sedan are real monsters, especially the sedan. The new Cadillac will never get lost between fancy Lexus or Infiniti, it has its own style - sharp edges that are not so confused.

Earlier, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Cadillacs were front wheel drive, and after 2002, the first CTS with rear wheel drive came out, after which the Cadillacs switched to rear wheel drive. And indeed, the world learned about Cadillacs in 2012, when the Cadillac ATS came out to create a competition for the BMW 3-ke, and in the same year the medium-sized CTS of the new generation came out.

Cadillac CTS-V седан

These 2 cars are built on the same Alpha platform, the engine is located longitudinally, in front of the MacPherson strut, and behind it is a multi-link suspension. Almost half weight distribution. Just like the BMW, rear-wheel drive vector for all-wheel drive kitting is connected to the front axle using a multi-plate clutch. The moment is distributed in the ratio of 30 to 70. It can be seen that their new president takes many things from German engineers.

Cadillac now really began to change, to catch up with Mercedes and BMW, so that the Cadillac brand became original and recognizable, not like all other cars from General Motors. They planned to expand the model range, the emergence of new SUVs, crossovers and other compact cars. In the European division of General Motors came to work as the head of the German engineer Andreas Schaaf, who had gained experience in BMW for 19 years.

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The first charged models of the V-series appeared in 2004, then the CTS-V model was successfully sold in America, but sales growth increased and even became more than that of the Lexus IS F. The CTS-V sedans sold about 9,000 cars in 3 years. After the coupe, station wagon, flagship STS-V and XLR-V convertible appeared in the Cadillac line, the total number of cars sold with the V prefix was about 32,000 for 10 years. But all this is minor compared to the BMW, only the M3 in the back of the E92 was sold with twice as many copies in the same time.

cadillac ats-v coupe

In the coupe and ATS-V sedan, a lot of things are also done according to the same principle as in the M3 or M4: there are two turbochargers in the engine, a stronger cylinder block, connecting rods made of titanium, a large valve, forged crankshaft, aluminum alloy and titanium low-inertia turbines with impellers. In addition, the car has a liquid intercooler, which is installed in the intake manifold.

Thanks to all these things, it was possible to achieve a power of 470 liters. with. It turns out 130.6 horses per liter of engine capacity. This is more than the AMG C 63 S, but less than that of a BMW with an M-engine, which produces 143.7 horses per liter of volume.

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As a gearbox in Cadillac, there is a 6-speed manual box Tremec TR-6060, which is placed on the Dodge Challenger, and the Chevrolet Camaro. True to this box added automatic peregasovschik from Corvette - Active Rev Matching. You can also put 8-speed automatic transmission 8L90 from General Motors, which is installed on the Corvette, Escalade and other cars.

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The manual gearbox is nimble, the car accelerates well even in the simplest Tour mode, but there is always the possibility to switch the car to Sport or Track mode, and then give heat. The maximum speed of the car - 304 km / h.

In addition to these modes, you can use the Performance Traction Management menu, there you can select additional settings, disable the stabilization system. The dynamics of acceleration to hundreds in the ATS-V is just 3.9 seconds, which is faster than the BMW M3 by 0.2 seconds. The gearbox switches very quickly - in 0.08 seconds, it is even faster than the robot box on a Porsche. But this is all on the passport data, in fact, it can be anything.

If you go on a straight road to the ATS-V, then the sensations are very similar to the Mercedes ones - there is no sense of speed, there is no particular difference between 80 and 250 km / h. The only difference is that you notice how the dashed line turns into a solid one. When cornering, the car steadily keeps, also very much reminds the C 63 AMG.


Inside, a lot of leather and suede, but in general, the salon ATS-V does not look very expensive. All because of the seemingly simple devices and plastic visor, which is sheathed with cheap leatherette.

cadillac ats-v sedan saloon

In the coupe ATS modest trunk, its volume is equal to 295 liters. On the gearbox selector suede, which is placed only on the V-modification. The CTS-V is a driver car, but at the same time, the passengers in it will also be comfortable, there is a 3-zone climate control in the rear seats, there are plenty of curtains and space.

cadillac ats-v coupe rack

It is possible to order Recaro seats for 1950 Euros, which have an excellent profile and have 20 different settings, you can adjust the hug density in the chest and waist. But this is all exotic. It feels like the CTS-V is made richer than the ATS-V, which looks like it feels. CTS-V is more like a business class. The instruments of the sedan are virtual, and the finishing materials are slightly different.

cadillac cts-v display

Both cars have the multimedia system Cadillac User Experience (CUE), which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The driver can independently choose what the virtual scales will be filled with: you can choose the boost pressure, oil temperature, etc. Only the tachometer and speedometer cannot be changed, if in normal modes the fields of these devices are black, then after switching to sports modes, the color of the fields will change to white.

The chassis was made several modifications, the body of the Cadillac reinforced aluminum amplifiers. The torsional rigidity of the body has increased in comparison with the previous generation by 25%. All body parts look American-style, the sub-frame on the front suspension is connected to the bottom with a large spider-shaped design.

cadillac ats-v coupe dashboard

In terms of weight, the M3 weighs less. The Cadillac ATS-V carbon fiber hood, but the roof, trunk lid and propeller shaft are made of metal. In total it turns out 1700 kg, and the BMW M3 is 105 kg less. But it is so, irrelevant little things.

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In charged Cadillacs will not be all-wheel drive, because there is nothing for it. But the differential is controlled by electronics. In the main gear, clutches are compressed by Magna hydraulics. Also in this differential is liquid cooling, in which the oil from the gearbox passes through the heat exchanger of the transmission.

But the transmission turned out to be simple and effective, unlike the active differential, which stands on the Lexus and all-wheel drive, which is installed on the Mercedes. This is all additional weight and additional complexity, so they were abandoned. The braking system is just as simple - cast iron rotors on aluminum hubs squeeze 6-piston Brembo calipers while pressing the brake. On the rear wheels are 4-piston calipers. The same system and on the Lexus. Carbon-ceramic brakes can not be put even as an option.

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In general, carbon-ceramic brakes - it is an expensive pleasure, especially replacing drives that only costs, so it's good that they are not here. By the way, for those who want their Cadillac to look even cooler - you can put a longer carbon fiber splitter and located on the bonnet, the grille of the ventilation opening. This is a package of Carbon Sport, the price of which is 3,900 euros.

Rubber in Cadillac is sporting - Michelin Pilot Super Sport with different stiffness: the outer part, which is usually loaded the most, is made of durable compound, the middle of the tread is soft, and the inner part is made of medium hard rubber.

In the steering rack from the company ZF installed electric power steering. The design is the same as on a Porsche or BMW. Steering is adjusted so that a clear feedback is felt in the usual Tour mode, in sport modes the steering wheel becomes heavier, and the information content becomes lower.

cadillac cts-v new

The suspension is quite stiff, like on a sports car; powerful springs and stabilizers are installed here. On the transverse levers of the front suspension and on the rear multi-link suspension, the silent blocks were replaced with spherical hinges. But not all, but only those who are responsible for the transfer of lateral forces and control the convergence.

This solution allows you to make the suspension as rigid as necessary, but at the same time, the car will remain comfortable, will be able to drive not only on the race tracks, but also on public roads.

CTS-V sedan features

The angular stiffness of the suspension was the most by 20% compared with the conventional CTS. A car with excellent handling, smooth ride is excellent, as on a Mercedes. For example, the Lexus GS F shakes very hard on an uneven road. If it seems that the car has big banks and a light steering wheel, then I just switched the electronics to one of the sport modes, and the CTS-V sedan will become so hot and driving that it will not seem like it.

cadillac cts-v

Magnetic Ride Control shock absorbers are installed in the CTS-V, which use a magnetorheological fluid, due to which shock absorbers can change their characteristics very quickly in about 1 millisecond. These shock absorbers are produced in the Chinese company BeijingWest Industries Co. In 2009, the Beijing company acquired a division of Delphi, which produced shock absorbers, together with factories in all countries and with all joint developments such as Magnetic Ride Control.

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The most interesting thing in the CTS-V is the LT4 engine, which was taken from the Corvette Z06. With the lower construction, its volume is 6.2 liters, for each cylinder is 2 valves. Here, direct injection, a function that turns off half of the cylinders and the compact Eaton drive supercharger. Engine power is 649 liters. with. for the European market, for the USA - 640 horses. One of the most powerful serial sedans, more powerful than only the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, which has 717 liters. with. power. But the engine power in the CTS-V is more than enough, even after 250 km / h the speedometer continues to move rapidly.

engine CTS-V

The ATS-V is equipped with a twin-turbo 6-cylinder LF4 engine with a capacity of 3.6 liters and a capacity of 470 liters. with. with a liquid intercooler that is installed in the intake manifold, so air gets into the cylinders by 60% faster. As in the CTS-V engine, titanium connecting rods, stronger pistons and forged crankshaft are used.

On the track at the Nürburgring, the previous generation CTS-V sedan in 2008 for 7.59 seconds could make a circle on this track. Although there is only 556 liters of power. with. The new CTS-V can make a circle faster by 10 seconds for sure. Porsche Panamera Turbo drove the lap for 7.56, and the BMW M5 for 7.55 seconds.

cadillac cts-v 2016

Therefore, the Germans are not just interested in Cadillac CTS-V, it costs 98500 euros in Germany, and for this money it will be richly equipped. Basic versions of the BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG cost about 104,000 euros, this is without various additional options. In addition, additional decorative options for Cadillac are not that expensive - for 1,200 euros you can put a panoramic roof, for 1950 euros - Recaro sports seats, and for 1,500 euros you can order an embedded system with a DVR and telemetry. Even with all the options, the charged Cadillac sedan will not be more expensive than the base Germans. Base sedan ATS-V in Germany costs 69900 euros, and the coupe - 72500 euros. Charged Mercedes and BMW of the same class are 5-6 thousand euros more expensive.

In Russia, any Cadillac car is a rarity, for 7 months, which sold CTS and ATS, 25 cars were sold. If the CTS-V appears in Russia, its price will be about the same as on the BMW M5 - 5,500,000 rubles. The price is pretty normal for such an original and rare car, because these Lexuses, BMWs and Mercedes have already become boring, I want something new and not the same as everyone else.

And then test drive new charged Cadillacs: